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  1. Nah. Mallett will do just fine if need may be. ( see Pittsburgh last season)
  2. I don't know why you keep arguing Tru. Do you actually think someone is going to suddenly say "Oh yeah you are right. " and then burn their jersey?
  3. Agree. I guess we should go with " It would be in your best interest to win" ( doesn't exactly flow off the tongue though)
  4. Joe threw to Heap for a year or two didn't he?
  5. People need to stop with the "must" win. It is basic math. Sunday is NOT a "must" win. Is it important? Yes absolutely. Is it more important than a non conference game? Sure is. Is it more important than a division game? Nope. If we loose on Sunday are we eliminated from the playoffs? Nope. Not at all. Therefore, based on that information, and again, basic math, Sunday is NOT a must win. Here, maybe Brian Regan can help. https://youtu.be/HcZOaOG0YOk
  6. Yeah, that sounds right. Maybe 4:15.
  7. I will take "Things I didn't know" for $200.00 please Alex.
  8. It's funny AND sad....
  9. I hope they flex Ravens vs steelers in two weeks.
  10. I didn't practice today either so I really can't be too upset.
  11. The other team from New England?