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  1. The basic point you miss is that if more of boldin's catches result in first downs or tds he's more efficient. Simply using ypc benefits the guy who IS NOT targeted on goal to go situations. That's not being more efficient it's being unreliable
  2. It still shows he was more efficient. You can't squirm, weasel, distort anything you want. Boldin was more efficient and numbers show it.
  3. Yeah because tds per reception wouldn't be used to discuss efficiency. Btw that's 1 td per 8 receptions by boldin last yr
  4. Yeah he'll duplicate the numbers he put up playing with Tom Brady.
  5. He may not have been cut then but a performance like he had that last yr and he wouldn't be picked up by anyone. Now we are a few years removed from his bad yr and he's a few yrs removed from playing. No team is going to pick him up because of that and not because they're still holding the dv against him. My questions to him him would be. If you're adamant you can play why not go north and showcase your pass catching and run after catch ability? Wouldn't that be the best way to show that you can still play?
  6. By saying he's being held hostage you're saying he should be released.
  7. Agreed. Rice was in decline mode and his last full season was statistically bad. Then you add time off on top of that. Yes he may be in good condition and still have muscle but so does Herschel walker and that doesn't mean he'd be productive. Peterson had 4.5ypc over 1200 yards and had over 2k the yr before that. People were already expressing doubt about rice before his suspension
  8. Ftr west rfa tag is 3x's what he just played for. He won't be done wrong by staying on the roster just because we get another rb.
  9. If they truly go after Peterson or Blount then may be. We did this with two RFAs earlier. To demand or suggest that it needs to be done at this point in time is pathetic as it's based of an article speculating that we may go after Peterson/Blount.
  10. If you don't care you wouldn't respond. You not knowing is obvious
  11. If released what's the odds he gets signed for the same amt or more left on his contract? he keeps his pay and goes to a system/coach who he's familiar with and wants him - win for him. Sf gets a player that fits their system and can contribute by just moving back in the 6th - win for them. We move a guy we were gonna cut and move up a bit in the 6th, which adds value in case of trading the pick. - win for us.
  12. Just because two separate players have declined doesn't make them equal. Their starting points and the amount they declined are independent of the other.
  13. Because there's 32 starting centers. 2 won't go because the sb so if enough opt out then yes the 16th rated center is bound to go. I mean we saw bridgewater and tyrod as pro bowl qbs too
  14. Just don't want it forced.
  15. As always best of luck to him