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  1. Furthering the lazy, inactive, unhealthy America.
  2. He didn't specify WHAT he was playing.....
  3. and ? Have you never visited an opposing teams stadium ?
  4. The Holy Grail is a classic.
  5. If it weren't for resale most of us, my self included, would not be able to go to games.
  6. He had some great returns.
  7. Can our current O-line create enough time for that big Perriman play?
  8. Yeah I am going to be glued to the set.
  9. Yeah so I doubt Bosa plays a single snap this season. Any chance I am wrong? I don't think I am.
  10. and were one play away from being swept by the Browns.
  11. 18 Logan Payne days until kick off.... Get on the field OTHER #18 guy and next year maybe you will be in this thread. yeah I have no clue who this guy is though. I am SO not doing this thread next year.
  12. My family has been watching "My Name is Earl" Fantastic show, great writing, great characters.
  13. Oh that would be SOOOOOOO spiteful. ( and pretty funny really )
  14. my wife got a Jimmy jersey about the same time. Still wears it proudly.
  15. That sounds funnier than it should....