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  1. This guy is not a top 16 pick.
  2. Aiken was a 3rd down guy. He wasn't in it for the long ball. I think we missed the boat on Aiken and we did him wrong. Hope he finds a home in Indiana and has a really good career...just not when he plays us.
  3. bigcatfrank1, I LOVE your enthusiasm. good post and GO RAVENS!
  4. so many players, so few picks
  5. the deal I would make with Claiborne is $3 million a year with tons of incentives. That's as high as I would go on someone who has a history of injuries.
  6. we were gonna save 3.5 million and get pick 198 but now becuz of the wisdom of Ozzie we save 5.8 millon and get pick number 186.
  7. I would like to see the Ravens get Jabril Peppers. He can play safety or inside linebacker. I watched him at the combine and he was definitly the leader of all the DBs. Not only in ability but he just assumed the leadership roll. That's something we could use in a young guy.
  8. I'm glad someone finally agreed with me on Nick Boyle playing FB.
  9. We don't need an analyst for who we draft at WR. What we need is someone to analyze our routes and training methods.
  10. Zuttah is probably wondering what more could he do.
  11. Ozzie really made Brandon Williams interview awkward at the end with that "ask your colleagues" answer.
  12. The more the merrier! Theres always room on the Ravens band wagon
  13. They might resign Dume at a lower Price.
  14. From what I seen at the combine, Jabrill Peppers is a real leader. Even from my seat in my living room I could tell he was the alpha of the group.