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  1. Dang that jinx. Best way for the secondary to be good - JUST.STAY.HEALTHY!
  2. I can not put my finger on it, but for some reason I've always been immediately field with all sorts of doubt and hesitation as soon as I see Jensen trot onto the field. It's just probably me. That said, if Jensen really was the FOs whole plan at C for us, we would have probably been better of retaining Zuttah.
  3. Welp, here's to hoping that Flacco has filled his pockets with enough moolah at one point so he, too, would be willing to take a bit less or maybe shuffle some of that dough around into bonuses of different sort.
  4. You can not in all seriousness believe that Gizele's income is the main reason for Brady low cap number?! I mean, if that was the case and Brady really was living out of Gizele's pocket, why even take 15mil per year. Why not take 10mil, or 5?? Brady takes less money cause he wants to be with a winning organization and wants that organization to be in the best possible position to win as many titles as possible.
  5. Sorry! Misread your comment, my bad. You are right about not many QBs agreeing to a paycut. But I don't think anyone is expecting Flacco to necessarily take less money, just "shuffle it around" like you pointed out that other QBs have done to provide some cap relief.
  6. What a load of hogwash. First, restructuring does not necessarily mean a player gets paid less. Converting base salary into bonus money pays the player the exact amount as before, just now some of that money is guaranteed. It's always risky for a team, but it's a common tool to lower a player's cap hit. Secondly, plenty of QBs have done it. Brady and Big Ben have both done it at least 2 times in the past 5 years if I remember correctly.
  7. Completely understandable. Last years numbers are misleading. No YAC, small % of catches moved the chains, mostly dump offs that that created the large number of "catches". Then there is his health. If he actually does run for yards after catch, how long can his hip hold out? I like him but pay cut is understandable. @Bat-mite All what budman said, and in addition consider demand-supply ratio. Ravens have an abundance at TE, with younger, more explosive and even a more experienced options on the depth chart. Sure, Pitta's had a (somewhat) solid year and he didn't have to take a paycut. It was the same with Ngata couple of years back and he decided not to take a paycut. But since he had become replaceable, he was traded. It's a similar case with Pitta. Glad he took the paycut, though. Now let's hope Flacco targets someone else, too, for a change.
  8. “Black on blacks, no question. Those [uniforms] are their best combination.” I agree 100%. However, remember when Harbaugh even stopped using all-black uniforms for a couple of seasons because of the "bad-boy" image it presented? What a joke! I wish we'd wear all-black more often!
  9. I LOVE how the additions have given us some flexibility for the draft.
  10. Some very nice and thorough thoughts, pleasant to read! And wow did you get me pumped up for 2017! lol All in all I think you might be right. I do not share your big optimism regarding C or WR position however. I really don't see Jensen being able to handle C, let alone be an upgrade to Zuttah, who was mediocre. I've never been a huge fan of Jensen as a player, but who knows, maybe he will be the next player who comes into his own in his last year and plays himself out of our price range at LG. I sure hope so, that would allow us to move Lewis to RT and we'd only need a C and some depth to finish up the O-line. Still, don't think Jensen will be good enough of a starter. As to WR, I was disappointed that we did not sign any of the vets out there when I saw how little they got paid. 5M for relatively sure pickups in either Marshall or Garcon would have gone a long way for us. Now, whatever we do it will be a huge question mark until we play a significant game come September. We might be off great with inhouse talents and drafted additions, but considering our history of drafting underachieving WRs and bad luck with injuries at the position, I don't see our WR core being in a great shape. Definitely not good enough to carry us deep into the playoffs, if it should come to that. Marty must get mighty creative with his weapons and Flacco must find a way to play well enough to help out his inexperienced WRs, something he has never been able to do. But with the rest of it I agree, especially regarding defense. Gotta give it to Oz and the rest of the FO, they've pieced together the perfect FAs on defense that fir perfectly to what we're trying to do on defense. Now a disrupting pass rusher and a starter at MLB and we're set. Everything on from there will be just quality depth. lol, same here. Mostly post from work on slower days. I'm following the best team in NFL from the other end of the globe, though. Making it to a Ravens game would be awesome! Bummed that I can't make it to the Ravens game in UK, but one day...
  11. all these defensive signings make it look like the FO has finally completely given up on Flacco and the offense and are banking on the defense to score all the points as well. jk ofcourse, but our O is not receiving nearly any help at all, whilst it very very badly needs it. woodhead signing was nice, but we had starters at the position. we're still missing a lot of other starters on O and now can add C to that list.
  12. Why do you say that? Is it because he held OBJ to 73 yards & 94 yards? Or is because he held AJ Green to 50 yards (0 TDs)? Or maybe because he held Mike Evans to 59 yards (0 TDs)? Then it must be Alshon Jeffery's 70 yards & 0 TDs? Jordy Nelson's 68 yards & 0 TDs? Yeah, that guy is no good.... what a bum, right. lol at all who think this wasn't a brilliant pick up.
  13. I'm starting to wonder if we even out all the possible compensatory picks we would've received from Wag, Juice, others leaving by all these signings we've made?
  14. Last I checked we weren't even in the bidding for Mangold, which is baffling. There's probably as much chance for Browns to win the SB as there is for Flacco taking a paycut lol.