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  1. "I love to win", "and I live for the big moments" spoken like a true first round draft pick........Zeke That
  2. Or the ability of the qb to find the open read, and not have tunnel vision on his primary target, or.....to not see the safety to his left overloading the line, enroute to a safety blitz, but having blinders on, and not checking out of the play call, or calling a different protection
  3. This still sucks, just sayin
  4. The other thread is offseason, this is a game day thread, post during games
  5. Bush league redsux throwing at mannys head
  6. Probably because our wr's are not targeted as much as our backs are on the checkdowns, our fav passing play
  7. Congrats Kevin Gausman, every meatball you keep throwing the Redsox right down the middle of the plate gets raked, well done
  8. Well, since the boards are closing soon, this may your last opportunity to give some feedback to Marty, our latest in a long line of Harbaugh OC's. Honestly, if we see another steady diet of checkdown offense, he wont make it past the BYE. Some call it the West Coast Offense. The problem here, is Joe is not a west coast Qb, square peg in round hole. Joe has won a ring already, throwing deep passes, we brought in Perriman to get past defenders, only to check down to Juice. We used to see curls, deep crosses, outs, (to Mason, Boldin, Torrey) and now its a checkdown offense. Marty needs to be watching past tape on Joe, sees what he does well, draw up similar plays, and build the offense around that. Play to your players strengths, not make players play to your play calls. I did like the frequent crossing routes Marty used last season, but for whatever reason, we abandoned almost every other possible route options Joe used to have called from previous OC's, and that actually worked. Lets see some creativity this year, not predictabile vanilla offense, lets see Joe change plays at the los, based on what the D is showing him. Lets see some growth from our Franchise QB, and an OC who can call plays based on the personnell he has, not what he wants to do. Thoughts?
  9. Except instead of watching bad football, change the channel on their big screen
  10. So i am guessing once the boards close, there will be no one left to hold the team accountable to the fans that support them. Its just business right? Why give a beep?
  11. Its moving toward the democratic peoples republic of the baltimore ravens, message to fans: just bring your money, thats all that matters
  12. Is the 2015 Ravens draft class the reason we did not make the playoffs last year? I was reading the press box article of the unsuccessful 2015 Ravens draft class, and I saw some commentary from it that spoke volumes to me, here is the excerpt paragraph: "More than once last season, first with departed Marc Trestman and then later with current offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, Flacco pleaded for the team to get more aggressive with deep throws." I honestly think this comment speaks to where Joe is as a leader on this team. Why can Joe not check out of plays, and call a deep route, (we know damn skippy that Rodgers would, Brady would, even Rivers, Ryan probably Stafford too), At a certain point, if you are the highest paid player on the team, and you think a deep play call is in order, and now I am guessing this has been the case often now, why are you standing by and not doing anything about it? This offseason has to be working on play calls that fit the offensive pieces you have, not more of square peg in round hole. The offensive straregy must improve, not CHECKDOWN EVERY PLAY, We became very predictable last year, and rarely used the entire route tree.
  13. Just being healthy, just aint gonna cut it. You have to be a contributor, aka Tavon Young. You have to step up when given the shot, or sadly you will end up like Kapron Lewis-Moore. Lets hope KAFUSI Can challenge for a spot with Suggs aging, and I dont mean a bench spot
  14. Obviously this answer may vary depending on position, so to clarify, lets go Position, then Top Criteria this position player must posess in your opinion. I am going to go first, I will say if we go Inside linebacker, my top criteria would be HEART, Speed, and instincts. I have seen a lot of tall athletic linebackers over the years, that had the height, athleticizm, and the look, but lacked the heart to dominate. Undersized backers like our own Ray Ray, even Derek Brooks, that had heart and desire, which trumped everything else.