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  1. Lions ILB Brandon Spikes .5 stars
  2. Ok so now it's just bidding war correct?
  3. This current FA thread for LBs... is this the one that includes giving up the original round tender as well?
  4. I agree. Solomon Thomas is a player who I just don't get the hype. He's fun to watch and has a ton of great traits, he's a plus athlete with incredible burst and closing speed and strength, but at his size he needs to be on tape looking like Aaron Donald and he isn't. I think his size will keep him limited to a very solid guy who moves a lot. He could struggle if he goes to the wrong team
  5. I don't see that at all. He's got prototype OLB size being on the lower end of 6 foot with long arms and weighing in the 260s. He'll have no issues with leverage or reach, excellent pursuit and he takes advantage of space very well. He's too savvy an edge defender to be bitten by scheme changes.
  6. Most team oriented big boards can cover 2 rounds worth of possibilities with 30-40 players. If you're talking league wide big boards with zero positIons in mind then it's a different story
  7. This is true but a lack of evidence is still a concern. With howard being such a stellar athlete and showing great all around football ability I'd be willing to bet he can still make big plays as a traditional TE, but that's a calculated risk that some FO has to make when drafting him
  8. Dixon without injuries was a legit second round talent last year, Allen was never even close to the same talent level. You can say the hype train looks familiar but college tapes shows 2 totally different talent levels, dixons tape is worthy of the hype, allens not so much
  9. The though of oj Howard is growing on me. He's a top 10 talent, and the kind of target flacco dreams of, he's never had anything even close to a guy like Howard, he's had slow 6'4" receivers who body catch, he's never had a 6'6" behemoth who can fly and catch anything thrown in his general direction. He's also as good of a TE blocker you'll find, the guy blocks like a backup OT in a jumbo package. He's a special talent and im surprised hes not being mentioned much higher edit: however, I hate how we was used at Alabama and I have concerns about him being a true TE rather than a schemed open athlete at h-back
  10. Well, we actually watch him play unlike many others. Also plenty of analysts who actually know football, like former qbs Jaworski and esiason and Phil Simms, former qb coaches like mooch, and other respected analysts like Chris berman, all like flacco quite a bit and understand when his team lets his down, which happens far more often than the inverse.
  11. This seems like supreme reaches for needs. I dont see Lawson as talented enough to ignore the injuries at 16, just way too high(he's not in the same stratosphere as lattimore so I don't consider that a valid argument) i have never seen Douglas mocked as high as 48, and I like Douglas. I like a lot of guys over Switzer in the third but I don't dislike him, I LOVE the bisnotawy pick there, realistic and would be a great addition and adds to our tradition of quality swing guys. After that im only familiar with Hendrickson who I think is a solid late pick, idk about the 4th though. If every player except for bisnotawy was picked a round later(which is actually more realistic than this, aside from switzer, no offense lol) then this would be great
  12. We have to blame people! Heads must roll!
  13. He creates enough separation to do what he does best, box out, attack, and high point. And he does it very well. Juju looks a lot more like jaelen strong to me with the length and stiffness, rogers is more subtle and physical with super strong hands and great focus. Focusing on the traits and not the numbers I just like him and think he will do better in the NFL and for one simple reason: he's already proven he can consistently make catches without separation, in a league where the rules are far less favorable to the dbs. If he can make these catches in college I believe he can make them in the NFL too.
  14. I've been hyping up rogers all morning after watching his tape for the first time lol. Hes my 3rd wr after the obvious top 2
  15. Agreed. While I think the drop off from the top 2 to the 2nd tier is pretty steep, the 2nd tier of safeties is still better than the top of most classes. Baker melifonwu and peppers are all probably labeled first rounders in the AVERAGE safety class