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  1. I would take the chance on bringing him back. He's 28 (or will be 29 I guess during the season) so still young, and got better as the year went on. As for affording him, we do have something going for us in that he was Jimmy Smith's high school teammate and best friend. He may want to stay here because of that and Jimmy may be able to convince him to take a reasonable offer to resign.
  2. Kamar Aiken put up more yards and TD's than he did this year. Aiken will do just fine in that role, either as a #2 guy or in the slot.
  3. Did what occur? You mean when they shut down AJ Green today (34 yards) and Antonio Brown (61 yards) last week? I thought Brown was the best receiver in the league and AJ Green was an elite guy for the Bengals? Seriously, that defense got better as the year went on.
  4. People are underestimating how good the defense got the second half of the season when they moved Webb into that FS/NC slot and put Wright opposite Smith on the outside. That secondary shut down two elite receivers the last couple weeks and held up nicely against some others. So maybe that 1st round pick can go toward a receiver or pass rusher. As for Joe, of course he is going to restructure. Everyone in the world knows this is happening. He's not going to hold the team hostage and no reasonable person thinks that is his mentality. Plus IIRC doesn't Rice and Ngata's contracts come off the books this offseason? We should be able to do something without the ridiculous prospect of cutting Justin Tucker or KO which I have read. Let's see what the state of the team is in a couple weeks before we go over the ledge that we're in a cap purge situation.
  5. I didn't take that the way you did. I took that as Mallet saying he couldn't speak for Joe.
  6. Those of you thinking Pees is definitely getting fired get ready for disappointment.
  7. Welp, that puts the nail in that season. Couldn't throw it to the fast guy on the outside?
  8. The one time that play to Juice works, LOL
  9. So we have gone from people complaining becuase Flacco doesn't get animated or hot on the sidelines. Now we are complaining because Mallett does? I don't get it?
  10. Clay needs to work on when to let the ball go this offseason.
  11. What colors? He's had two receivers drop first down passes, and he gave Givens a blitz signal and Givens kept running. What colors am I looking at? I'd hope he is frustrated.
  12. Givens needs to look with the blitz. Ugh.
  13. Mallett stood up to call at the line, how is that a false start? And there is Juice!
  14. Speaking of which, where is Juice today?
  15. Knew they were going to run it, and let it go for a touchdown. Wow.