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  1. Just got done watching his highlight video, I MUST SAY, im pretty impressed. Really hope he balls out.
  2. Its Do or die next yr the Org as a whole. No excuses what so ever. Injuries or not. I wont deal with the same b.s. as this season. Srry IM NOT A BROWNS FAN, im not content with just being in the AFC North and just going through the motions.
  3. Hell To The Yeah
  4. I AM Sooooo DISgusted with this Team its not even funny. That is all.
  5. Oh no doubt, i think we got Forsett at a steal. I didnt think we should have paid him more than 5 mil and we got him at 3 mil. i was pleasantly surprised.
  6. I wouldnt give them that much credit honestly. The replacement can actually make plays and win games sometimes lol
  7. How bout '' The panty bunch " Or " PUS AND BOOTS" Or '' The Best Play Makers In the LEAGUE for the oPposing Team" Yea i like the latter.
  8. Rice peaked the yr before if not the prior yr, i have said it countless times before. If he wasnt catching the ball, he was worthless. way way too many times i watched him NOT getting a foot when you only needed 2 feet. Same goes for Forsett, yes he had a good game but to be honest, he reminds me of Rice but worse at times, All of Forsett's 5.1 yds a carry last season came at Garbage time.
  9. Can we Out Law the " In Ozzie we trust b.s. " it got old years ago, its way way too over rated especially when all these other GMs how absolutely no issue finding gem wrers at any draft pick number. You cant be that great when i have yet to see a WR that is a true number 1. How bout you take you medicine and give up a 1st rounder for a well established true number 1.
  10. What has killed us the most is these stupid unforgivable penalties at the most valuable time. Babin took that money to the bank and is still laughing, this guy owes me money for Sundays wasted. I think I have contributed more than this guy. Especially when Babin saw how much bull caused by Jernigan ( and I still feel he was a big part of why we lost that game, I know its a team sport but Jesus Mary and Joseph, wth were you thinking. REALLY???) I'm not even pissed off about how this season is unfolding, I'm honestly sick to my stomach with this kinda bull.
  11. I know they are trying but im pretty sure almost everyone is thinking the same damn thing. A LITTLE LATE AREN'T WE?? These aren't new issues, we were going into this season with issues at the secondary and did NOTHING to address it ( we picked up Bil a checks throw away ) If he couldn't fix Arringtion then NO one can. There were holes in the secondary and like i said nothing was done and we only lost and didn't replace our front 7 and this was before the injuries set in. Lets be honest, we got lucky last season back pedaling into the play offs with our hurt secondary. The Def. Coordinator needs to be fired, he hasn't done jack with what we had from day one after Pags left. I think our O.C. is a push over but I'm more worried about this Defense. No team is going to be scared of us and with good reason. This team is broken, I have hope but that is all I have. Is this what BROWNS fans feel like?
  12. Words from the great Bill Belicheat. DO YOUR JOB, it really cant be further from the truth. We dont need PLAY MAKERS, we just need players that can/will do their job. Nothing more but always less with this team. This Defense is in serious trouble, Seems like its always one step forward and THREE steps back. I still have hope but man, they are making it really, really hard. I think they are losing serious confidence now. If we do lose Thurs. then i hate to say it but there will be no coming back this year. I STILL HAVE HOPE. Its good for this team that Big Ben isnt playing but in all honesty i would have loved for him play this thursday night.
  13. Agreed, From what i remember of NICKS, he was pretty dam good. Yes his numbers have declined mostly because of injuries but the guy is a play maker. anyone else sick of how bad the RAVENS are at drafting WRs. Some of it is just bad luck but its a pattern. Lets get someone thats a vet, that way we have an idea of what we are getting. Its disgusting how they let BOLDIN go and he wasnt even owed that much on his salary. We have to pay alot of our cap to guys that arnt even here and the other amount is going to WEBB ( dont even get me started)
  14. I think we actually have players that can hold it down. NO REPLACE but definitely make some plays. Guess we have no choice but watch it unfold.
  15. We may have lost but i think we all saw a team that Can be REALLY dangerous. This defense reminded me of the early 2000s. They were feeding off each other and it gave me goose bumps. Lets not forget that moving forward.