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  1. Did Gilmore really have the excuse of being banged up this year? I know it was his excuse 2 years ago. I don't know ... he was a big time disappointment last year, so it is getting harder to get excited about him. Still, I'd like to see us try and work more with the young TEs. I grow weary of hearing about how Pitta led the world in receptions when it felt like 1/2 of them were generated in the worst game of the season last year v. the Bengals when it felt like he caught 20 balls for a total of 50 yards. Agreed, we likely will employ more 2 TE sets, especially with Juice gone. However, 6 TEs? Something has to give. No doubt the most confusing position group on the team.
  2. I agree - I think Lewis will not only work well at RT, but moving him there should make it easier/cheaper to find a replacement. Fundamentally, guards are cheaper than tackles. Unfortunately, Jensen looked anything but amazing last year. Huge disappointment. I honestly was surprised Lewis took what I thought was his job to lose. After seeing him last year, I'm extremely reluctant to see us planning to have him be our starting LG and I'd think the Ravens would be too. Lost a center, lost an RT and no one has come in to replace. The draft is weak at that position, so it is unlikely that we'd be getting a stud in the 1st round and unlikely that we'll find a late round gem if the overall class is weak. Sure, we might add a camp cut late, but right now this position group is very, very scary.
  3. Personally, not nearly as concerned about stoppage in play from commercials, as stoppage in play due to constant yellow flags ... especially ones involving two players who are out to kill each other saying something unkind after a play.
  4. He deserves every penny.
  5. Hurst is a starter? Well, I suppose at RT at least Joe will see the unblocked edge rusher before he gets drilled. At least that won't result in a strip sack. IMO we need more help on the O line than just getting a rookie center.
  6. So, our current O line would be Stanley, Jensen, Urschel, Yanda and Lewis - with Hurst and 3 potted plants as backups. Ozzie better be up to something.
  7. Worried about WR - perhaps more worried about O line
  8. Thanks for the update. Based on what I'd heard already, though, I'd already written him off.
  9. I would have thought Fluker would be a target for us ... not just because of the Bama thing. While we've lost an RT, my expectation is that we're going to move Lewis to RT and try to fill the guard slot via FA or draft. I'd have thought he'd be well worth bringing in. 1 year $3M is all he got paid by the Giants. Think we could have pulled that off. Perhaps he hasn't lived up to his college reputation, but man, who would he have to beat of for a starting job? Jensen? I am really anxious over this position group. Unless Roman is bringing a magic wand with him, that group is going to struggle badly if we don't bring in help. Yeah - there's a long way to go before camp, but limited options are dwindling.
  10. Still waiting for this bigger more physical O line we heard about: Lang - Rumored to 3 teams, none of which are us Fluker - Gone to the GIants (for a measly 1 year $3 M contract) Mangold is still in play, it would appear
  11. I've asked before and I haven't seen anyone provide an answer, but I'm concerned about the O line. Oz states we want to get bigger up front on offense. Harbs says we're going to build the best O line in the league. Oz yesterday says we're not done in FA and we'll be looking at WR and "maybe" O line. Maybe? We lose Wagner and DuCasse (ok DuCasse wasn't a huge hit, but he was starting at the end of the season). Subpar at C, lost our RT, little or no depth and MAYBE we'll be looking at O line in FA? By all accounts, the draft is very weak for O line and according to DeCosta is a "defensive draft". IMO it doesn't look like we can count on the draft to fill these holes - so, where are we going to get help up front? Who is in FA or who is likely to be a cap casualty who we can bring in?
  12. No - we're still here. Just a little less active than normal, I suppose. I've never been the most active mod anyway, but yeah, the thread went into the weeds there for a bit (in the wee hours, based on the post times). Looks like it is getting back on track ...
  13. I'm not sure if the young TEs have issues with catching the ball really or not. Williams has seemed to lack the physical maturity to be on the field, Boyle has spent so much time on the shelf with suspensions it is hard to tell what he can and can't do. I don't know what to make of Gilmore ... so may health issues, but last year when he was on the field he was invisible. One of the biggest disappointments of the season, IMO.
  14. If we draft a TE I'm going to stroke out.
  15. I have to believe this move is going to necessitate the release of Watson. I just can't see us keeping them both, unless we have zero faith in the young guys. That would be a shame, since we expended quite a bit of draft capital in this position.