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  1. It makes it more fun and engaging. And this draft theres easily 15-20 prospects I really like in the 1st round range. Chances are good we get at least one. Plus it adds to the drama... understanding why it's a shock when a team picks a certain guy. and you feel good when you nail a prospect that maybe the media wasn't as high on or vice versa when you don't like a prospect that everyone seems high on. Plus as a coach i love evaluating athletes, team building, projecting skill sets, etc.... Its a lot of fun. And loving certain prospects gives another angle for watching the other Nfl teams play. Tracking the guys you liked to see if they pan out and what not.
  2. If you haven't listened to the most recent Lounge Podcast I'd advise you do so. They sat down with Decosta... and while he didn't give too much away obviously there were some interesting nuggets. At one point they talked about how early on in the process CB seemed like the obvious choice in the 1st rd but now much less so especially with the depth. Decosta said that an inability to cover people on Defense is the #1 way to lose games... and if someone is on the board that they think can be an elite cover guy they would have a very very hard time passing that up. They asked about Corey Davis and how him not working out effects the evaluation... and he said obviously it's a bit more tough when you don't have all the info -- and then there was this almost awkward pause where it seemed like Decosta was going to say something but then caught himself, before finishing by saying "but he's a very good player. We like him." @JoeyFlex5 adding fuel to your conspiracy. And they asked him about his ability to predict who were going to pick. Has he made his prediction yet?? As I was listening I said out loud that I've got it down to about 5 players. Decosta said he's got it done to 5 players. Hoping we're thinking the same 5. Check it out guys.... it's actually a really good episode. Usually don't get that personal insight into Decosta. Really cool. Side notes -- it's actually funny too as Decosta talks about the pranks he pulls around the Castle. Also explains why he's turned down GM offers. Awesome and makes me proud to be a Ravens fan and that he's one of our guys. And keep an eye out... next episode is Joe Hortiz, so should be some interesting nuggets on that one too.
  3. With the 18th pick the Tennessee Titans select: Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama After grabbing an offensive weapon at 5 they grab their future #1 CB who will partner with Ryan for a formidable tandem. They were tempted by John Ross but went with a more sure thing.
  4. My advice would be to, come week 5 feature Dixon. Run behind that boy.... he will carry 4-5 defenders on his back if needed at times. And hes a threat out of the backfield. Get on his back and take it to the playoffs. Commit to it and dont look back. Oh and get some big nasties up front.
  5. did u have to find this? Was starting to accept that he probably wont be there.... Now im getting all worked up again.
  6. Or scaring the Browns into trading up to their pick so they can grab 12 and 33 plus.
  7. 1. Pass Rush 2. C (which i think comes in FA), so RT 3. WR 4. CB depth, future starter 5. LB 6. Depth everywhere
  8. With the 2nd pick the 49ers select: Jamal Adams, S LSU
  9. So what happened with Jourdan Lewis? I know there was an incident that allegedly involved domestic violence, but anyone know the specifics? I know what our stance is on that, but im wondering if maybe Jim Harbs gave him a recommendation or a green light on his character - whether we'd make an exception... Probably not... but man, with how low he's seemingly dropped in pretty much everyones opinion -- i would absolutely love to grab him late if everything checks out. I never really studied him bc of the red flag and figured he'd be off our board... but just watched him last night and today - and that kid can ball. He'd be an absolute STEAL in the 4th-6th. Tough as nails and has the swagger/attitude we havent had as much of lately.
  10. Man.... all these guys.
  11. Im actually starting to think that the interest and reported intrigue with Cam Robinson is a smoke screen. I find it odd that if we were serious about taking a RT in the 1st, why would Cam be the only one we've shown interest in? No Ramczyk, Bolles, or Lamp for that matter?? Yet at WR we met privately with all 3 top guys. At pass rusher we've privately met with or worked out Reddick, Tim Williams, Taco, Takk, etc.. But not OL. Thinking that could be Ozzie recognizing that Denver or NYG could covet Cam and recognizes they're maybe his best or only possibility to trade back. So, to keep that door open he's feigning serious interest. Of course it could be that he knows they could move up but like Bolles or Ram better, so theyre doing the homework on Cam as a potential pick if they do that trade back. Hate this time of the year. These last cpl days are maddening.
  12. I thought of a little less freaky/long Dion Jordan. With the natural athleticism, but even while very raw displayed awesome pass rush and coverage potential. He may be even a little more powerful than Jordan, and i like his pass rush potential better. As long as a 4-3 team doesnt try to fit square peg in round hole like the Dolphins did, i think he could be very, very good.... with a role right away bc of that versatility and ability to cover right away. Plus hes not an idiot off the field like Jordan.... at least as far as I know.
  13. I agree -- but i think the line is set at 3.5, meaning 4 of each would have to go for the "over" to hit. At least that's the line I saw.
  14. Hes incredible in space. I think ive said this before, but i worry just a little bit about his use in our offense... but Marty did do a good job with a somewhat similar player in Westbrook. Not really all that similar but some similar traits. Samuel much less a back of course with a load more potential in the slot as a true wr that can run routes. I think he'll make plays within a base offense, but i think to maximize him - hes a guy you have to have a plan for and scheme him some opportunities in space, or set up some mismatches for him to exploit. I dont think thats impossible, but i dont have as much faith in us doing so as effectively as i would, say the Pats, Saints, Eagles, GB, Mia, etc.. Not to mention the little bit of a question id have with Joe hitting such a small, quick target consistently enough not to waste his targets. While you can hand him the ball, youre not gonna do that more than maybe 3-4 times a game. A bulk is going to be designed dump offs, screens, wheels, slants, etc.. But i dont think anyone is sleeping on him. Pretty sure most recognize the match up nightmare he could become and the diverse skill set he brings. I think its just a matter of fit and finding the team thats willing to commit building him into their offense, and not trying to squeeze him into a role that already exists in their offense.
  15. I take the under on both. Dont see Zay Jones, JuJu, Godwin or anyone else sneaking into the 1st with all the pass rushers and CB's that will be available. And definitely the under on RB's. I wouldnt be surprised at all to see Cook fall out of the 1st... but even if he doesnt i dont see any way Mixon, Kamara, Foreman, etc... go in the 1st -- again bc of the all defensive talent available. Plus, after TB there really arent many RB/WR needy teams. Det/Sea/GB/KC maybe for RB. But i think all will have better players at bigger needs.