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  1. It's probably incentives he earned back after taking a pay cut last summer. They charge the incentives to the following year.
  2. I'm not sure without looking but if I had to guess it would be because Carr took a pay cut last year so maybe that pay cut allowed him to earn back his money and then some with incentives a la Dennis Pitta
  3. The only time FA signings don't count is if they are cut FA. If the Cowboys cut Carr that would be different. Wagner is an URFA, and so is Dumervil; however, Wagner had his contract expire while Dumervil was cut. Dumervil, if he signs elsewhere, will not count but Wagner does
  4. Forgot all about Aiken, but I guess you can't blame me lol. Hopefully he does the team a solid and signs with another team while it counts and helps us get a 4th or 5th round comp.
  5. Yep and unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone will sign Powers so he won't count as a FA lost. We retained Levine so we're going to be light on comp picks again. While this sucks I think it's good because you need to address the problems on this team and we're not talented enough to not participate in FA right now. We're getting closer though
  6. Yep confirmed
  7. I got a good deal for Allen so I took it lol. I was supposed to be done with this game. I should be after this. I have no other pieces I can trade
  8. I am if you're looking to trade back.
  9. Looking to trade as high as 2.24 and 4,3 take me. If anyone wants to trade back I am looking to trade up with these picks.
  10. Confirmed i exercise my special cut rule thing on Allen
  11. Wow. Have we ever done that before with an RFA? That's the first from what I recall. I don't remember us doing that in a long time if ever.
  12. I guess this ends my involvement in this game this year but that was the plan I had and it's why I was willing to sell the farm for Myles Garrett. I simply have too much going on in my life right now and I didn't want to quit so I just figured it was better to trade all my picks for one guy rather than stalling this game. If this is our last game it was fun and I blame JO for taking the Ravens. Garrett should give JAX, HOU, TEN nightmares all year with my improved defense that should be more opportunistic and put Luck in better position to win
  13. With the 1st pick in the 1st round of the 2017 Forum Mock, Jim Irsay selects... Jim Beam, Bourbon, Kentucky I mean, the Colts select... Myles the "T-Rex" Garrett, Pass Rusher, Texas A&M
  14. Colts confirm and will lose a star on Dorsett in the trade
  15. I think this is better timing. Never a good time to close the forum and I still think that the rationale to close it is a bit weak but this is the organization's decision and clearly not the fans and I don't think the fans were really considered in making this decision. I appreciate the Ravens' willingness to be flexible with their original timeline.