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  1. Upshaw was loved by virtually everyone but me. Even when around January he was touted as a top 10 pick I still said he would bust
  2. Trade back and cam Robinson
  3. What the hell are you talking about? We don't give up any home games at all let alone one to Pittsburgh
  4. Without the injury history hed be the first wide receiver off the board I think
  5. Justice for the families of the other deceased. Albeit he wasn't found guilty
  6. It was one poster. Not the site
  7. Would like to change mine. Preference davis Prediction huge trade back and pick a cb
  8. In a game the qb couldn't hit a barn door? Think Ross scored that game as well
  9. John ross. Could be unplayable. Think Jimmy could handle davis and Williams quite well
  10. Gordon mcguiness drafting for the ravens from pff. Noted raven fan. Traded back twice and picked up 2 extra thirds (I think we will trade back) and picked him tim williams. Wish he used those thirds to move up into another high second
  11. Tongue in cheek. Don't get your panties in a twist
  12. Davis Webb goes day 1
  13. Of course he did
  14. Stop stealing my guy
  15. Are you seriously criticizing flacco for the td pass to Jones against Denver on 4th down, after have to step up into the pocket to avoid a sack from dummerville and the preceding to throw it 60 odd yards down the sideline (probably 80 when you take into account trajectory) that beat the 2 deep safeties? Ha Haha Ha