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  1. So he left on his own. So it was his choice to come to Baltimore ra ther than stay in Houston. Thanks for negating your other posts
  2. OR texans didnt get rid of him and he was a free agent because he signed a one year contract with Houston
  3. Did I miss the post that said he would be better than them? Only comparisons made just so happen to have been in your post
  4. Then he won't see the field much.
  5. Earliest favorites were run dmc and fat boys. As a kid I couldn't go to sleep without super wolf or funky four plus one more and in the 90s it was anything from naughty by nature plus fresh prince and Jeff boom shake the room album. My only issue with rap today is money with no struggle. A lot of artist are eating well despite talentless and they don't respect anyone that paved the way.
  6. Love j5 and ozomatli first album. Saw em in concert in San Diego back in 98 at usd. Coolio was the headliner but got booed off stage after ozo killed it.
  7. Actually no. There'd be no reason to pay tremendously to any one player at qb if multiple players show the ability to excel for us and are available for us. It's why we didnt overpay Kruger
  8. Regardless of how it happens in order for tyrod to have a great year flacco was missing reps and picking up garbage time stats isn't going to lead anyone to calling his year great. As for injuries not coming back on the front office, you're wrong. If flacco gets hurt and tyrod plays significant snaps and does well It makes one question if we needed to truly pay flacco when we had a potential star on the bench behind him.
  9. Tyrod having a great year means flacco missed time so I'm not sure how that's truly in the best interest of the front office
  10. Early post in this thread acted like Mosley is our bowman but the report on why brown was taken last year was because he Reminded Ozzie of bowman. Fwiw bowman didnt play as a rookie and gradually improved into who he is now. So I look at Mosley as getting our Patrick Willis, the running mate to go with bowman for a few years. With Evans and Ebron off the mb this pick was one I liked
  11. Yep that's it...I'm following you everywhere!

  12. I'm better than you, my team is better than yours and my life is better than yours. Other than that I think you have alot going for you. LOL

  13. Coke is it but Sprite is Right!