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  1. We have 3 TEs already on the roster better than Howard. His numbers are pedestrian. I don't see what the big deal is with him. Too many people projecting him to be the next Gronk and hes just not that good.
  2. I like Ryans draft better although nothing is wrong with Garrets. The only problem I have with Minks draft is the first pick. Not real crazy about Barnett. I'm hoping Foster falls to us.
  3. The Ravens have struggles with picks like Maxx, Carl Davis, Jernigan, Crockett, and Brandon Williams? I think those are some pretty good picks.
  4. April fools has past and youre the only fool at last.
  5. This is exactly what we needed. Hamstrings and other muscle tears are usually caused when opposite muscles are different in strength. Its about time we recognized this.
  6. If you don't believe any of the WRs are worthy of a pick as high as #16 (and virtually every analyst alive would disagree with that) ... that's a valid reason to not pick a WR .. but the notion that we're bad at picking WRs - that is NOT a valid reason to avoid a WR with our 1st pick. Using your logic, had OBJ fallen to 16 a couple years ago, we should have avoided him, because we're bad at picking WRs. That makes zero sense. Yes, we've picked 3 disappointing WRs in the 1st round, however the jury is still out on one (Perriman) and the other 2 were made 13 and 16 years ago. To think that draft busts from over a decade ago will shape your draft approach is mind-boggling. also lets not forget who we had as a QB back 13 and 16 years ago. We were going thru QBs like sweet corn thru the hired girl.
  7. there are lesser braces he could wear if he needs to put his mind at ease or he could just learn to slide on his other leg. Its not that hard.
  8. I hate to say it but if Cam Robinson is as good as advertised, he would make a lot of sense.
  9. Lets not forget we have a whole bunch of TEs who all have good hands and can run the short outs and crossing routes. Also our running backs are pretty good receivers also so we don't lack when it comes to pass catchers.
  10. what does that mean ..."remain pure"? You want it to be PURE then just run the combines and don't tell any fans about it. Only coaches, owners, and scouts be allowed in. THATS pure. Once you let fans and TV and commentators in it becomes a festival, a circus, a money maker.
  11. considering who weve had at QB since 1996 , its no wonder none of the receivers we draft become elite.
  12. Forget Boldin. Hes gone and hes not coming back!
  13. I am 99% sure the Ravens will NOT take a QB, punter or kicker in the first round. Other than that who knows?