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  1. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25042590/packers-player-had-190k-357-grams-of-pot-on-him-when-arrested?v=1&vc=4 http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000468154/article/joseph-randle-arrested-for-marijuana-possession http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000468139/article/dqwell-jackson-arrested-charged-with-simple-assault I know you'll point out dqwell as a starter but ignore pierce being a former starter and played in the sb http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/17/us/nfl-jonathan-dwyer-alleged-domestic-violence/ So again we are Ravens fans and many live in n area where Ravens stuff is frequently reported so the tendency is to act like only that stuff gets on the news. That's false
  2. Assuming he was just a this string despite every year previously he was a second string rb is your first mistake And yes, as I pointed out az cardinals practice squad rb made news about his release for dv. Stop the bovine skat acting lie he media only reports negative stuff with the ravens. Its pathetic acting like the media only hates us and loves everyone else.
  3. That's negative. You hear about it but don't care because you're not a fan of the team or in the local market. There's been a few incidents with the cardinals that was reported involving guys in their 53 as well as practice squad players issues. But being that this is a ravens mb, ravens fans and a lot that live in Maryland there's nothing about the cardinal issues that anyone really cares about. This is similar with pretty much every team. In regards to some ravens stuff getting onto tmz its primarily because of the ray rice situation, how it was handled, and the fact that tmz obtained the video first. They also reportd slot of negative stories on sf that ended up not being completely true...
  4. Just think people need to look back at the Cowboys and how aikman said jimmy johnson gave a similar ultimatum about sleeping in meetings
  5. Tough to argue because accelerated cap hit prevents such a move too
  6. Nope. Because they are already free to cut you regardless. You know how we have 90men go into camp and 53 make the team. It's because they're allowed to cut you because they want to. If you recall jones was cut previously and it was simply because we wanted to. So where's the fuss in that?
  7. Yes he did and not because the arrest
  8. Agreed. Didn't expect him on the roster week 1 anyways. Just make the move now
  9. And thank you webb for the team friendly move
  10. Probably no different than some posts about ngata not taken one either
  11. On the app it makes it sound like a restructure may still happen. Also read on the espn blog (I think that's where I saw it). That we did pursue some other cbs but asking price was to high, We will make some cb moves just a matter of who/when
  12. I failed to realize that for a pay check people take an oath that they quickly forget? C'mon man not everyone who has ever taken the oath meant it. You're attempting to skirt reality with all your posting. What next, everyone who testifies in court under oath has told the truth? You're defending your profession and that's fantastic but don't act like everyone who enlists is a stand up individual or takes the oath serious. The term AWOL exists because people enlisted don't take their oaths seriously. People get court marshaled because they don't act like soldiers, cut the bs. Lardarius called out an individual (if you can call it a call out) not a profession.
  13. Yawn. Sorry but no just because he is enlisted he's not protecting my freedom. Having been around many many less than stellar soldiers et al they're not all protecting anything. As a 14 year vet you should know that there are many there that are actually a danger to you and your unit in case anything real happens. Saw too many that were strung out selfish [profanity deleted] that even those in their battalion acknowledged that if they were in a war zone would feel worried because of some of their fellow soldiers A lot of that is tied in to the age and the ease in which people can get into the armed forces and the way many grunts act. So again just because one respects the arms forces doesn't mean every one enlisted deserves respect or is protecting anything. And while you didnt say he deserves respect you trid to portray him as someone who is defending our freedom when in reality he can be just like a lot of grunts that are in for a paycheck because they didnt know what to do at 18. If you want to discuss this more I'd be more than happy to show you reference after reference of many of the bottom dwellers that got in and give others a bad name but its not my desire to put a black eye on the service as a whole I just think its absolutely ridiculous to act like everyone enlisted is protecting or freedoms or even have the desire to.
  14. If it was that big of a deal they could release him now and designate him as a post June 1st cut
  15. Just curious Have you ever worked with those enlisted? Having grown up in a military family and later working security at a club in the area has me understand that not everyone enlisted (regardless of where stationed) deserves respect.