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  1. You did a nice job here and I like how you predicted Davis as our pick since I think it's a real possibility. Personally, I think our first pick is between WR Davis, OLB Chris Harris or a higher rated guy who slips, CB Humphrey or a higher rated guy who slips. If Allen or Howard somehow fall, I can guarantee they will be Ravens. Other than that, I think it'll be one of those 3. Williams is a good pass rusher and I've been hard on him for his bad angles to the QB and leaving his lane of responsibility but he's fast and has shown commitment to getting better. I think it could be him, Watt, Rivers or Bowser as our second round pick unless we go OLB in the first. I like Bisnowaty, and the other picks are okay. It's hard to project those late round guys because those are usually small school colleges and obscure players or guys who fall further than they should. I wonder if King will be there but other than that it all makes sense and this is an especially good DB draft so he can fall through the cracks. The real question is whether we go after a top guy in a loaded class at that position, or whether we attack a top guy at a weak position group in hopes of gambling later. I'd prefer to go after the best talent and not try to fill holes with mediocre talent.
  2. Not sure why this is getting hate. This is a pretty good mock draft. I like Humphrey and while there were others on the board I would've taken over Humphrey I still like the pick. Lawson is an injury concern but there's no denying him in the second and then Elfein is a HUGE get for me. I love that pick. Juju is okay not bad at all. I like what you did here
  3. I would be disappointed if we took Cam Robinson but I don't think we will. FWIW, it's not because I think Cam is or will be a bad player; rather, it's because we took a LT high last year and he's certainly not even close to being my favorite OL in the first. I'd rather take Lamp way before Robinson.
  4. Whoa. This may be brilliant--let's give the Ravens a taste of what they'll get via social media lol
  5. This is priceless
  6. Jason Verrett, Brandon Flowers, Antoine Winfield, Chris Harris Jr are all very close to Young in height.
  7. I agree with this. I think you're exactly right with your guess here. I don't think a pass rusher will be there worth the first round pick and I think we'll see a WR we like a lot that's available. I don't think we necessarily need to replace Jernigan early. That's true but that's where you use your rotation. Jernigan is arguably a more complete player and Pierce looked good rushing the passer at times but I have no idea how he'll hold up in that role permanently. I don't know if we even intend to replace Jernigan with Pierce. Could be Kaufusi, Urban, Pierce or Henry or maybe Davis. Henry makes sense from a quick glance but he needed work so hopefully he's made big strides I think we're moving to more consistent use of the 4-3 alignment and I wouldn't be surprised if we drafted a safety and used Tony Jefferson as a pseudo LB at times in a 4-3. I think it makes sense to have two run stuffing big bodies at interior DL in Williams and Pierce inside to keep Mosley and especially Correa clean from blocks to makes plays.
  8. If I recall correctly, I remember us showing a lot of 4 man front looks last year where we used Williams and Pierce as interior DL. Perhaps that's the plan and it's why we let Jernigan go due to the numbers game and his inconsistent play. I'm with you here in finding this move questionable but I guess we'll see if it was good or not soon enough. The team better nail this draft because the FO has made some slightly questionable decisions
  9. I'm not. I'm only telling you what you said and you threw praise his way.
  10. You were definitely a fan of Davis.
  11. I think the issue here is the swap more than it is the trade. If we got a pick without giving up a pick and Jernigan then I think there would be more love for the move. People praise Belichick for making moves like this and this is that type of move. We dropped him while his value is at its highest. I'm not a fan of the move honestly because I'd like to keep the DL intact since we've lost guys at virtually every level of the defense this year and have a shakeup already but have only added to that.
  12. What's ironic is Sami raved about Davis after we drafted him so I guess the Great Sami messed up, too.
  13. Lots of replies here so I'll just say I'm replying to all those above. First, Anderson. I think Williams is certainly more explosive and bends better than Anderson but the problem I see with Williams is he takes himself out of the play and overpursues just like I've seen in guys like Smith. That will kill him at the next level. I may be too picky about it but that will be a major issue. Also, his character concerns are very concerning. This is why I like Anderson more for us than Williams. A prospect may have more potential than another, as is the case with Anderson and Williams, but Anderson could easily outperform Williams as a pro because talent and potential can only reach the level the prospect desires and that's where I love and hate Williams. He showed commitment to get his weight up and improve from last year but these drug issues...I just don't know what to think there. As for Barnett, yeah, he's certainly not as slow as Upshaw but he's not considerably faster than him either. Don't get me wrong he may be able to be a great player at the next level but when I watched him really closely I saw a guy who was good at timing the snap of the ball more than I saw a guy who exploded to the ball. Derek Rivers is a guy I really like but not as a 1st or 2nd round pick. If we're talking Kaufusi then okay but I would be very hesitant to make him Correa. He's extremely explosive and bends better than given credit but I think his hips are a touch stiff but I'm not too worried about that because this guy could replace Suggs if he puts it all together. As @BmoreBird22 said via Miller, I definitely agree with those sentiments and see him as a third round pick. I'd trade up to get him but I see him in that round.
  14. Barnett does a lot of things really well but my issue with him is his explosiveness. I really wonder how effective he will be in the NFL as a pro because I see a guy who is just really good at timing the snap but when I saw him focusing on rushing the passer I felt like he was slow to get off if he couldn't time the snap well. I really see a guy who reminds me a lot of Upshaw here in Barnett in terms of explosion off the ball. Obviously he's not Upshaw at all just in that way he reminds me of him Yeah the thing with Harris is his how well he does things besides his patented moves to rush the passer. I feel like he's a guy who could be mentally shutdown by a good LT who beats him early and takes him out of the rest of the game. And yeah Lawson would be in contention as the #2 OLB if he wasn't injured so much. I just worry about that guy because those injuries in college are a big red flag. Will these continue as a pro? And your opinion on Barnett is very similar to mine. I think he'd be a good SAM but this team needs a RUSH LB who can really explode off the ball. Yeah I like Anderson better than his teammate, Tim Williams. I think he's faster off the ball, has better instincts, and plays the run better. I think Williams has more upside but I think Anderson has plenty of that, too. I really think he's just a better prospect I am most concerned about whether Barnett can consistently apply pressure on the QB because I don't see the explosion necessary to be an effective #1 OLB for a team. I like Barnett but I want to see him explode off the ball but he just times the snap well but that won't work as a pro. Harris has his issues but he explodes off the ball but his hips are a bit eh with his bend and Lawson explodes and has decent bend but he has an injury history as long as my arm. We don't need more guys who can't be available for games. I think my favorite OLB for us are Ryan Anderson and Derek Rivers, but I really do like TJ Watt but injuries and explosion issues are there, too.
  15. I would definitely agree with this. I just don't know what to think of Barnett. I really like him from a standpoint of technique and bend but I do not see the explosiveness in him I want to see. I think he is slow off the ball and I am legitimately worried he could be similar to Upshaw as a pass rusher. I just don't know if he can win in the NFL with his jump off the ball. As for Williams, I like him but I don't even know about him, either. He extends himself too much and goes too far up field at times and really takes himself out of the play. He's fast but I think Anderson may actually be quicker off the ball and therefore more explosive despite what I think should be true.