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  1. Considering that they sent 20+ players to IR during the 2014 and 2015 season, last season was definitely MUCH better health wise for the Ravens.
  2. just reported that he had a diluted urine sample. So basically he failed his drug test, what impact it'll have nobody knows!!
  3. Barring any incidents or new revelations between now and Thurs, he's NOT falling out of the 1st round.
  4. We have 7 pics this draft. There's not that much trading back in the world to turn 7 picks into 13 picks. Nice try tho!
  5. To move up 9 spots in the first would take a king's ransom. Especially moving into the top 10. Also considering that we only have 7 picks this draft, there's no way in hell Ozzie could afford to make that type of trade.
  6. A drunken college jock who got in a fight. Yeah that's abnormal. /sarcasm
  7. I'm gonna have to disagree w/ you on this one. I'm pretty certain the Ravens FO changed their philosophy on drafting or signing FA's w/ character/off-field issues after the Rice incident. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a player w/ off-field issues that the Ravens have signed since cutting Rice.
  8. The Purple Reign Show's emoji for the Browns is just wrong! LOLOL!
  9. Don't know if it was asked already, but could they AT LEAST keep the weekly game threads open on the forum. ???
  10. don't know about the bye. But I remember one year that the Ravens 2nd game of the season was cancelled due to a hurricane. Since the NFL couldn't reschedule the game, they made week 2 their bye week. Ravens had to play 15 straight regular season games and I'm pretty sure they went to the playoffs that year. I think they played 16 straight weeks in a row.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if the NFL doesn't listen to the Ravens request and schedules the bye after the London game.
  12. There's no amount of training or conditioning that can prevent a high ankle sprain. Same for Flacco, there's nothing he could have done in the offseason to prevent him from blowing out his knee week 10.
  13. You can tell no one is running the forum or barely monitoring. Why is a LFW article in the Ravens Talk section?