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  1. So wait... I gotta pay all kinds of money to go to this game and I gotta work too?
  2. The Price is Right Family Feud
  3. Wizard says no. It is impossible.
  4. Not exactly going out on a limb for offense, but Wallace. Defense I think Pierce is going to continue to shine.
  5. You are the best !!!!!!!
  6. I don't know who you are, but that was awesome.
  7. Might want to post this in the preexisting thread on the run game. It is a pretty good thread with lots of great thoughts and opinions. Dive on in...
  8. The same WR that got into a fight with a kickers net?
  9. There is little doubt in my mind a good amount of the improvement is from him coming down.
  10. Quite a few of us still on 100%. Hey, where has wizard been ?
  11. Keeping in mind, every time the Skins have beaten us in the regular season we have gone on to win the Super Bowl. Just sayin'.
  12. 34-3 Eagles in the 4th. 9:30 on the clock. No need to cross your fingers at this point.