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  1. It seemed like he was a sure-fire 1st rounder ... possibly even a top 15 pick. No more. I mean, to even spend a 3rd on him is a risk ... he could be poof gone. Who knows, but the timing on this just feels like a shakedown. But teams can't be so cavalier in their evaluation of the situation. I've no idea how a front office is supposed to sort such a thing out, but my sense is that the Ravens will play it safe and take the guy off their board.
  2. If they do that will be a great start to the draft. That would move us toward the dream scenario of 3 QBs taken in the top 15.
  3. I anticipated that the Eagles were going to go for Conley. I guess I have to amend that pick. No way after the news. Not really happy about that ... just means they're picking someone else that we may have wanted. One fewer person pushed down the board.
  4. Well, its settled then .. a WR it is!
  5. I just think that would be absolutely stupid for the Browns to take Trubisky with the #1 overall. They can get their QB with their second pick. If they are in love with Trubisky and they think SF is going to take him, then perhaps it makes sense. I'll love it if his name is called first.
  6. I know I was thinking the same thing. The key here is whether or not Marriotta can stay healthy and be at least a solid franchise QB. If he can be that, with the picks they've been making of late and with the picks they currently have, I firmly believe you are looking at the odds on favorite to dominate that division for the next 5 to 10 years.
  7. That would be fine by me, because I don't think we want him.
  8. I'd suspect they take Garrett at 1 and try to move up from 12 to get Trubisky. The question is whether they'd need to jump the Jets to get him. If so, trading with TEN at #5 is going to be pretty costly, but I think they've got a wealth of picks to make that happen. Of course, that doesn't work if SF is bent on taking him. I just don't think they are. I'm getting excited by the talk of potential run on QBs in the top 15. 3 QBs in the top 15 would be absolutely brilliant. Between CLE, SF, NYJ and either BUF or ARZ ... it certainly is possible, despite all the QB evaluators saying that none of them are worth it. Three in the top 15 will push someone awesome to us (of course, we'll probably still trade back and pick an O lineman!)
  9. ... and the variance may be even greater when it comes to what fans think. All I'm saying is for a fan on the boards to call another fan crazy because they are holding out hope that a guy like Williams falls to us ... when a fair number of analysts are predicting it ... is a little condescending. On TEN...I do think you have a good point. I see it as a possibility that Williams goes 5, but it would probably be safer to mock one of the safeties to them (which IMO would be Hooker, as I think that Adams is going #2). I don't view Ross in the same category as Williams or Davis, because he's a different kind of player and also comes with injury risk. While what is contained in the link below could be smoke screen, I tend to think it is real: I think TEN could be one of the teams that would not view him as a desirable option and the likelihood that Davis or Williams would be there at 18 is low. To me - if they pick safety at 5, they will need to get their WR option later in the draft and would not use 18 to do it. Personally, I hope someone takes him ahead of us or that TEN stays away from WR, because I don't think he's the guy we need. What I also think is a distinct possibility is that TEN ends up trading out of their #5 pick if someone is really interested in jumping the Jets for a QB. If they fall back to 10 or 12, that will garner a lot of draft capital for TEN and picking Williams there would make sense. Of course, they may be passing on a generational type player at safety ... but that's the stakes in the draft and no one has a crystal ball.
  10. Well - given that in all the national mocks I've seen, Williams has been selected by us more than any other team, there are clearly a significant # of analysts that believe it is possible that he falls to us. So naturally, people are going to think we maybe have a shot. I tend to agree with you - as a matter of fact, I'm thinking he's going to TEN at #5, but I haven't seen but a couple analysts who agree with that. No reason though to act like there is something wrong with anyone who is still hopeful.
  11. Especially if it is the Eagles, as we will be SOOO close ... but I suspect he'll be gone before that.
  12. Well, one of the things that had Davis sliding as far as 16 is concerns around his ankle ... he's clearly trying to allay any fears and, if he does so, may mean he'll be gone before we're on the clock. Given that Ross (who I don't think we have any interest in) is sliding doesn't help. I'm steadily convincing myself that we'll not be nailing either Williams or Davis and we'll be going O line, either by standing pat if there is a guy we really value above the rest, or trading back if we have 2 or 3 guys that we feel are comparable in that position group.
  13. I don't know. The off the field stuff is starting to pile up. The latest being a failed drug test. 10 years ago, maybe not a big deal, but the league is so draconian on their punishments for missteps, that teams are going to really start questioning investing a top 10 or 15 on the guy. Honestly, since I'm bent on other players being a better fit, I won't mind seeing him come off the board ahead of us.
  14. I've seen a significant increase in the number of mocks that have us taking him at 16. What concerns me is that the vast majority of other mocks I see where we go a different direction ... Robinson doesn't even appear in the first round. What is or is not a reach depends on how things pan out for the selected player (which we won't know for a couple years) and whether that player would have been taken next or wouldn't have been taken for another 20 picks (something we can never know). Nonetheless, based on conventional wisdom, that selection will feel like a reach.