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  1. I just wanted to take a moment to thank my fellow members for their insight and comradery over the years. I have truly learned a lot from many people here and have made a friend or two along the way. There have also been many, many characters on the boards through my time here and even though we didn't always agree, we always found a way to laugh and cry together. I'd also like to extend my appreciation to the Mods & Admins for putting up with jerks like me. It is a thankless job you all perform but, a much needed one to uphold the family atmosphere portrayed here. In closing, I just want to wish everyone a happy life filled with success and good health. Go RAVENS
  2. With the 65th pick, the Browns select JuJu Smith-Schuster WR USC.
  3. With the 55th pick, the Giants select Chris Wormley DT Michigan.
  4. With the 44th pick, the Bills select Zay Jones WR East Carolina.
  5. With the 35th pick, the Jaguars select Quincy Wilson CB Florida.
  6. With the 25th pick, the Houston Texans select Deshaun Watson QB Clemson.
  7. Plus... he was already selected at 6.
  8. With the 12th pick the Cleveland Browns select Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina.
  9. I found this mildly amusing, if you have some time to go through it all. Some of the pics are downright funny. http://frank151.com/each-state-perfectly-described-by-one-photograph/?utm_source=taboola&utm_campaign=taboola_US_desktop_frank151-statephotos-us-d-taboola_24_5bd7_20170331_dl_5052&utm_term=nbcsports-profootballtalk&utm_content=https%3A%2F%2Fconsole.brax-cdn.com%2Fcreatives%2Fc257b396-7bd6-476c-bac6-6ad061526256%2Fcountry-girls-29_3c9142d527c59bd4f406d5d08d054646.600x500.png&utm_medium=nbcsports-profootballtalk
  10. I feel the schedule is fairly balanced with the toughest part being the London trip, home against the Steelers and then out to Oakland in succession. Can't complain too much with the 24th strength of schedule ranking.
  11. I believe there are 4 stages a beer drinking man's gut goes through as he ages. Stage 1 - 6 pack abs: (This is where he's a premy, yet chugging along that long road. Power drinking begins to become an art form) Stage 2 - beer belly: (This is where he becomes rubbery in the midsection and the jello theme songs kick in) Stage 3 - half kegger: (This is where he begins showing serious protrusion & gets crushed by that Pillsbury Doughboy syndrome. Women begin poking his gut with their finger and laughing hysterically after) Stage 4 -The Kegger: (This is where his pants fold over in the front, even though he's wearing a belt. This is also where he can't see his feet anymore, or anything else below his waste)
  12. Sorry, but nobody's gonna want to see any of my junk.
  13. Man, don't you know you never, ever ask a woman their age. You always guess and subtract 10 years to be on the safe side.
  14. Sounds like a plan. They do burn well though, better than starter logs and no creosote.
  15. Lol, Isn't that the thing they keep delivering year in and year out that no one ever looks at. It's only good for tearing in half or fueling your pit fire.
  16. If she does, she better be picking up some Clearblue to make sure it's not something other than beer.
  17. Sid Jones drops to us in round 3 and Ozzie makes the call.
  18. A true football player who has a nasty look, can tear phone books in half with his bare hands and drools excessively would be ok by me.
  19. This story hits home for me somewhat. In 2001, I had a brain aneurysm as well and feel fortunate to still be here able to talk about it. Awesome story Garrett.
  20. I can't believe someone chose to come here and knock people for posting their feelings on this tragedy. As they say at The Bank: "Don't Be A Jerk".
  21. I truly expect over the last days here to see this become the march of the beer guts.
  22. So tragic. My heart and prayers go out to the entire Heap family. RIP little angel.
  23. Damn, look at those noodle arms. lol
  24. Steelers announced today the Dan Rooney passed.RIP. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/13/dan-rooney-dies-at-84/
  25. Per Zrebiec: Webb's new deal is 5.1m over 3 years, 1.2m signing bonus and up to 1.4m each year in incentives. Incentives include playing time with all tied to interceptions, fumble recoveries, punt return yards, etc.