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  1. "One Crazy Summer " it is an 80's movie. Just rewatched it tonight. Fantastic movie.
  2. See my avatar? I am a Webb fan. All three members of my family have two RAVENS jerseys. Lewis and Webb. Most of you know why we all are such RAVENS fans. Click here to see why. Having met him a few times after that initial meeting, he was always super cool and classy. Good to my kid. Good to my wife. Good to his fans. He fought hard he played hard. He is what it means to be a RAVEN. He will always be one of my favorite RAVENS.
  3. I can make you a list of options...
  4. I don't know. I quit reading 80 pages ago. It is mostly gobile geek. I just thought posting an unrealistic expectation would be fun.
  5. We should try to settle this before the boards close.
  6. I have not. I might add them to my watch list.
  7. I would be surprised if Netflix didn't have it. Amazon has it. It might be on prime as well.
  8. Reign Over Me, will be the exception I will absolutely guarantee it !! Incredibly well written, fantastic acting and a really great soundtrack to boot !!! *insert car salesman voice* " What can I do to get you to rent this movie ? " Seriously though. What is it going to take to get you to see this movie before the boards shut down and post your thoughts here ?
  9. Yup Star Wars 1 and 2. I actually hated The Matrix too.
  10. I can't remember all the tiles but DaVinci Code. Freddie got fingerd. The aforementioned ( new ) Vacation.
  11. Okay we did top ten best movies. How about top ten worst movies that you sat all the way through.
  12. Just watched the new "Vacation " movie. It easily falls on my top ten worst movies ever list.
  13. e-mail. Yes e-mail. Who does that anymore ?
  14. Hell no on the ticket
  15. Me. I will go in there and do it. Problem solved.
  16. That doesn't bother me near as much as the 2019 draft. I don't think we are even remotely ready for that.
  17. Link please...
  18. Thank god the boards are closing.
  19. I didn't read the thread, but can someone just answer this one question for me? Is Brandon Williams going to get the Flacco treatment and get blamed for every failed signing for the next five years ?
  20. As I recall we were getting flagged for everything from shoe laces improperly tied to untrimmed nose hairs and the pats were,,,, well, the pats.
  21. Did you participate in the chant?
  22. Based on the commentary I believe so.