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  1. If the point is to better reach the fanbase, why not promote the boards instead of hide them? Twitter is promoted here. Are these boards promoted on twitter? You can't even find the forum from the main page. And how does it help to close one media format and double-down on facebook and twitter? Your efforts are better spent on those platforms - well what effort has gone into making these boards competitive? Do I also have to point out how ridiculous it is that you're blaming lack of traffic AND a rise in deleting posts? This is exactly why facebook and twitter have so much weight - they allow discussion - even when it gets ugly. But this site keeps deleting the posts that people would want to respond to. Let the downvotes decide the "appearance" of the fanbase. I'm really disappointed by this. I hope one of our fans who made their own board capitalizes on this and learns how to market it properly.
  2. I have always been a big fan of Harbaugh but the Patriots game was a big eye opener in terms of how poorly coached this team is. It reminded me of those intramural sports games I used to play, where you eventually run into that one team that takes the sport seriously. The one that has a gameplan and looks like they care a whole lot more. The Harbaugh Ravens, since Ed and Ray left, have looked like a team with no ideas just hoping to hang on. The offense has been reactionary - never proactive. As if the gameplan is to work around whatever successful gameplan the opposing defense has. Nothing they do presents a challenge for defenses. Outside of Kubiak, they don't even have a strength that could be called an "identity", let alone a gameplan ahead of the curve. The defense is the king of unnecessary roughness, like it's a complete enigma how to play the game within the rules. There are botched coverages constantly. They look utterly lost when the other team picks up the tempo or finds something that works. And for some reason, their goal each game is to let the other team score just as time runs out. It's pretty much a given that any lead will evaporate in the 4th quarter, and the game will come down to a redzone stop or a big L in the standings. Every week I wonder what they could possibly be thinking, giving up the easy 1st down into Ravens territory to prevent the difficult touchdown throw, and - if required - subsequent meager 30 yard offensive drive for a field goal to win the game. Every week Harbaugh talks about tough-fought games being a staple of "Ravens football". Why is the mantra of this team to be satisfied with being taken to the ropes every game? Why can't they close the door on inferior teams anymore? I'm just tired of this "We'll find a way" attitude. Whoever is going to coach this team needs ideas, not hope.
  3. Our TEs can't block. Great play by Dixon.
  4. Joe showing off those Pro Bowl skills. By which I mean dodgeball.
  5. Yes, relaxing and emotionless. I'm just hoping maybe there'll be a little more healthy skepticism today.
  6. Can't imagine a more fun and relaxing place to enjoy the game than this board during gametime!
  7. The Ravens will crush it today and send a message to the league!
  8. The Ravens can probably get in at 9-7. The Ravens will own the conference tiebreaker over any other team with at least a 8-4 division record. By my estimation (which is usually spot on), all that has to happen is the Dolphins and Broncos lose 2 more. The Broncos play NE, Oakland and KC which is a tough slate. Miami plays their division, but they just lost Tannehill. With 7-6 Tennessee and Houston needing to play each other again, the winner should get the AFCS and the loser will be at least 9-7, which makes the AFCS unable to claim a wildcard.
  9. He'll get $12 dollars next year with the promise of $200mil in the final year, which will later get restructured to vet minimum & a flagel.
  10. You're right, Brady is very spoiled by his weapons/O-line even without Gronk. Ravens don't have great talent but Flacco gets it done anyway, that's why it'll be a close game.
  11. The Ravens definitely have a good chance at this. The D is the best in the league with Jimmy healthy, and the secondary has been getting better all season. If the O-line can protect Joe, the offense should have little problem moving the ball. They just have to cut the stupid penalties.
  12. It was on 4th down, so it really didn't matter. The Steelers ended up losing yards because of it.
  13. Man am I glad to get this game in NY so I don't have to watch another glitchy online stream. No more "It looks like about second and seven from the - and - - running t - -groei - - dndutrj - - z - third and long."
  14. That might be true, but I can't bear to bring up the dreaded trio of Jacoby, McKinney and Torrey. As long as you don't compare Jernigan to Terrance Cody!
  15. More player comparisons... Upstart DT to potentially leave via free agency: Art Jones - Brandon Williams Pass rusher coming out of nowhere: Paul Kruger - Zadarius/Judon Impact DB stepping up during the year: Corey Graham - Tavon Young "Other CB" just doing enough to hold his own: Chykie Brown - Shareece Wright Old but steady safety to keep the secondary together: Ed Reed - Eric Weddle Undrafted ILB with a solid year: Dannell Ellerbe - Zach Orr Rookie converted tackle playing guard: Kelechi Osemele - Alex Lewis White tight end: Dennis Pitta - Dennis Pitta This means nothing obviously but whatever. We also played the Giants right afterwards.