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  1. Good pick on reynolds. He was my number two guy. Rmw can back me on that.
  2. You don't need to worry about that 1/28
  3. Who can I leave my pick with?
  4. Personally think Davis webb s the best qb in this class and would love the ravens to take him in the 4th
  5. 4.3 Washington pick qb davis webb, cal
  6. Yea but no one listens to you because you take the hate to another level
  7. @Sami84 is already making friends on RSR.
  8. I want to trade up into here someone. Pm me
  9. Trade to me? 4.6
  10. Want to trade up again. I have round 4.6
  11. Want to trade up again. I have round 4.6
  12. There goes my trade up target in King
  13. Truth has permission to make a trade and pick on my behalf tonight if player is on the Board still
  14. @ludy51 round 7 pick 2 is mine. 5.17 is yours according to Walter football
  15. @rmw10 did I read something about me losing picks or something along those lines?