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  1. I'd be excited about either (depending on who else we may have passed up) but i dont have them quite that close. With Williams id feel 100% confident we just added our Mike Evans, Dez Bryant, Deandre Hopkins etc... Davis id be optimistic that we drafted someone who could eventually have an Andre Johnson type impact. Both great... but id feel certain about the former, and hopeful about the latter.
  2. Williams has that unstoppable factor. Some of the catches on his tape im watching and like.... ok no way he can come down with it in that triple coverage while getting absolutely blasted by the safety... then the dust clears and there he is with the football. He just doesnt need to do all of those things (at least hasnt yet). Hes never covered. His body control and hands are unreal. Has that Dez, Julio, Green, Nuk thing going for him where when you need a play, and the defense even know you need a play and are going to him -- he still makes the play. Plus, hes done it against the best. Time and time again. All the top DB's that everyone loves in this draft; that everyone says are Day 1 starters and potential pro bowlers -- Williams has beat. Sometimes easily. And Williams may have looked like a faster better route runner on tape if the majority of his tape was against the level of competition Davis faced. Our perceptions are often based on a comparison to what we see around the player. Easier to jump off the screen, easier to look faster, smoother, etc... against lesser athletes. Davis may have a higher ceiling bc hes more advanced in some of the technical stuff while having the same, if not better, physical measurements.... but hes also got the lower floor having not been challenged much by a high level of competition. Williams not only produced against the best -- he got better in the biggest moments. To me -- thats huge and may be the biggest distinction. Some guys just get better and better, the better/harder the competition is and the brighter the lights get.
  3. Same here.
  4. Thats OL territory. Bad, bad bad.
  5. Yea i think he had offseason surgery, actually multiple surgeries... and then hurt his back and maybe had shoulder issues?? He was definitely hurt a good portion of last year.
  6. enough with the spelling man. We get it, we all know who PFT is. Not only has that ship sailed, when youre going out of your way to purposely misspell stuff (and not just making mistakes by typing quick) and spending more time to do it --- its not funny or cool. If thats your schtick and you think its funny, have at it. But making up a "character" of sorts when posting on something like this is already anonymous -- whats the point? Anyone who knows how to use the brevity, and is also smart enough to know the root of it is brief... isnt this bad at spelling. Not fooling anyone... so you can give it up now. idk why i waste the effort. just blocking from now on.
  7. I would actually be really happy with this draft. I have Harris as my 4th pure edge rusher behind Garrett, Barnett, and Williams.... so snagging him in the 2nd would be awesome. Getting Sidney Jones at that point would be a steal, Elflein in the 4th would be great value - hes the type of physical presence inside that we need; and his versatility is a big bonus. Howard Wilson has all the raw traits you want in a shutdown corner. Needs some refining, but he could develop in to a long time starter, and could give us depth year 1 while Jones recovers. Not a huge fan of Brown... would probably prefer a developmental OL, WR or RB at that point - taking a shot on a guy like Tarik Cohen if hes there..... but i dont hate it. I just dont know how realistic this is. I have seen more people mocking Harris to the 2nd, though i dont think itll happen; but its not out of the realm of possibilities. but i cant see Jones falling to the end of the 3rd, Elflein still being there in the 4th, and i also think Wilson goes a rd or 2 ahead of the 5th.
  8. Playing a team every year, twice a year is much different than facing them once in a while. Idk why this is going this far. The original point was simple. It wouldn't be as easy for the Pats to go 12-4 every year if they played in the AFCN. Could they? Yea. Would they some years? Sure. That's not the point. Were talking about a span of over a decade at this point. Playing in a much tougher, more physical division is going to make a difference. 1-2 loss difference every other year and their playoffs aren't as guaranteed. Even if they win as many games... facing harder fought, closer divisional games has a cumalitve effect over time. Thats all. The pats would be a great team no matter what. Maybe the greatest dynasty in sports history. So comparing what they do and making it an expectation for your own team is stupid. But playing in a tougher division would make the job harder. Idk how anyone could argue the AFCE has been even close to the AFCN over the past decade with how bad those teams have been for so long and how often we've sent 2 and even 3 teams to the playoffs. Youre trying to complicate this with specifics and semantics when the point is very simple and very clear. It'd be more difficult. Doesn't mean they'd struggle to make the playoffs. It'd just be harder to do so as easily as often. And taking away just 5-6 wins over a decade could be the difference in losing 2-3 first round byes. So that means having to play an extra playoff game in 2-3 of their runs which could easily be the difference between 5 Super Bowls and 3.
  9. He'll be in the mix for both I imagine. Hiltons the de facto #1. but then Montcrief and Dorsett have been mediocre to disappointing. So Aikens got a shot at starting for sure. Theyve also lost two TEs that Luck liked to use in recent years in Fleener and Allen. Luck does a good job at spreading the ball around and hitting you if you're open and it's a pretty high volume passing offense... so there's some targets definitely up for grabs there and he's got a much better chance at becoming a #2 there than he did here.
  10. You honestly think so? Cant see Barnett getting past NO at latest and Foster past Cinci. Id wager pretty darn good money neither falls to 16.
  11. We almost gave up our entire draft for Mack a few years back. So maybe not as isolated as we think. If a guy they think is near the #1 talent in the draft and he's falling they'll be on the phone to see what it'd take. The price ultimately will determine if its realistic or not. Barnett I think would be a real option for this type scenario. I could see Mike Williams being another. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised - though Def more of an outside chance - if Adams/Hooker or Fournette were that kind of prospect for them. Not needs but we usually know when a guy is a generational talent. And I could see them viewing any one of them that way.
  12. Kiper at least used to seem like he had some reliable intel into our FO's draft board. Lately he's been clueless though. Actually in fairness I think last year he was one of the first ppl that had us taking Stanley over Tunsil. Could be wrong on that though. But that Barnett comment just made him lose all credibility to me. He's closer to being a real consideration for the 1st overall pick than he is realistically falling to 20. If he's there at 16 our pick is in. Suggs falling to us v2.0.
  13. Yea I've seen a lot of ppl overlook Toth but I actually like him 2nd in terms of pure C prospects for us. I don't know that Pocic would be a good fit here with his height, and he's not a physical run blocker. Could see big DTs getting underneath him and knocking him off balance all day.
  14. He also said this morning on the radio that Barnett wouldnt be great value for the Eagles at 14 (i live in philly market) and will probably go in the 20's somewhere, that Cook is prob a 2nd round talent.... that White will 100% be the 2nd CB off the board, Conley is the 3rd and that Reddick is a near sure fire Top 10 pick (starting to feel this isnt as ridiculous as some of the others). I just feel like the media guys are more all over the place on prospects than in other years. Theres always differing of a opinion... but its usually not as drastic as this. Barnett in the 20's? How do u look at him and see late 1st?