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  1. I think Williams will be less AJ Green and more Kelvin Benjamin
  2. I have a sneaking suspicion this will happen as well. If he does we'll all know he's the pick before we even turn in the card, such a typical Ravens pick if he makes it to us.
  3. I feel like all of us with our fingers crossed for an exciting pick like Mike Williams or Corey Davis are going to be disappointed. I expect a good, but underwhelming pick like Cam Robinson or Forrest Lamp. I feel like we're looking at the Cowboys offense right now and trying to build a similar unit that can bully opposing defenses in the trenches. Also the Alabama boys Humphrey and Foster would be likely picks if either last that long. Last year we pretty much knew the few players who could possibly be the pick, this year it could be so many different players depending how the board falls, Thursday night is going to be very interesting.
  4. The problem with this team isn't that we don't have good depth and good contributors. We lack elite high end players. Especially at skill positions. I don't think this draft philosophy really fits what we need.
  5. There is no definitive reason to think that they will both be gone. Especially Conley. We all thought Kyle Arrington was going to perform for us like he did in NE, those veteran CB's play can fall off in a hurry and I'm not convinced Carr is going to be an exception. Hopefully he gives us a good return these next 2 years but drafting a CB is totally justifiable if it's the right player.
  6. Tavon and Webb really are nickel guys. Jimmy and Carr can play on the outside but Jimmy is injury prone and Brandon Carr is stop gap at 30+. Definitely can't complain about taking a corner high, especially in such a good corner class. Marlon Humphrey or Gareon Conley would be great picks.
  7. Cam Robinson or Taco Charlton, wouldn't surprise me at all either if we took Robinson.
  8. Jones could certainly go sooner if teams are optomistic about his return. Hard to predict, I've seen him go anywhere from the 2nd to late 3rd in mocks. Perhaps him lasting to our 3rd is on the optomistic side. Just also consider this class is stacked at CB so teams might opt for guys like King, Wilson, Tabor, Morneau, Auwuzie before taking Jones which could cause him to slide. His position is abnormally stacked with talent this year.
  9. 1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett 2. San Francisco 49ers: Marshon Lattimore 3. Chicago Bears: Jonathan Allen 4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette 5. Tennessee Titans: Solomon Thomas 6. New York Jets: Jamal Adams 7. Los Angeles Chargers: Malik Hooker 8. Carolina Panthers: Dalvin Cook 9. Cincinnati Bengals: Reuben Foster 10. Buffalo Bills: O.J. Howard 11: New Orleans Saints: Taco Charlton 12. Cleveland Browns: Mitchell Trubisky 13. Arizona Cardinals: Mike Williams 14. Philadelphia Eagles: Marlon Humphrey 15.Indianapolis Colts: Derek Barnett 16. Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan Ozzie & Company give a long awaited jolt to the offense and also know they picked the BPA available. Davis is their highest rated WR and night one of the draft comes to a close with the Ravens brass feeling ecstatic about the pick. I think we got just a sliver of useful information out of the Draft Presser when Eric praised Mike Williams and John Ross immediately, while sneakily slipping in Corey Davis' name at the end. Davis is the the total package and in my opinion the best WR in the draft but his small school label combined with Mike Williams' stature is a recipe for for the Williams to come off the board first. 3 WR sets with Davis and Perriman on the outside with Mike Wallace in the slot could really be electric. Round 2: Baltimore Ravens: Carl Lawson, OLB, Auburn Round 3: Baltimore Ravens: Sidney Jones, CB, Washington Baltimore Ravens: Ethan Pocic, C, LSU
  10. Honestly I wish we would switch our primary logo to: or
  11. It's possible. I believe Ducasse visited and left without a contract and was signed later on. Just from what I recall in past years we typically sign guys while they're in the building. The exception being when we host a workout like we did for Hester, I don't believe that was the case with Mangold. Considering the physical was a concern it's a little unsettling.
  12. Disappointing. Hope he didn't fail his physical. Obviously still possible it's a money issue but doesn't bode well.
  13. This is what i came around to realize today as well. I was a bit sour on the deal yesterday but now that I've had some time to think about it... good deal for both teams. Honestly after the top 10 picks of the 3rd round is usually where the board takes a significant drop in quality. There's a good chance that board would've been cleaned up by our comp pick, obviously good players would still be available but it becomes a lot more difficult at that point. We all knew that Jernigan only had 1 year left as a Raven, that was a huge jump in draft capital when you consider a single injury could've undone his production during his final season here anyway had we kept him.
  14. That's true, it just seemed like a meh haul considering they are getting a guy who is a 1st round talent at 24 years old who hasn't even played his best ball yet. Just like we say with paying players "Don't pay them for what they've already done, pay them for what they will do". Same applies to trades, the compensation should reflect what they're going to do in the future. Jernigan is very good player who is only going to get better. Seems like the haul should've been better considering his age and talent.
  15. He was certainly worth more than we got. The pick swap should've been for our 4th, not our 3rd round comp pick. The fact that we couldn't play hardball for that to be the trade is concerning. If they wanted Jernigan that bad they would've done it. Just seemed like a lack of patience on our part, what was the rush to get a deal done today? Push for a better deal and wait it out. I HIGHLY doubt the Eagles would've pulled that offer if we didn't take it today.