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  1. The Movie Thread

    "The Kings of Summer " will remind you what it's like to be fifteen again.
  2. Starting middle LB next to CJ. Mosley...

    That makes me think of an interesting question. I wonder if a pro in the NFL has ever refereed at any level after his NFL career.
  3. I blame Peas...... [/sarcasm]
  4. Marlon Brown waived (failed physical)

    If we do cut Camp, which I hope we don't, he will find a job elsewhere in the league I am quite sure.
  5. Why a Team Declines

    " Oh, but we would have had 35 more Super Bowl wins by now if he was H.C. " [/sarcasm]
  6. 2016 NFL Injuries

    But if we all started it on our own you would niether discourage it nor try to stop it?
  7. 2016 NFL Injuries

    Serioulsy mod's. Can we make it an unwritten rule that sarcasm must be in orange? Wait.... I don't see a button for color. Dang. That would have been fun.
  8. 2016 NFL Injuries

    Yeah, that could work
  9. My take on the draft and the Offseason

    Looking at our offense, I am thinking opposing defenses are really going to have their work cut out for them. I see decent threats in the line, run game, short pass and long pass. No, not the most intimidating offense ever, but an offence that is going to take a good amount of game planning and some pretty top notch play to keep them in check. Nice....
  10. I would love to see some of the technical side of things. The sound board, and the PA system. The wireless system the coaches and referees use. Video production both live and replay and broadcast.
  11. I agree 100% I really enjoyed all the behind the scenes stuff. I would love to see more, or even the previous stuff again.
  12. Really at this point, nothing would surprise me.
  13. Why a Team Declines

    Yup. Pro bowl really should not be a significant measure of a players quality or contribution.
  14. Why a Team Declines

  15. NFLN top ten RAVENS plays 2015

    Yeah I forgot about the Gilmore one. Yeah, take out the pinning them at the one for this one for sure. I love Tucker, but those kicks don't belong on this list either.... If Jimmys other pick from the Pitts-burgh game ( 100+ yards ) didnt get overturned thanks to a penalty that would absolutely be worthy too.