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  1. My man wants a ring. He knows you get one by beating Brady. You need a defense to do that. This was a team win here. I bet Weddle has a plan for his dream defense, and it started here
  2. Seems unlikely now with Wagner gone. Actually, Wagner, Zuttah, and Ducasse gone, K.O. last year, no wonder Joe is under constant pressure, its a revolving door on the Oline, and you never have money to resign the good ones, so every year you ALWAYS need to draft Olinemen
  3. More like, WHO IS HIKING THE BALL to Joe?
  4. Every year we do not make the playoffs is a rebuilding year. Bad contracts, cap hell, bad high round pivks up to last year, has gotten us into trouble. I like the fact that we are bringing free agents like Weddle who have football brains along with talent. We should be looking for intelligent players on every level of our team. I would like to see a top pass rush prospect, a top center, a top cb, and a top wr to boost this team over the hump. I think with Zuttah getting a probowl nod as 5th in a field of 5, getting pancaked and pushed around during the reg season, gives a false sense of security. A top Center will make this team go both in the running game, and passing game. Alex Lewis will most likely go to Rt, a guard pickup would help too.
  5. So I have given this some thought. Why would the team want to shut down the fans opinions of the team, whether it be players, procedures, philosophy, or coaches, or draft picks? - It annoys them if the comments are negative. - It costs money to maintain - Someone (player, coach, or front office) got their feelings hurt from a fan comment (s) - They just want YES MEN around them to agree with everything they say and do from the top down - They could care less what fans think - People use too much profanity - They realize the fans might actually be knowledgeable enough to see a failing plan versus a successful plan, and do not want to hear about it - Too many Squeeler trolls pretending to be Ravens fans - Bill Belicheck has hacked into our team computers through the message boards Feel free to finish this list.....
  6. Obviously too many losses caused us to miss playoffs again, but who or what was the top reason we missed them? - Was it Joe, too many picks? - Was it the OC's bad Play Calling? Or lack of a running game? - Was it Harbaughs head scratching decisions not to take points in several tight games causing losses, like the fake fg for example? - Was it the Defense, again this year (3rd year in a row) not being able to hold a 4th quarter lead? - Was it the DC Prevent Zone scheme causing the blown leads? - Was it the sparce drafts Ozzie has given us the last several years, not hitting on many 1-3rd round draft picks? Everybody is fussing on details in other threads, I am looking for the #1 TOP REASON we missed the playoffs again, why you think that way, and how you would fix the problem?
  7. What team has drafted the most pro bowlers since 08 the start of the Harbaugh era? Any stat gurus out there?
  8. We never trade a 1st rd pick for a proven commodity
  9. We sign Woodhead, Pats sign Cooks. Priorities fellas
  10. Bye boards, will miss all the negs from the opposers!

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      This makes me crazy sad. You can't discuss like we do here on those "other platforms". :(

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      And, wait, does that mean no more gameday thread????

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      everything gone except articles posted from the main page in which you can post comments...it is sad....

  11. No McDaniel training camp, No forums, No Playoffs, No playmakers, No Problem. Get a beer and suck it up!
  12. The Sun reporting B Will is gone??? WTH, Will we ever be able to sign our own home grown Ravens anymore? Or will the endless cap hell prwvent tgat from ever happening? https://www.profootballrumors.com/2017/03/ravens-expected-to-lose-brandon-williams
  13. Britt would look nice in Purple
  14. Right player, right price - bring back Torrey. He has old chemistry with Joe, they practically grew up together. See how bad Torrey wants it, he is still young. Look at him as a Derek Mason with speed, thats an original Raven. Hes gotta want it though, and that means taking Ozzies price.
  15. Gotta go with what you got
  16. Its offseason, and we comment and speculate, and complain, but to do something different and fun, I have dubbed this thread, The Player Game. The way it works, is name your Player, if this player was smart, he would ________and fill in the blank, as to what he should do in the Off Season to get better. So I will give you an example. If Correa was smart, he would work on his pass rushing skills or work on setting the edge better this off season to get better, and get on the field more. Have fun with it, maybe it will shed some light on stuff we are seeing.
  17. I think you hit on something here. We were very fortunate to have Ray and Ed all those years with the highest football IQ's of any defensive players ever. It did not happen overnight, but from endless film study of opposing QB's and offensive tendencies, putting themselves in correct position to make plays. Lets face it, the great players get back from the game, what they put into it, and truly reap the rewards, accolades, and championships that go with the hard work off the field. Lets hope Correa takes his job seriously, and can make the mental aspect of his game rival the physicality of his game, and good things will be certain to come.
  18. Is not having a clearly defined role for Correa holding him back? Ok in LB duties, but a master at nothing? Does this fall on the coaching staff, to equip him with clear direction at a future starting role on this team? What exactly did we draft him so highly to do? Does his development fall on Pees now? Otherwise, why even draft him so high? Again, getting back to Pees, master of the defensive scheme, others banged on us for lack of playmakers, lack of speed and explosiveness on defense, yet here we have a guy with those attributes, and he barely sees the field?
  19. The zone has not been ideal for us in the 4th quarter, it has prevented wins. You cant fix a problem, if you are in denial that you have one. Even with Jimmy back there, we have faltered in the 4th quarter, vs NE, the zone has not been able to stop Brady, and an even bigger problem has been not being able to stop AJ Green, just to be able to get a crack at Brady down the road. Imho, keeping the same philosophy, and scheme will be keeping the same results, I really hate that Leslie Frazier is not our DC right now, he would have helped us bigtime, now we will have to wait and see if doing the same thing with the same people, will net us different results.
  20. Not sure, but heres what we Do Know: Our 2 best players, stars, are our Kicker, and our Guard, those should be your 2 best selling jerseys right? (cue drop the mic)
  21. Seriously? Snapping to Andy Dalton?
  22. Phil Simms just said, "The Patriots Offense is designed to pick apart Zone Defenses". That, along with the fact that NE has been in the Afc Championship game the last 6 years, means if we ever get out of our own way and are lucky enough to get there again, it will most likely be vs the Pats. Kniwing that to be true, WHAT ARE WE DOING ON DEFENSE TO IMPROVE? Same DC, same Scheme, and More ZONE?
  23. Knowing Coach Harbs is not upgrading his defensive Coaching staff, Will the Ravens be Better next season, or Worse?
  24. After watching these playoff games, the better receivers just torch these zone defenses. Its a wonder why a lot of defenses keep doing it. You would think if you HAVE to play zone, there might be some alternate version you could try to get one of your 5 defenders 10 feet away from the open receiver to slam some kind of tighter coverage or something, these better receivers just sit in the soft spots constantly and wreak havoc, just looks too easy to beat.
  25. Looks like with Orr done, a spot has opened up for him. Or if we plug McClellan there, and if Doom is gone, a spot is there too....the question is, what is Correa doing this offseason to better himself, and get on the field? Have our coaches issued challenges to each player, giving them a list of things to work on in the offseason? Because my daughters soccer coaches even do that, hopefully our coaches have.