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  1. If Tunsil falls to #6 he should definitely be the pick. Although it's unlikely he does but I'm hoping. If not him I'd want Ramsey.
  2. This upcoming draft is probably the most important one in recent memory. With the Steelers continuing to improve this draft has to produce quality starters

    1. DomMcRaven
    2. sflegend89


      Agreed, while it may not be a stacked draft class our drat position should put us in position to get some studs in the first couple rounds.

  3. I think Wallace would ask for a price too high for our cap space. There's probably cheaper options at WR out there that could still be a benefit to the offense
  4. well I kinda am. You shouldn't say something then do the opposite
  5. he played FB for the patriots
  6. He was the QB for the jaguars not too long ago.
  7. when did mason whine? I don't remember that
  8. I'm just saying he didn't drop any passes. It's not like he was amazing but he wasn't terrible either, he was targeted 4 times and caught them all.
  9. his cap hit won't exceed 20 mil til like the 3rd or 4th year when he is projected to earn 29 mil in one of those years. do you really think that the FO will allow one guy to get all that money? they will probably reconstruct his contract at that time.
  10. his stats do not back it up. torrey smith had more touchdowns than boldin in his first 2 years than boldin had in his last 3.
  11. I don't think he dropped any passes in week 17. I'm not sure about the pre-season but in week 17 he had 4 catches for 26 yards. not that bad considering he was against the bengals' 1st team Defense for the first half.
  12. well i don't think they would mind losing one pick that much. they have like 14 more picks this year
  13. i expect tommy streeter to put up a fight for that #2 spot. I really like streeter and I hope that he comes up big.
  14. I would've wanted at least a 5th rounder from this trade
  15. his contract had nothing to do with this. his cap hit this year is lower than boldin's