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  1. Lmao, is anyone surprised by this? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/28/nevada-businessman-plans-a-raiders-themed-brothel/
  2. Lmao, They really need to outlaw inbreeding.
  3. I understand the strategy involved as you have listed and I agree that they need to maintain an active/inactives list for rotational purposes. Unless, as you said, they incorporate a DL, which would be abused and I don't see as a realistic option. My point, and maybe I didn't explain it thoroughly, is that if they increase the overall roster by 7 players, they should at least increase the active roster to the same degree. Maintaining the same number of inactives weekly at 8 as opposed to 15.
  4. I also don't see the value in a developmental league. It will not be a viable source of income for the owners and would seriously lack fan support. For all intents and purpose, there is already a developmental league with the CFL that is sustainable. Considering that less then a handful of players come out of that league to the NFL annually, I can't see how a developmental league in the states would be any better.
  5. Agreed. Not a fan of a 60 man roster unless other things change to accommodate it. The cap would have to increase to be able to have a few additional "playmakers". Without a sizable cap increase, the additional players would be the same developmental players that already exist on the PS. In addition, I feel they will need to increase the number of players that are allowed to dress on game day. What's the sense in having additional players if only 45 dress and they can't play in the games.
  6. I didn't even know there was a bar in Cedar Rapids, a place where they roll the sidewalks up after dark. From my experience, the most popular thing to do there is to watch Wheel Of Fortune.
  7. I'm pretty sure that if someone were to slap the stupid out of him, there would be nothing left.
  8. Bengals release Rey Maualuga. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/25/bengals-release-lb-rey-maualuga/
  9. I'm with you JO. I posted it because others were asking where it came from. Although, I have to admit that it is enticing to consider.
  10. The rumor is coming from Michael Lombardi. http://www.baltimorebeatdown.com/2017/3/24/15050162/michael-lombardi-says-the-ravens-are-talking-about-trading-timmy-jernigan-nfl-draft-brandon-williams
  11. The numbers on Pitta are in. He gets 2.5m base this year with 3m base next year. The cap hit is 5.2m in both years, down from 7.7m.
  12. Thanks. I didn't follow the boys closely so I wasn't sure. My son told me he was the nickle so I'll go razz him about it.
  13. I may be mistaken but, wasn't Carr the nickle corner while in Dallas?
  14. I'm going to the PurPnBlacK Pen. It's the Bold place to be.
  15. He may be truly done now that the Vikings have signed Murray.