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  1. SMH outside media...
  2. That ground level view of Perriman ( before they went to slow motion ) really shows how fast he is.
  3. Well crap. My shop Christmas party is Monday night .
  4. Just posting this as a reminder.
  5. Yeah we married in 07 she was still a pats fan at the time. We went to the Ravens v. undefeated pats game that year. She switched over when Brady started acting like a sissy girl any time Suggs got near her. As time went on between Tom, Gronk, and Belichick she said that she "would be embarrassed to be a pats fan"
  6. Because you can't .
  7. That is actually better than good news !!
  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe. She IS an amazing woman.
  9. ^^^ That little dude needs to ease up on the caffeine.
  10. Not that it really matter much, but I feel like I have to say this every time we play the Pats. By far and I really mean BY FAR the worst fans I have ever encountered have been pats fans. Far beyond steeler fans, and that is saying something. I can back that up by saying my wife is from the Boston area. She still has family up there and we go up there usually once or twice a year. I wear my Ravens stuff. I have Raven plates on my truck and the bird in the window. I get treated accordingly. I know pats fans. While most are like that I have encountered quite a few who have been cool , and that is not just family. ( Her brothers are WAY cool as are her parents ) So I fully realize I don't have to say it with this group, but I am saying it anyway. There really are some cool pats fans out there. Not a lot mind you.
  11. More and more it seems Christmas night is going to be an EPIC battle . The weight on that game will be tremendous . There will be blood . Players will be hurt.