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  1. Just curious: do you know what pick package Ozzie should give up to trade up to, let's say #7?
  2. Wait... are you implying losing some of the key players doesn't leave any team weaker?
  3. I think I remember something about the Ravens surely not having a home game in London as the stadium contract says all their home games must be in the Bank? Somebody with a better memory than me (not an especially high bar)?
  4. Most pundits predict a lousy seasoin for the Bengals. They let their two best O-liners walk, with no clear successor, for example...
  5. 6-3? I think 8-1 is more likely. I know all the haters will disagree, but if we do really well next week, and get even average coaching, I see 7-2 at worst heading into the bye Making predictions about NFL games 5-7 months in advance is like trying to predict the exact weather for those game days: guesswork and little more. A huge lot of things can happen in the summer. We can have a brutal "injury epidemic" like 2 seasons ago. Or our opponents can have one... It could turn out that Mohrningweg's own offense system is even worse than Trestman's was... Things like that... Could it be 8-1 or 7-2? Sure. Could it be 2-7? Yes. Likely? Not, but possible. Was there anyone predicting before the start of the 2015 season that after week 7 the Ravens are gonna be an 1-6 team, losing to the Raiders, the Browns in Baltimore and the lowly 49ers? Nobody. And then it happened. It's way, way, way too soon to make meaningful predictions about the season.
  6. I agree. It's not an especially "favourable" schedule - it's simply a fair one - and I think this is how it should be. It has its flaws and bright spots - but you don't make an NFL schedule which won't have any... it's just impossible. So, having a fair schedule is the perfect scenario.
  7. 3. In the 2014 season we hosted the Browns on Week#17.
  8. "The last time the season finale between these two teams was at M&T Bank Stadium was in 2010." Man, what a rotten game that was... won by us 13 to 7, but could have easily been a L if Carson Palmer actually cares to win the game, and throws a decent pass at the end of the game...
  9. Ladies and gentlemen... a good schedule! As for the particulars: let's divide things into four categories: Great/Good/Bad/Very Bad. Very Bad: - Weeks 3-6 with the two interplanetar trips sandwiching the Steelers game. That stretch is brutal. Bad: - The GB trip in mid-November. It's gonna be cold there... I was hoping for a fall trip. But hey, it's still not December, so it could have been worse... - A road opening game. Not a tragedy, but it would have been nicer to kick it off in the Bank - especially that Week 3 will take us accross the ocean... - Most of the "easier" games packed together in the middle of the season. It would have been better if they're spread out more evenly throughout the season... but once again: it' nowhere near a tragedy. Good: - A SNF game in Pittsburgh. It's gonna be 10 Dec, more than 7 months away - and still we can be sure it's gonna be a classic one, maybe even deciding the division... Who would it any other way? - The Texans as our MNF opponent. Playing the MNF game in a currently-hot team's place has gotten kinda very old if you ask me... - Two of our 3 prime-time, nationally televised games are gonna be played in the Bank. Nuff said. Great: - A home MNF game??? Am I dreaming? - CIN Week#17 - but in Baltimore??? Am I dreaming? - Mid-season bye. Week 9 would have been the perfect one, but Week 10 is also good. - The home/road rhythm is very good. No 3-game home/road game stretches, only one 2-game road stretch, and even that is wrapped around the bye - and two 2-home-game runs, both in the second half of the season, including 2 home games to close the season out... compare that to last season's end with road games in PIT and CIN... Or compare our schedul with that of the Pats who have a stretch (W10-15) with 5 of 6 games on the road... fankly, that should be illegal ... or the Bengals who will have a 3-game road run followed by a 3-game home run (W9-14)... that's also quite far from perfect... So, to sum it up, with only one really unfriendly detail, I don't think we have much to complain about...
  10. Do you really think a QB is going to say "we need better WR's " in public? And a team that's won a SB and been to the playoffs 6 of the last 8 years is not "mediocre" And imagine Wallace saying "yeah, we need more receivers!" :D
  11. No matter how many wideouts you have if you don't have an O-line that can give the QB time to throw. And, at this point it's not an O-line I would trust...
  12. I remember how a lot of fans and pundits said picking Ronnie Stanley at #6 would be a colossal reach, because this and that... We"ve seen how much of a "reach" it was... The same could be true about Robinson. I for one, would be happier to see the O-line addressed in the first round than the WR corpse added to... I don't think out WR need even compares to the glaring holes at OL...
  13. Or, more exactly, they need a first round level rusher more than a first round level WR. I think the likeliest scenario is that Ozzie trades down 6-8 or even 10 spots, picks up an extra 2nd rounder and picks one of the Zay Jones - JuJu-Godwin trio in the late 2nd/early 3rd round.
  14. I just don't think Ozzie will pick a WR in the first round, even if either (or both) of Mike Williams and Corey Davis is still available... So, I hope both of them will be off the board at #16 (or wherever Ozzie ends up picking), because if either of them are there and Ozzie picks an OT or ILB, there will be a riot here...
  15. Wouldn't surprise me if the NFL doesn't listen to the Ravens request and schedules the bye after the London game. The truth is that so, so many things go into making an NFL roster, that, contrary to what a lot of fans like to think, it does not require any kind of ill will towards an organization not to be able to take its requests into consideration. Not many fans know, for example, that the tv schedules factor in heavier than teams' individual requests - the channels have a say in what teams they want/don't want as home teams for MNF/SNF games - and even regular games. They may even go as far as saying "I would really like to broadcast the Redskins takew on the Cowboys take on in Week 16, prime time". And then that game kinda fixed in that slot. And so do scheduling restrictions lik no 4-game home or road stretch - and 3-game stretches are only allowed if they cannot be avoided (they cannot)... Creating the schedule is a 3-month process - and it means 3 months of actual work, not just a 3 month period with a 1-hour scheduling session :) It is a VERY hard task, even without taking on extra ties like trying to deliberately screw with this or that organization... Who knows, maybe this time the scheduling gods give us a home MNF game... and a non-@-Cinci Week#17... I know, I know... ;)