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  1. Born and raised in Southern California, been a Ravens fan since 2006. Married with 2 boys (and a third on the way). I do IT work to pass my time so I'm never far from a computer.
  2. Wow he's falling apart...
  3. It might not look promising for Webb on the Bears' O-Line but for Prophet's team he's the only RT prospect he's got lol
  4. Been saving this one just for this moment
  5. He was going to be my back up pick at FB after Casey, nice pick.
  6. Oooh I get unlucky 13, both for the number and because in typical NFL playoff system I would be the first team to miss out Is gabe going to do the analysis of the rankings later or is that your job too SAM?
  7. You stole me gif…
  8. Just to play devil's advocate it could be that the guys they already have are a combination of better and know the defense better, its still early in TC right now.
  9. My pick is in, can someone PM ravensalltheway?
  10. Could it have been sent prior to you picking and you just didn't see the PM until later?
  11. Didn't you just take Dan Carpenter or did I miss something? Based on what I'm seeing it should be BALTIMOREFLACCO that is up
  12. There goes the VA QB that will tear up the league...
  13. Well because he's from VA and scrambles he must be the greatest QB on the planet then right?