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  1. You said what I was thinking way better than I could. I actually like our free agency period so far. I believe Ozzie has a plan in the works for our offense that he will address in due time. In the mean time, he is working to make our defense as stout as he can and I like it!
  2. The Jets fans did not seem very happy with the Claiborne signing in the comment section of one the articles I read.
  3. Yeah Cowboys fans were upset by that but AJ Green, the Ravens killer, has burned our best corners.
  4. I think he is a better player than Claiborne. I was not a fan of us signing Claiborne.
  5. I think I prefer him over Claiborne. I think he may be better even when Claiborne is healthy.
  6. Really? Hurst - the guy who got Joe's knee injured......how about, Noooo Scott!
  7. I hope we have a good plan because now we do not have any depth on the line. Vlad, Wagner, and Zuttah are gone. We need to pick up some decent guys to protect Joe in the offensive trenches.
  8. Be careful when alluding to those College guys as "Play right now". We have seen time and time again that many can't make the jump to the NFL tier right away. Just look at Lattimore. He couldn't stay healthy on the college level with hamstring problems. NFL training, practices and games are much more rigorous then anything they have ever done. CB in particular is a position you should never have high expectations for a year 1 contribution. Speed of the game alone takes years to get used to, and a lot of your first round corners end up playing as the #3 or #4 corner in nickel/dime packages for much of their rookie year. I would have zero expectations that a 1st round corner we take is going to line up outside and start covering quality WRs by himself. You are right about that. I was high on Sidney Jones, as a CB that I was hoping would fall to us in the draft, until the Achilles injury.
  9. I thought Jones would be a good pick for us in the first and thought that he could fall to us. I am sorry to read about the Achilles injury. I would not take him in the first now. I am sure the guys is very upset at the timing of his injury.
  10. Thanks for the extra time. I really enjoy being on the boards during the draft!!!
  11. That makes sense to me, thanks for explaining.
  12. That is true but if Ozzie can keep working some magic, we can beat them. After picking up Jefferson and retaining Williams, if we can get a top ranked CB or edge rusher in this draft our defense looks to be pretty stout if some of our picks last year can step up and we can stay healthy. We have been so unlucky with injuries the last few years and unfortunately our depth has been subpar, especially in the secondary.
  13. I know he can't block, but at least Pitta has some sure hands. I have not been impressed with some of the others in that respect. At least when Pitta is on the field he can catch the ball when it comes his way, but I wish the man could block.
  14. One of my favorite Ravens.
  15. If we can pick up a top edge rusher or a top CB with our first round pick, our defense (if we stay healthy) is going to be really special this year. Our offense may not be where we want it but if we can win the close games because of our defense, I will be happy. I have not been this excited about our defense in a while. If we can get after the quarterback this coming season, teams are going to fear playing us. I can't wait!