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  1. Support for Perriman

    Prayers said...
  2. May the 4th Be With You

    Oh my gawd I am dieing !!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for posting that !!!!
  3. Restaurant Talk

    Did anyone ever visit Ray Lewis's restaurant when he had it? What was it called "Full Moon B.B.Q. " or something like that? It was some pretty good food and that place was a great value. It had lots of Ray Lewis stuff in there without overdoing it. It was well done.
  4. Ravens podcast?

    98ROCK ( 97.9 FM WIYY Baltimore ) has an app ( as well as their web site ) that streams. They do pre game and post game as well as the live play by play.
  5. I recon the half of a safety might have to go on I.R.
  6. Possible vet departures

    Uhhhhh. Because he is AWESOME.
  7. Possible vet departures

    I agree. We loose valuable players we love all the time. Juice could be one of them. I doubt it, but maybe.
  8. Possible vet departures

    On notice? Yeah, that seems like the group . More than a few names on there I would hate to see go, but business is business.
  9. Ravens not picking up Elam's 5th year option

    This is a resume season for him. He is playing for a job. Elsewhere.
  10. joe, suggs, ss, etc.

    Maybe, yes, yes, I have no clue.
  11. Haunted by Missing Ramsey....

    N.R.D. I like that. I am gonna startusing it. BTW, whats with us calling players " sexy" all of a sudden? I find it a bit odd really.
  12. Yup. Thats a winning post.
  13. Possible vet departures

    I agree with all but Camp. I think they are gonna hang on to him.
  14. Haunted by Missing Ramsey....