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  1. Pull yourself together, man.
  2. At least when we're trash this year, we get to clean house. The draft fell all wrong, but I don't like that pick at all.
  3. Y'all got too much time on your hands.
  4. We had a good run.
  5. Bah I was gonna spend all my cap space on Massie. Didn't realize we weren't bidding.
  6. Pathetic 5 on 3. Every bloody year.
  7. I'm running out gifs...
  8. Same thing, different year. Man it sucks being a Caps fan.
  9. Woohoo Star Wars trailer.
  10. When is the final free agency?
  11. I'm guessing that most online was around the super bowl.
  12. Someone gets it.
  13. Well it is New Zealand...