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  1. I'm skeptical of this report. That said, if it's true, good thing they didn't. That Flacco/Rice 1-2 pick was easily one of the most important pair of draft selections in Ravens history, maybe THE most important outside of Lewis/Ogden.
  2. A huge part of the Falcons having a huge lead was the defense playing lights out for the first 3 quarters. The Falcons offense simply stopped scoring. But as with frozen joe, I don't blame any one player. Kyle Shanahan blew the game for the Falcons.
  3. The offense wasn't conservative at all though, that's the problem. If they commit to the run the Falcons win. But they were inexplicably (and stupidly) aggressive in situations that didn't call for it. I usually hate the "defense is gassed" excuse but it's legitimate here---the Pats' TOP was basically double the Falcons'. The reality is that the Falcons defense did pretty well to shut the Pats down for 3 quarters, they were going to start scoring eventually. The offense just needed one extra field goal and they didn't deliver. Bottled offense, defense that couldn't come up with ONE more play, total team loss.
  4. Matt Ryan's biggest mistake was taking that damn sack. But the biggest goat of the game is Kyle Shanahan. Period. Just so so stupid.
  5. Lindseyyok has to be feeling pretty good right now, it was looking bad for her.
  6. Flacco would never do this to us in the playoffs. The biggest choke to ever choke.
  7. Unbelievable choke. Stunned.
  8. Screw Atlanta. I had so much gloating Pats hate planned.
  9. Stupid. It's unbelievable how bad the playcalling has been.
  10. If I were a Falcons fan...lord. i would jump out of a window.
  11. Ryan better channel Flacco right now.
  12. That stupid pass on 3rd and 1 turned the game. Inexcusable, I don't care about the missed block.
  13. Chokers gonna choke. Unbelievable.
  14. If NE wins I'm blocking NFLN. The slurping will be unbearable.
  15. Throwing on 3rd and 1, SO DUMB. Cam Cameron dumb.