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  1. I like the idea of the Ravens taking the BPA at a position of need at #16. I think the mistake Ravens made in the past few drafts is to assign a draft position to a player and move back or pass on a position of need expecting blue chip talent to at the next pick. If Charles Harris is the BPA at pass rusher and there are no CB, S, Wr rated higher, then take him at #16. The players I would consider ahead on him are Wr Mike Williams, RB Fournette, CB Conley, Humphrey. S J. Peppers could be a dime LB and safety once Weddle gets too old. I think he can grow into the position down the road, but is a guy that can be a playmaker and add speed to the defense right away. Definitely will add swag and alpha persona to the defense. Then Harris or Tak who I think will grow into pro bowl pass rushers. They would be worth a little reach now for a beast by next year. From what I hear, this is a weak Oline class, so I am thinking they are looking for a playmaker at pick #16. If Ravens don't pick secondary in round 1 , then it becomes a need in round 2. I think the draft is deep at pass rusher and secondary , but at #16 they need an immediate impact.
  2. Hope this team can stay healthy and drama free. The team will be better than last season.
  3. My only concerns on the list are Ross. He look tiny and in the NFL, he may get beat up in the middle. Lawson reminds me of Upshaw.
  4. Zuttah was going to be a cap casualty anyway. His performance declined and he was working through injuries last season. Saving money and moving up in the draft is a win.
  5. IMO here are the benefits of having B Williams. 1. Ravens keep a strength. There is no guarantee Pierce or any other wide body the Ravens have there can do the job B. Williams has. Run defense will be top 5. As bad as the Ravens have been over the last couple of years, they play in close games because of the dominance of the front 7. When you control the line of scrimmage, the other teams struggle. 2. If you don't have top corners, the best way to stop the pass is to make the team one dimensional and keep in 3rd and long. 3. Mosley, McClellan, Smith, Orr all looked like tackling machines cause Williams eat up blockers. 4. The best defenses historically are strong down the middle. Williams, Mosley, and Jefferson give them that for the next few years. I agree the Ravens need to add CB , Wr, pass rusher, and o-line. Those positions are in the draft, FA, and there will be cuts. The roster is not complete, but its a good start. Pees play calling is weak, but considering the corners and lack of pass rush he has to work with , what do you expect? If he press Wr, they get beat deep. If they play off, they are too slow to come up and make the tackle. If he blitzes, the other teams make big plays.
  6. Best of luck to Guy. It's time for Urban and Kafusi to step up.
  7. I hope he works out but I am not crazy about the signing. I think it sends the wrong message to the young guys on the team. The coaches and front office giving up on Buck Allen, and taking snaps away from Dixon and West. All of them are still very young players for a 32 yr old that has been injured more often than playing in the last 3 years. Are those young guys so bad that you reach out. What does that say about their own confidence to draft and develop ?
  8. B. Williams sign 5-year to stay. Hopefully they can still add CB or C
  9. Why?! This is what kills me about the front office. They always talk difference makers but always go cheap on old men. I hoped they would save every loose penny they could find to add a Wr, CB, C. Instead they sign a old man at a position that is not a primary need and will frustrate younger players on the team that will loose snaps because of it.
  10. This move was a longtime coming. It shows that maybe giving a younger player a shot is worth the risk. I would have like to see Webb added to that list. There is a deep class of CB and safeties so no need to keep overpaid, unproductive vets.
  11. I think that's the type of thinking that gets the Ravens into trouble and results in their bad drafting as of late. Take the known BPA at #16. Quality over quantity. Ravens need difference makers. They are more likely to find one at #16 than later.
  12. Garrett is going number one. hue is not trading that away. Ravens were a team that at times struggled to beat Cleveland. Garrett will be a game wrecker especially with Shelton on the inside.
  13. My takeaway from the combine so far is that there is no way the Ravens should trade back in the first round. A lot of talent on both sides of ball. There will be a game changer at pick 16. Now if they can trade back in the 3-4th may not be a bad idea to take advantage of a deep class.
  14. I would only consider Marshall and Jefferrson. Revis and Mangold are shells of their former selves. I heard Pryor is a locker room cancer. I'm more interested in seeing who the Ravens off load or restructure/extend to make cap room. If they completely bargain shop with the lack of players they have and few drafts picks, they may be a worst football team in 2017.
  15. Joe has not looked like a championship QB in about 3 years. Sure the receivers could be better, the line could be better, play-calling etc... However, Joe had those things before he got paid the $120M contract. The expectation was for him to become a guy to make others better. He has not. The Ravens can not afford his contract and a top 5 defense, and pro bowl talent around him at the same time. If NE can draft QBs then the Ravens should take one if they are available in the middle rounds to develop.