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  1. Regarding my time on here is the film "This is the End"...
  2. People in large cities should sieze the opportunity to view "Dhoom 3". It will change the way you look at Bollywood.
  3. I'm so confused by the WOWS talk... Anyway, check out the book.
  4. Keep your eyes out for the new Mandela movie.
  5. No one can stop MIA when Bosh is on a roll!
  6. I meant that no one's paying much attention to them except the critics. I have a policy of not watching any Timberlake movies, so no ILD for me.
  7. Has anyone seen dark horse critical successes "Nebraska" and "Inside Llewyn Davis"?
  8. So he's playing an abject failure?
  9. +35
  10. Wow, I didn't know you were so into r&b/soul.
  11. Geving's team gets another garbled victory.
  12. Try watching "her" and "Walter Mitty" in succession. 2 similar takes on the question of what consitutes reality and the power of the human spirit. Another surprising tie-in to this theme is "12 Years a Slave". Who or what is allowed to define reality and humanity? What is hope when faced w/ a seemingly indifferent universe?
  13. Ben Stiller, too. You interested in his new movie?
  14. 25-year old Brook Lopez has broken his right foot for the 3rd time and will miss the rest of the season.
  15. Empire of the Sun.