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  1. I don't know if I've ever appreciated Bisciotti as much as I do after that press conference. Also, I can't recall if he's ever done this in past years, but he specifically called people out - players and coaches alike - much more than I can remember, so it's good to see that level of accountability taking place, even if it's behind closed doors and we fans can't always see it.
  2. The silver lining in all of this. I'm not mad.
  3. Make up your mind son.
  4. What quarterback would play well behind this sickening offensive line?
  5. Agreed. He does a great job getting to the second level in the run game, but I hate seeing him get demolished by a defensive lineman in pass protection every now and then. He's a lot better going forwards than he is going backwards.
  6. Right, definitely understand your point. I'm just saying that I think the bad ones are due to the fact he's pretty much a rookie for all intents and purposes. A lot of the mistakes seem like things that he can correct once he gets some more experience in games to let the game slow down for him. Right now, I feel like he's in his own head on some of the dumb mistakes.
  7. I think it's a bit early to say that. Remembering that this is essentially his rookie season, I think that as his playtime continues to increase, the amount of positive plays he makes increases as well. I was certainly frustrated with him on that drop on the deep ball, and yes, he definitely should've gotten that second foot down on the overturned TD play, but I expect him to see more of the flashy plays we've seen out of him, and fewer of the stupid drops and other frustrating plays. He's basically a rookie, and I think that's what we're seeing out of him now until the game begins to slow down for him.
  8. Didn't agree with the call either. But the D still made the play to end the game.
  9. To come from behind after an abysmal first quarter, and then to hold strong and secure the win with a good enough defensive effort on that final drive says a lot. Yes, you can say it was against the Browns, and many things could've definitely gone much better. But this is exactly the kind of game we would've found multiple ways to lose last year, and this year we held strong, so I'll take the W.
  10. Those colors better pop like they do in that CJ Mosley ad. The versions in the team store look muted and bland.
  11. Obviously not. In a 4-3, Suggs and Dumervil would play DE.
  12. Yeah, its truly unfortunate. I think this would be a great market for an NBA team, the arena/stadium situation does certainly seem to be the biggest holdup.
  13. According to this chart from Football Outsiders, we were about middle of the pack (17th) in our opponents average starting field position per drive. Meanwhile offensively, we were 18th in time of possession on offense. These aren't great numbers, but I don't think our offense can be blamed quite as much for our 24th ranking in points allowed. I prefer to think our defense was simply bad when we faced good offenses, such as the blowout vs. the Seahawks, or at times even just average offenses, like when Josh McCown threw for over 450 yards on us. I do certainly agree that our offense could've done more to help out, and changes certainly need to be made there as well. But I think certain stats, such as the 8th in total defense, are quite deceiving. Our defense was all too often really bad.
  14. And I would argue that 24th in points allowed is the most important, and telling, statistic.