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  1. Instantly regret that pick, forgot I signed jahri evans
  2. @ArsenalRaven666 OTC
  3. With the 20th pick of the 4th round, the Detroit lions select Kareem are, G, FSU
  4. And I never said Davis can't do it either, but there's being capable, and then there's being elite. Davis is an elite route runner, no argument from me, but as far as being able to catch a ball regardless of the situation he just can't do it like williams, there's much more to it than height, tommy streeter was 6'5 and couldn't make a contested catch because he had no ball tracking, body control, or tenacity. Davis has ball tracking and body but he lacks that fierce tenacity that williams has, which is what separates the Stephen hills and tommy streeters from the mike Evans' and dez Bryants. It's a trait that's not quantifiable and not coachable, williams has it and Davis doesn't. With williams and Davis it could very much come down to preference, do you want an elite route runner who can get open and break a few catch-and-runs? Or do you want a guy who strikes fear into the secondary because no matter how tightly covered he may be he still has a damn good chance to posterize your db and make a game changer. I'm fine either way, but I do prefer williams because I've grown to learn that flaccos lack of timing and tendency to break his targets stride means that Davis would be limited here, the YAC wouldn't come easy for him and that's a lot of his game. If flaccos passes are gonna be caught and the receiver hits the ground there, might as well get a guy who is gonna make that catch regardless of coverage. Davis will be more reliant on precise timing and play design, williams will produce far more independent of other factors
  5. I wasn't big on Evans because of the way he lumbered around the field. Dude looked like Crockett gillmore out there, it worked for him though, I always preferred ODB in that draft. Williams is a lot less lumbering and really when it comes to highpointing he does it as well as Evans, he's just less powerful, doesn't mean he's a slouch in that department either as Evans is a freak of nature
  6. A lot of big bodied receivers let the ball into their body because they can more effectively shield and secure the ball, Michael Irvin and TO were 2 guys who did it often, that doesn't mean he isn't a hands catcher. And Davis simply doesn't make the same catches that williams does, if you say he does you are flat out making stuff up to back your claims. Davis is excellent in his own right, but he had a fair share of manufactured production from bubble screens and a large majority of his catches were routine, not to discredit him because he worked himself open so well, but he hasn't made anywhere near the kinds of jaw dropping tight coverage catches williams has. Davis also has shown far less tenacity to the ball and waits for it to come to him, a big problem for NFL receivers and something williams does the exact opposite of. Honestly I don't know where you are seeing that Davis bodies up as well as mike Williams, I have watched every game of both of them on draft breakdown and more, and have never once seen a catch that would lead anyone to think he can fight for tightly contested catches as well as williams.
  7. Agreed. Williams is probably a top 10 pick and I wouldn't be surprised to see him top 5, Davis is a hell of a talent and probably goes early, maybe not top 10 and he very well could be available, but even then I'm not sure the ravens take him. i just can't find any way to justify williams falling to 16, id be blatantly manipulating a mock to fit my wants. And if Davis goes first that doesn't really help our chances because someone's still gonna take williams.
  8. Agreed, those are undrafted numbers. Still love how he catches the ball though
  9. Davis can not catch the ball like williams, not even close. Davis has More concentration drops and williams in tight coverage is up there with guys like dez and Julio and fitz, he is unstoppable and routes can improve with coaching, vice grip hands and body control and tenacity can't be coached
  10. I'm not surprised he was slow, I'm surprised he was 4.9. Like holy hell
  11. Yanda won't be here forever though. Worst case we have competition for LG and RT between Lewis and cam, whoever plays best gets the respective spot, and we search for a RT in the meantime while we have a potential all pro ready to step in the day yanda retires
  12. Whoa... big rogers fan but damn
  13. Nice pickups with darboh and kazee. I was surprised to see darboh this late and If I had thought about him I would've been trying to trade up lol
  14. Highly unlikely. Too much talent to be had at 16 and in the second.