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  1. And the stars, including picks: Patriots net change: 0 (0.5 base salary for Calhoun, trade away 0.5 charge on pick) Raiders net change: -0.5 (0 savings for Calhoun but take on the 0.5 charge for the the pick)
  2. @-Truth- Patriots trade: Round 5, Pick 33 Raiders trade: DE Shilique Calhoun
  3. Meh, I bet you said that before he won the first one. The goalposts are now moved.
  4. With a girlish giggle, Belichick waves a geisha fan in front of his face as he selects DT Jarron Jones With the 25th pick in the 4th round (make-up)
  5. How about when he said it himself in October - http://www.cecildaily.com/sports/pros/article_1115ee90-5fde-5bf5-bc34-bd27bab29f9d.html What suits your timeline? He needs to play better.
  6. Jeff Zrebiec has tweeted it before, vaguely saying 'The Ravens feel he looks uncomfortable at RT' or something to that effect
  7. He had multiple injuries according to him - http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/ravens-tight-end-crockett-gillmore-suffered-multiple-injuries-in-2016-013117 It's confusing for sure but with Pitta taking his pay cut, I assume he's safe.
  8. Thinking would be you could get a suitable lineman later in the draft or FA. You spend the high pick on the blue chip play-maker because they're less likely to be found later in the draft. Personally, I'd go CB with the first pick. Or, if a prized pass rusher falls in your lap. Lots of defensive talent in the first round.
  9. We all said Juice needed to be used more and in more ways, especially when we were lacking at the TE spot from time to time. He got paid big time by the 49ers and we weren't going to match that - good for him. As for Aiken, yeah he was the 4th WR and I don't know that I would have wanted him higher, either. Smith, Wallace, and Breshad were either better than him or had more upside and needed the reps. Don't feel too bad, Kamar, you had bounced around the league as a JAG before getting your shot here. You made good on it and turned it into this latest opportunity.
  10. Gilmore's a beast but he's been banged up and it hurt his playing time. Same for Maxx. The other young TEs, Waller and Boyle, were busy getting suspended. Who's to say they won't employ more multiple-TE sets? It would be a shame if they didn't, a waste of talent.
  11. Would be a shame if Belichick used an Imperius Curse on Panthers GM Gettleman to make him sit out the draft, allowing life-sustaining prospects to fall to the Belichick. Would also be a shame if Belichick commanded Gettleman's last act to be to trade him #KONY2014 for a sandwich. Would be a shame is all...
  12. This and I'd say it's much more probable they move down. They only have 7 picks this year, that's very low for them.
  13. Generous to call the Dolphins-Steelers a 'game', they got the doors blown off at the coin toss lol But point does stand, they did what they needed to get into the playoffs, the Ravens did not. Still think we were a better team, though, for whatever that matters.
  14. Okay so that goes back to my original points: Does he need to play better? Yes. Everyone and their mom has come to that conclusion. Will he be on the team for the foreseeable future? Yes. The team still has a lot of confidence in him and his contract is structured in such a way that it makes it harmful to cut him, anyways. Beyond those two points, what is there to talk about? 100+ pages worth? At least we don't see the phrases 'deer in the headlights', 'can't/won't win the big game', etc anymore. If he played like he normally does, as you say, what are we to do?
  15. Ah, so that's the rub. I won't excuse it, he missed some throws he should make. He made some sloppy interceptions, too. Those hurt us, especially early in the season where we lost some winnable games. However, he did play markedly better down the stretch. From Week 9 (Thursday vs Cleveland) to the penultimate Pittsburgh game, through those 7 weeks, he put up 14 TDs to 7 INTs, 280+ yds/game, a 94.7 passer rating, and his 6.9 yards/attempt was at his career average. Through those 7 weeks, we also won 4, losing to Dallas, New England, and Pittsburgh. That's respectable but the teams' and his floundering in the middle of the season kept us from the playoffs.