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  1. With the boards just about a month from shutting down I thought I would start a thread to close things out. Kinda like a yearbook of sorts. A place to reminisce and post some memories and like is every yearbook everyone signs the last few pages with will wishes to all their peers. One thing that still makes me chuckle is one small typographical error that refused to die when someone suggested the Ravens get plenty of "Reat" ( meaning to say "rest" ) More than a few of us took that and ran,,,,,, and are still running.
  2. The Ravens message board have tendered their two week notice..... The sun is setting my friends.
  3. My advice to the new OC? Get the Old Bay Ribs at Mission BBQ. They are amazing.
  4. I think this place is going to be a mad house that final day.
  5. Did you see it yet? Boards are closing soon...
  6. Shooting for Texans. ( pun unintended )
  7. I didn't work at all for this keg that I have.... and I don't drink either.
  8. No, it is Secret Agent Man Well that would explain all the encouragement for men to post them selves shirtless
  9. I got that part. I don't know what was funny though.
  10. Okay Early prediction I am seeing 10-6 at best. Sweeping Cleveland with a total combined margin of 3. Splitting with Cincy, but I see Pitts-burgh sweeping us. Having them after London even at home , and then in Pitts-burgh for SNF, I am not overly confidant. I see us beating Jacksonville, Minnesota, Miami, Tennessee, Houston, Detroit and Indianapolis. With additional losses to Oakland, Chicago, and Green Bay. I am going to try to go to the Monday Night game. I won't be able to swing London this year I like where our bye is. I don't really care who or where we open or close, I don't think it is that big of a deal. Thursday games annoy me.
  11. service.... easy. Cheeburger-cheeburger in Annapolis. It was my daughters seventh (?) birthday. She could pick anywhere to eat. She chose cheeburger-cheeburger in Annapolis. We had been there several times and always enjoyed ourselves. They were not busy so we were seated quickly. We all had our fav burgers so it didn't take long to choose, and start to wait. Then we closed our menus and waited. and then we stacked our menus nice and neat at the end of the table and waited. Then we made eye contact with the hostess and waited. Then we made eye contact with the waitress who is making sure the wall doesn't tip over and we wait. About twenty minuets since we were seated, that wall isn't going anywhere, I look at the wall holding waitress and mouth the words " We are ready" she blows a bubble with her gum and maintains her wall holding stance. I ask my daughter what her second choice would have been, and her heart breaks. I grab the menus and hand them to little miss thiswallaintgoingnowhere and tell her we had been regular customers for years and we are never coming back. She said that was okay. The next day I send e-mails to both the local Cheeburger-cheeburger and their corporate offices as well. To this day, no response. I figure it has been nine years now so I guess I will never hear anything from either.
  12. Completely untrue. My daughter, her biological father killed himself when she was 16 month old. Having not only that void, but the sudden loss DID in fact have en effect on her lateer on in life. She doesn't remember a thing, but the event DID have an effect on her.
  13. Apparently he had John 3:16 written on his forehead. I wonder if it was backwards or right reading.
  14. Service or food quality?
  15. we have the same humor. More than 1,000 posts. No more clues. I said too much already.
  16. I am actually surprised he did that. I am not sure why.
  17. Oooooh. That hurts!!! I can't even pretend to be that dumb.
  18. I am wondering if anyone here has figured out my second screen name. I have two accounts and I created a second account to mess with people. ( I wasn't too bad, I never got in trouble with a mod at least ) Betcha' can't figure it out.
  19. Rey is the offspring of Yoda. Bank on it.
  20. Not if the topic is burgers.
  21. See my avatar? I am a Webb fan. All three members of my family have two RAVENS jerseys. Lewis and Webb. Most of you know why we all are such RAVENS fans. Click here to see why. Having met him a few times after that initial meeting, he was always super cool and classy. Good to my kid. Good to my wife. Good to his fans. He fought hard he played hard. He is what it means to be a RAVEN. He will always be one of my favorite RAVENS.
  22. Nah. It is family day. I would personally prefer to not have the distraction on that day. Additionally, I love going to those games and that would be even messier.
  23. Never had one from there. Heard nothing but good stuff though ( which truthfully makes me nervous ) without one being in Maryland, much less the east coast, they really can not enter the conversation.