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  1. IMHO, if nothing else, the sheer fact that dome teams will get an unfair advantage with the extra point for kickoffs through the uprigths, renders this proposal hopeless. Dome teams play at least 8 games with no wind hindering their kicker's accuracy, while non-dome teams play a handful at most.
  2. Even if hiring Kubiak was Harbaugh's own shot - let's give it to him -, it was rather the anomaly than the tendency or rule. All other HC's of his choice were attrotious - or, bland at most. Cam Cameron, Jim Caldwell, Trestman and Mornhinweg in one side of the scales, and Kubiak on the other... Which plate do you think Harbaugy should be judged regarding his choice for offensive mastermind?
  3. As for Aiken and Juszczyk: time will tell if they were right or wrong. What I cannot help noticing however, is that while I cannot really remember defensive players leaving Baltimore then thropwing back darts, there were 3 offensive guys (these two plus KO last season) who don't really speak really fondly of the Baltimore offense... That less and less seems a coincidence... I've long said, and I still think Harbaugh simply doesn't understand the NFL offense, and that's why he keeps appointing the wrong guys to command our O (with the sole exception of Kubiak), but knows too little to overrule their mistakes in offensive strategy, game planning and play calling. I fiormly believe that as long as Harbaugh is our HC, the only way we can have a good offense is by chance - because nobody who is responsible for it is good enough. I believe all the offensive success we've had since 2008 was not because of our coaching stuff, but in spite of it - out of the virtue of the players. And that's why I think that no matter who we draft and acquire in free agency, we don't really have any real reason to hope for better a season that what we had - because the by far biggest cause of our offensive impotence: the incapable HC - has not been removed from the system. And until that happens, you can count on players leaving Baltimore to throw back shade like this...
  4. On selecting an OT over a WR with the first pick: what use do you have of a good WR if the QB has no time throwing to him because the right tackle a swinging door?
  5. Dunno if anyone else has realized - but with Aiken saying interesting things about the Ravens offensive situation - but I cannot help noticing that in 2 years this was the second time a free agent says negative things about the Ravens offensive management. Last year KO said that he never felt that the O-line is appreciated - and now Aiken... You never hear anything bad like that about the D... Yep, it may be nothing more than a bitter player... but still.
  6. Maybe he realizes that because of his injury history it won't be easy to find a new team despite being the leading TE and that he kinda owes the Ravens for keeping him on the team all that time (getting paid without contributing). This is probably it: Pitta simply has no leverage. His camp probably knows that it would be very hard to find any kind of market for him with his hip history - his 2016 season notwithstanding.
  7. Last season #38 was assigned to Jumal Rolle.
  8. How interesting this is: Jimmy Smith originally wanted jeres #21 and even mentioned plans of buying it off Webb... then he was assigned #22. Now, #21 is available, but seems like Jimmay has settled with #22 for good - so now Jefferson has to give up his #22 :D Funny.
  9. That top-5 list of teams with most guaranteed money for the D clearly show that it doesn't mean a thing in itself. #1 is the lowly Jags, #2 is the Patriots... Giving a lot of guaranteed money is a good move if you give it to players who will contribute and you can keep on your roster for their entire contracts, and bad if you give it to players you won't be happy with and/or cut before their contracts expire... You can do it wisely and foolishly. Any money givven to the likes of Kendricks and Michael Huff was bad decision, any cent given to the likes of Weddle was good investment. We'll see which was Jefferson and Carr will go.
  10. I've already put it here yesterday, but hey: last season Carr covered Odell beckham, AJ Green, Mike Evans and Golden Tate for most of a total of 5 games, and he allowed a total of 1 TD on these games - and even that wasn't really on him, but blown coverage of the safety. He covered OBJ in 6 games and never allowed a 100-yard game for him. Sounds like good enough for me. Also, you don't play 144 games in the NFL if you're "not a good player"...
  11. Can't blame Joe for that Steelers game though he played well. The defense lost the game for us because of the secondary and that's why we upgrading it in free agency. Fans like to forget that - although it really was a solid unit most of the time - our formidable D lost us at least 3 games last season... games we had the lead at the end of the game, and all the D was supposed to do was stopping them one more time... and they let them march down the field and score. The Pittsburgh game was one of them. And it would have been 4 if the Eagles convert that 2-point attempt...
  12. "Pro Football Focus ranked Carr as the No. 52 cornerback last season." #52 is always a good omen in Baltimore ;)
  13. Since Ozzie will probably pick the BPA, this signing shouldn't affect the pick.
  14. If Claiborbnne is healthy AND brings his better game, he's better than Carr. But those are two big ifs...
  15. That would be offering a pick of a value of 1,000 (according to the standard TVC) for two picks of a combined total value of 865. The deal would be close to even if it also included the Texan's 3rd or fourth round pick in 2018.