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  1. It's funny that in the past this front office has let go of good players like Boldin to let the young guys play and it blows up in our face because the guys below him on the depth chart weren't good to begin with (Doss + Deonte Thompson) but we actually have a good young TE group right now and they are all stagnating behind Pitta on the depth chart. Gilmore, Waller, and Maxx have all flashed potential... jeez for parts of 2015 Gilmore was throwing defenders off him like he was Gronk. A combination of injuries and lack of playing time has really hurt that young group of TE's. I would've liked to see us part ways with Pitta and let the new generation get their shot. It's not a money decision so much as it's a personnel decision. We did it at Center with Zuttah even though the depth behind him is questionable at best, but we won't do it at TE where we actually have guys that can play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy1tyFqvUUA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPgdlTkQiqY
  2. The offense needs a serious makeover and then we turn around and spend spend spend on a defensive unit that was ranked top 5 already last year. The offense was pedestrian last year, then we lose our best WR in Steve Smith, our starting RT, starting C, Juice, Aiken... a terrible unit has gotten significantly worse and we're out here throwing more money at a defense that easily could've just used the draft this year to make additions. This isn't a good offensive draft, we have far more holes than can be filled and yet again our big money QB get's left out in the cold. No alpha WR, no playmaker at RB, no dynamic/versatile TE, OL in shambles. The front office has me seriously concerned, what roster are they looking at? Have they watched the offense the last 2 years? Do they not have the heart to tell the fans we're rebuilding this year because by the looks of things we're looking at a multi-year project to get this offense to a competitive level.
  3. I can agree with that. I just hope the offense get's sorted when it's all said and done. After the last 2 seasons there is certainly reason to be on edge about the lack of help Joe is getting. The Patriots for example have a QB that can make do with limited talent and they are still out here bolstering their weapons, trading for Bennett a year ago and then trading for Cooks this year. Where is that type of initiative in our front office to help Joe? You have to score points to win in this league nowadays. I think we should've chose between Jefferson or Brandon Williams, not both. That money could've gone a long way on the offensive side of the ball where it is desperately needed. We're talking about a unit that lost 3 of it's best starters and was pretty awful to begin with. The defense was already top 5 in the league, I think we could've used the draft to plug some pieces in there instead of ponying up so much money there in FA. Considering this is a defense heavy draft that would've made a lot more sense to spend on the offense in FA and draft defensive help. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Ozzie & Eric have a plan for the offense and it just hasn't come to fruition yet. I sure hope that's the case.
  4. I know there's still the draft and more FA activity coming... but I feel like we should've let Brandon Williams walk and used that money on OL/WR. We all know B-Will is a stud but you have to allocate money better and not leave you're franchise QB out in the cold like this. Grabbing Corey Davis/Mike Williams would certainly be a step in the right direction. Grab a OLB/CB in the 2nd and the hit OL in the 3rd.
  5. As much as I want to get hyped about us adding a corner before the draft... can't help but feel like this isn't much more than a lateral move from Shareece Wright, I hope I'm wrong, I hope Carr ends up being a noticeable upgrade.. but I'm not convinced. Hopefully we snag one of these talented corners early, so many good CB's available in rounds 1-2. But I remember the 2014 draft was stacked at WR in a similar fashion and we didn't take one. We passed on Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, and Davante Adams in the 2nd. Really hope we don't do that again this year at CB.
  6. I don't consider that unit anywhere near ready to roll, they were anemic last year and have only gotten worse thus far. Let's really break this down so far: Pros: Retained Marty: Is that really a distinct plus? Many wanted him gone. I'm willing to give him a chance with a full offseason to prepare and build but I think this is more of a question mark rather than a plus as of right now. Greg Roman: This move I like. Going in the right direction of re-establishing a viable run game Cut Zuttah: While his performance was underwhelming, he was a middle of the pack Center, could certainly have had worse. Is Urschel really an immediate upgrade if that's the direction we go, I'm not convinced of that. Could spend a mid-late round pick (Possibly on a Guard who could fill in there) but there but the apparent upgrade at that position remains to be seen right now. Woodhead: Could be a sold contributor but he's 30+ coming off an ACL Cons: - Lost SSS, our best leader on offense, our ball winner in go-to situations, great blocker, brought tremendous fire and accountability to the unit - Lost Wagner, one of the best RT's in football, that's a huge hole to fill - Lost Juice, great lead blocker and pass catcher, super versatile, trending upwards in production We still have more FA opportunities, we still have the draft. I'm willing to give this FO adequate time to make the type of moves that need to be made to actually improve this unit. But as of right now the cons outweigh the pros in terms of significance, the unit is far from ready to roll. They weren't ready to roll when they still had a future HOF'er, elite RT, and best FB in the league.
  7. Apparently we like having a middle-of-the-pack QB with a 24M cap hit and give him no help. Even the truly elite QB's like Brady and Rodgers who can make it happen with limited talent around them have had their weapons beefed up this offseason. This isn't a good offensive draft and an already poor unit has lost 3 of it's best players (Juice, Wagner, SSS)... We can put on the purple glasses all we want but the offense is going nowhere fast. It needed a major injection of talent and instead of signing a high end WR or OL we opt to blow a big contract on a Nose Tackle. I love Brandon Williams, he's an absolute stud... but the allocation of money is questionable at best
  8. I don't entirely get the infatuation with Claiborne. As Ravens fans we know more than anyone how frustrating injury prone players are. It's tough when during the offseason you plan on a certain guy filling a role for you and then the season starts and all of a sudden that player in basically never on the field. We deal with it on a yearly basis at CB as it is. Jimmy is depended on to be the #1 shutdown guy and then once gets banged up the entire unit basically crumbles. With Claiborne we aren't talking about a moderately injury prone player, we're talking about a guy who has played in just 22/48 games the last 3 years. Meaning he literally sits more games than he plays. When do we ever have good luck with injury prone players? The answer is never. I'll pass, he's talented when healthy but we need dependable guys. We're an injury carousel every year as it is.
  9. The offense has been abysmal and it has only gotten worse thus far in FA with the loss of Wagner, Juice, and SSS. If anyone thinks we're fixing whats wrong with this offense in the draft alone you're delusional.
  10. Even if we get Claiborne I would still love to see us take one of these talented CB's in round 1 or 2. Our biggest competition in the AFC is NE/PIT and they both like to spread you out and sling the ball around. Building this defense to beat that style of play is our best bet.
  11. Do we ever have an offseason without an arrest/suspension? Like clockwork every year
  12. Probably Claiborne or B Will. Good either way but let me know when we help the dang offense
  13. All I said is moves need to be made, where are you getting this time constraint from?
  14. I'll take either Pryor or Alshon. We just need a bread winner on that side of the ball period. Our offense was pretty awful last year and that was with SSS, Wagner, Juice... All the help we need isn't coming the draft, moves need to be made.
  15. "We like our guys", Anyone seen Tandon Doss or Deonte Thompson from the last time we "Liked our guys" at WR? Cut Webb/Pitta and get Alshon or Pryor, enough messing around with this terrible WR situation with no playmakers.