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  1. Colts LB Jelani Jenkins 0.5 stars
  2. Colts LB Zach Vigil 0.5 stars
  3. Colts LB Lawrence Timmons 1 star
  4. Colts LB Brock Coyle 0.5 stars
  5. Welcome to the Colts. Welcome to the Colts. Mr. Irsay says don't drink and drive tonight while we wait for the Seahawks to decide.
  6. Indianapolis Colts cut: LB Josh McNary, saving 2 stars on the cap
  7. Colts OT Chris Hubbard 5 Stars
  8. That is clever of you, @52520Andrew, to not join the game initially but wait for someone to inevitably drop out and then take over the team you like the best so you're not theoretically taking the last pick this time. Pretty sly move there, if I do say so myself. I see you, Andrew, I see you.
  9. Colts S Steven Terrell 2.5 Stars
  10. Colts OT Chris Hubbard 4 Stars
  11. Colts P Dustin Colquitt 1.5 Stars
  12. Colts P Shane Lechler 0.5 stars
  13. So a slightly off topic but on topic question here but I need some people to contact me. I'm likely going to make an application for this game and I'd like input on what you want in the application
  14. Yeah I don't get the Humphrey hate. He's a good CB. He frustrates me at times because he gets too grabby and I've seen him get a little too undisciplined but he's got talent and could be a great pro.
  15. Colts aren't desperate to trade anyone but we're like 7/11..."we're not always doing business but we're always open." Lol. Anyway, message me if interested in trading. I'm mostly interested in draft picks since I'm light on those. I'm flexible with who is and isn't available but don't come at me asking for Luck, Castonzo, Moncrief, Hilton, Davis, Geathers or Anderson. I actually know something about the Colts and know them nearly as well as the Ravens because my best friend is unfortunately a fan.