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  1. wasn't around when you hitched! Congrats!!!!!!Hope all is well.

  2. I agree with you on corruption and immigration, but neither is the cause of our multi trillion whatever dollar deficit. PAC's and lobbying is basically legalised corruption so Im not sure how you would police that, but I do agree the stance on illegal aliens and immigration is too relaxed.

  3. I also don't believe in drivers licenses, health care, educational benefits, etc. for illegal aliens when we have tent cities full of homeless Americans and, as you said, Americans living in the woods.

  4. I do not believe in socialism. But I do believe in our Governments responsibility to help its people. I believe its in the constitution. And I believe in freedom of choice as well. I don't think capitalism is the problem, I believe it's our elected officials and decades of mismanagement and corruption.

  5. Oh, and freedom of choice.

  6. Ok I do believe in socialism, but only democratic socialism. It's become increasingly evident that the ever expanding divide between the haves and have nots is eventually going to lead to destruction.

  7. So what DO you advocate?

  8. I'll elaborate, I don't buy into everything the left does, I might watch some John Stewart but thats about it. My take is that it's capitalism that's destroying the country, but that doesn't mean I advocate socialism.

  9. clear you message box

  10. We definitely come from different worlds, I've seen with my own eyes entire families hiding and living in the Angeles forest, and it's not because of the current POTUS or universal health care.

  11. cont.. I'm sick of the lefts willingness to take from my hard working butt and giving it to those not willing to work or those here illegally. I don't listen to Fox much and I get my news from a variety of sources. I honestly haven't myself heard Fox report anything that wasn't true or at least didn't have a credible source.

  12. Dude, it's time to stop blaming the previous administration for Obama's failures. I'm so sick of hearing "Bu, Bu, Bu, BUSH!" and "Fo, Fo, Fo, FOX!" from the left by this point. Obama's approval rating was in the crapper because people need jobs and his health care plan is a financial killer to us all.