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  1. We can't do a post June cut where half the dead money goes into the following year so this was out work around.
  2. Not matching Thompson or Compton
  3. On our spreadsheet do we treat lost rfa as trades?
  4. Was offered picks for both and turned them down. Should have forseen this happening and upped my tender
  5. Anyone looking shot of starting overpaid qbs hit me up
  6. For the sake of saving a star each on will Compton and Chris Thompson I've just lost them for a combined 5th round pick. Knew I should have went to the second rounders
  7. Just realised the Phil Taylor on my roster is former browns first round pick Taylor. I know he hasn't played in a while but at 450k washington can't go wrong at that
  8. Redskins cuts: Isaiah Williams WR Kendal Thompson WR Wes Saxton TE Pete Robertson ILB Shakiel Randolph S Ronald Patrick C Kevin Bowen T
  9. Is it even applicable? Aren't we in a locked state?
  10. Game was locked before this took place. Not relevant to our game
  11. This. They have to ink him long term. If they don't they'll forever be in the gutter
  12. Your excel sheet effectively will have every single transaction
  13. Gauging interest in the 2nd pick of the draft. Wouldn't want to move out of top 10. Hit me up
  14. Interested in the following postions: Interior o and d line Rb Wr Mlb Safety All levels of players considered
  15. Deangelo hall CB/S 4.5 stars Colt McCoy Qb 3 stars Niles Paul TE 2 stars All on the block. Looking minimal compensation.