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  1. With all the injuries, the linebackers were the ones that looked the weakest in coverage. The secondary seemed to get it together over the last month of the season.
  2. I am going to stay up to see the National Anthem at least. Hopefully, we get a top ten draft pick out of this miserable season.
  3. One thing that stood out on the Flacco Hail Mary pass at the end of the loss to the 49ers was that Gillmore was wide open coming up the field behind the play with everyone already deep in the end zone. I know that it would have taken an incredible pass and tons of luck to complete it, but what if we didn't just heave it up for the shortest receiver on the team?
  4. Draft another running back in 2016. Buck Allen looks good so far but depth is a good thing at a position where there is constant wear and tear. Meanwhile, I'll trust that the Ravens are looking around for that one guy who they could bring in to fill in.
  5. I would package A. Brown and a significant draft pick for Jeffrey.
  6. Perriman is a bust 1st round draft pick (See M. Clayton for reference).
  7. While Perriman is far from a bust at this early stage of his career we are growing beards waiting for him to take the field and show us something to convince us that we should have taken him over a safety or pass rusher in the first round.
  8. Z. Smith was a great draft pick who will develop into that player that we all look forward to cheering for on Sundays.
  9. I just don't see the line pushing as hard as they did in previous years.
  10. If the Bengals are clicking, then expect the Ravens to lose by 3 TDs. I have been very disappointed with them on both sides of the ball so far this season.
  11. Joe will be back on daddy duty soon after arriving home after the victory.
  12. The Philly birds handed to us for most of the game. I love the way that Terrell plays with intensity!
  13. Just back up the Brinks truck to Justin Tucker's door, Mr. B.
  14. How about leading the league in all-purpose yardage this year, too?
  15. Campanaro has an injury on the 1st day of voluntary OTAs. This will give other guys a chance to audition for the role of punt returner. It's possible that we keep a 7th receiver to return punts. I clearly see Buck being the receiving back to fill the role that Rice had previously in the backfield. If he can be the one with gifted hands and YAC, then he will be the favorite at 2nd rb.