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  1. Bug list

    Yeah I will second this. Beyond that I am plenty used to the new format and am moving along just fine.
  2. Da Browns

    And he could truly not give a rats patooie. 
  3. Coming up on 8 yrs

  4. Bug list

  5. Rare and isolated incidences at most.
  6. Bug list

    Yeah I am moving around here pretty easily now.  It was a quick learning curve. 
  7. THIS.   The light rail drops you off right at the stadium.   I don't think you can park at the stadium for less than $20.00 ( or maybe even more ) Light rail is round trip for like four bucks. Its a no brainer for me.
  8. Your top 5 Favorite comedy movies

    1) Planes Trains & Automobiles  2) The Naked Gun 3) Airplane ! 4) Space balls 5) The Holy Grail
  9. Bug list

    Really people?  Sprinkles? Most of us are from Baltimore and they are Jimmies. 
  10. Bug list

    They weren't that interesting. 
  11. Elite Pass Rush is a MUST!

    At the very least, they won't be "non issue". 
  12. Who do you want to win the SB?

    I want Denver to win.  ( I love a good upset ) Plus I am a fan of Peyton and I would love to see him get another ring.  That said I am pretty sure the Panthers are going to win this one by a lot. Denvers D is stout, but simply not stout enough.  I don't think their D is enough to make up for all the rest of what the Panthers have. The Panthers have great balance between offence, defence and special teams.  I don't see Denver able to match. I see Carolina by two possessions. 
  13. I doubt he will, but if he does play some more it won't be for Denver and wherever he goes it won't be pretty. His brain and his body just are not on the same page anymore.  This makes me sad.