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  1. "IF" Browns would take Flacco &our 16th for their 1st&33rd we could FIX defense and sign Kapernick or even Cutler as stopgap REBUILD decent team. Flacco & our 16th,74th for 1st&12th would be DREAM scenario.
  2. Maybe 6-10 if WE get very lucky early in the season. Pray Bears&Browns don't torch our secondary "if" we have Suggs lead us in sacks this year.
  3. Trade Joe Flacco to Browns "if possible" add our 16th pick for their 1st pick&their 33 pick. Get top,tip-top pass rusher can't miss and add CB at 33,still having #74N to get OL help & LB help.Sign Kapernick with less than 1/2 of Joe's cap space or even Cutler,sign free agents with Joe's cash. and wait for next year's QB rich draft get future QB. Would Cleveland be willing to get Flacco& still have the 12th&16th pick this year? Just asking......
  4. "IF POSSIBLE" can Ozzie trade Flacco,our 16th pick for Brown's #1! picks,then sign Kapernick or even Cutler as stopgap till next year's QB rich draft? #1 PASS RUSHER,CB at 33?
  5. Would Browns trade their 1st&12th picks to Ravens for our 16th&Joe Flacco? Ravens could use Joe's cap space to sign Kapernick or even Cutler as stopgap till even next year's draft to get a QB or us picking one this year in rd 2.
  6. Trade a tight end,use Waller as a BIG WR?
  7. Right tackle? Outside Linebacker? W/R? Decent pass rush to let Jefferson-Weedle tackle the receivers that get by our wounded CBs..................oops our one CB.
  8. Who blocks on the rgt side of the O-line?
  9. Come home Torrey,come home,ELITE JOE misses you,Kamir where you going?
  10. Resign Wallace at lower cap hit or go after Alshon Jeffery BUT get a line in front of Joe that holds as well as the Pat line does,run blocks and keeps Flacco on his feet long enough to throw the way we know he can.
  11. NO ...we need CB,WR,C more than RB heck a T would help unless in house help is hidden away.
  12. Gee.....we need O-line help if we are to run the ball WOW! Thank God we hired a new coach instead of a big center,tackle,guard. Flacco might be "elite" if he had time to throw,let's hire a new QB coach....or better yet a new WR coach instead of a route running YOUNG "elite" pass catcher.
  13. Perriman looks the part of a guy who never had to WORK to get open,no good route running ability and little or no desire(SO FAR SHOWN) to pay the price over the middle or come back to work open when Joe holds&holds the ball awaiting any receiver besides Pitta&Smith to keep moving.DESIRE how do you measure it?
  14. WOW,Browns get Greg Williams and John remains loyal to Pees,just what we needed more prevent victory safety oriented bend don't break mediocrity.
  15. Pees defense is OK until his prevent soft,lay back gets us beat. NEW BLOOD NEEDED we might be 9-7 next year but 6-10 more likely with John being loyal.