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  1. I really hope the Chris Matthews at 6'5 228 lbs get every chance to prove himself and be a valuable target.
  2. what if we trade Jimmy Smith and a 3rd pick. we could get him for around a million more than the Ravens pay Smith who has missed a lot of time it seems each season since he has been here. Just a wild thought.
  3. By trading Jernigan and a 3rd round pick we should have received their 2nd round pick. That would have shown the value. But only getting 3rd round pick in return does not show or feel like there is any value. Maybe the front office is planning to move up in the draft.
  4. I do not agree `giving up a 2nd round player and a 3rd round pick for only a 3 round pick in return. If I am not seeing the value please explain it to me.
  5. Sherman is not Raven material. He is to much self adsorbed and to much of a distraction. If we trade Jernigan it better be for a 2nd round pick or a player of equal talent.
  6. Ozzie said we aren't done making moves, so I wondering if we were bringing in players for visits, that's all. No big deal.
  7. just wonder with all the teams looking at players why we weren't this year. We have been pretty active this year where we usually aren't.
  8. Why are we not bringing in players for workouts like the rest of the league?
  9. With Jensen and Urschel in the lineup last year the offense struggled a lot.
  10. I hope we see a lot from Chris Matthews in training camp to give him a shot this year.
  11. I think Cordarrelle Patterson is a free agent, I don't think it would be a break the bank deal to get him to come to Baltimore. Besides Pryor, what free agent out there would help this team alot and not be a CAP issue?
  12. I would like if he was there at 16.
  13. I see that WR Andrew Hawkins asked for his release. at 5'7 and 180 lbs he could be a great slot/return guy and I don't think he would cost much. He could replace injury prone Campanaro. Mangold could be a nice change.
  14. Just moving coaches to different jobs is not much of a change, they still coach the same. A true coach change would mean to bring in someone new.
  15. work the slot, stretch the field and Salsa Dance.