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  1. My thoughts exactly. He seems to be in a place that would take other players significantly longer to achieve. Great story no matter what. I hope this guy finds a home here.
  2. I shook his hand at the RAVENS Flock Fest today. It was pretty cool.
  3. Living under a rock? Sorry. Just a week to go but still worth using.
  4. Sounds like his weaknesses are very coachable.
  5. God I love the "hide" feature.
  6. nervous AND clueless. Lovely combination.
  7. Do you think they are that smart ?
  8. Nothing matched that first round of boo's. I almost felt bad for the guy...... almost. The subsequent boo's have not been as bad.
  9. Hey Mods' Have you thought about the last day? My thought is, all discussions in all sections in all threads, will pretty much be pointless. Basically pull a "game day" and lock everything and just have one doomsday thread for us all to hang out, have fun, and say our good-bye's before the end of the world as we know it ( or at least our little world here on the boards ). Do we have an estimated time on May 5th that the plug is going to be pulled ?
  10. Okay so here is my other worst restaurant experience. My wife is from Massachusetts. She still has family and friends up there so we are up there pretty regularly. Well one time we are up there, we spent the day on the cape, hanging out on the beach. So of course I am craving seafood. So we get one of those "tourist flyers" ya know what I mean? We find a great place on the way home. I can't remember the name, but the name implied seafood. So we get there and this place is on the end of a pier. It is surrounded on three sides by not only water but boats as well. I am getting very excited, thinking I am going to be eating something that was swimming an hour ago. I pop open the menu and I look....... and I look....... and I look....... A tuna salad sub. That is it for seafood. Oh they have s "surf and turf" let me get the lowdown on that. I ask the waitress " What is the surf and turf? " She says, " It is a hotdog with a quahog " ( that is a clam ) So I am waithing for her to smile, or laugh or say "just kidding. " Nope. Nothing. Not a grin. Not a smirk. Not a guffaw. Nothing. I am surrounded on three sides with water and the best you can muster up for me is Starkist or a freaking clam !?!?!?! Good grief.
  11. I guess I can find more videos like that on youtube ? I kinda want to go into the draft knowing more than nothing this year.
  12. this is getting fun...
  13. Oh I have an idea.
  14. The Ravens message board have tendered their two week notice..... The sun is setting my friends.
  15. My advice to the new OC? Get the Old Bay Ribs at Mission BBQ. They are amazing.