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  1. Oh they were. That's why I think not having reports on his "drops" is important, especially if it translates to pads. That means a huge talent fell to us at 26...again
  2. The best news: Not a report on drops from Perriman.
  3. Can't wait to actually see Hill and Jimmy Smith play at the same time. Two talented guys that are huge for the secondary.
  4. Ranking him at 10-12? I would love to hear who's ahead of him. Ranking him in the playoffs? #1. Prove me wrong.
  5. Settled soon? This gets settled late August for the official 53-man roster.
  6. Joe cures that by winning another ring and Superbowl MVP. We get to the playoffs, January Joe takes over. At this point I refuse to read anything titled "Quarterback Rankings".
  7. Thank you JJ. Out of all the sweet moments you gave us, I'll always love the play where you floored Whines Hard (Hines Ward) with that nasty block back in 2011.
  8. Love the confidence Walker-Texas Ranger.
  9. Should be a fun one to watch. It's a good thing for the d-line with Demarco Murray running against them.
  10. An absolute joy to watch him play. The last chance I got to see him play was in Denver 2012. Happy retirement, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.
  11. Saw him a little on local television here in Colorado. He's big all around. Ideal size for a tight end but I didn't really see him enough due to slim pickings on offense. Small sample, but I think he'll be okay. Blocking first and then mold him into a match up nightmare.
  12. CJ can immediately step into either Mike or Will with Daryl Smith. Arthur Brown isn't ready and we saw that Josh Bynes and McClellan can fill in in a pinch, not as starters. If Rolando McClain hadn't retired, I could see us taking Clinton-Dix or Pryor easily. That didn't happen, but we got a nice ILB in exchange. As far as playmakers on offense, I can see us taking advantage of Marqise Lee slipping out of the 1st or waiting on Jordan Matthews or Cody Lattimer to groom while Smith(s) and Marlon Brown are our core receivers. I agree with you on the need for a Free Safety but I'm willing to wait and see who we pick in the second and third rounds.
  13. I like the pick. It gives Arthur Brown less pressure and more time to develop into a well rounded ILB while Daryl Smith and CJ Mosley take charge.