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  1. Potentially seeking a trade partner to a new messageboard.
  2. I actually would be on board. Not rooting for taco at 16, but if he's the pick I'm on board. I can see his potential pretty easily, guys that big shouldn't have such a quick first step and closing speed
  3. No matter how bad I might hate a pick I'll always take the good and run with it. Didn't like that we took Mosley over HHCD but I had been a huge Mosley fan since his first year and knew how good he was. I didn't like taking perriman over jones and Malcom brown but I looked at the spectacular catches he's made and tried my hardest to disregard the drops and now I'm a huge perriman fan. Wasn't big on the correa pick but I also began to think as the draft got closer that spence was overrated and it's possible he's already maxed his potential and correa hasn't even begun to see his. If we take cam Robinson over Corey Davis or some others, I'll be pissed, but I'll understand how much of a boost he can bring out run game if he's allowed to play guard.
  4. Reliable sources report that purplehorseman may be Winchester and it's been confirmed that neither are fans of Barnett
  5. That's impossible. I'd really wanna nail the pick so I'd be scared to take a risky guy, which makes fournette and Barnett attractive, but I think hooker is a top 5 talent despite the injury and lack of experience
  6. I'll post where I want because there's no rules where there is no future. Follow me to the dark side posters, make a new thread for every comment you have! No comments, all OPs!
  7. Dion dawkins, dan feeney, pat elflein, Taylor moton, bisnowaty, Erik magnuson, Ethan pocic, these guys could all be very solid starters
  8. Whatever your all fat losers you gang up on me probably becuz your jealous of my 2% body fat with twitch lean muscle and my smokin hot model gf you losers probably don't even have gfs becuz your all to fat and ugly losers hahahahaxdxdxdxd
  9. No dude you come on now lol. Why are you acting like it isn't totally blatant on film that he dips so low that tackles can't get a hand on him. It's so easy to see for everyone but you apparently. And he's done this against first and second round NFL tackles, big conference guys
  10. Seems @PurpleHorseman puts too much stock in the explosion category and not enough stock in the raw skill and relative motion category
  11. But they can't get their hands on you if you are too low for them, if tackles are forced to wrap around the rushers shoulder and neck area then it's a hold, keeping the chest squared up opens up an opportunity for a clean block, or even just a staggering punch to knock a speed rusher too deep. But the hand fighting keeps the blocker from engaging, and the bend keeps the blocker from making any kind of play, you just really seem to underrate the power of a great bending edge rusher
  12. Tough call. Howard is such a dynamic beast but he's far less proven. What he brings as a run blocker is a very underrated part of his game, he's like another OT out there and coaches wouldn't be able to take him off the field. He's proven to turn dump offs into huge plays, he hasn't had much opportunity to make those jimmy graham style catches but I'll be surprised if he isn't able to, and he runs solid routes in the few times he's gotten the chance. But we need a wr and one of mike wills type... I think I'd have to go with him just because of our investment at TE and the hole at wr. I'm a bpa guy but it's hard to address the same position over and over without seeing what we've got there
  13. Von miller is a totally different monster. He wins with his get off and speed around the edge, he has developed nicely as far as hands go, but this is apples and oranges. Barnett is stronger and has better and more violent hand usage than von miller has a 6 year veteran(I think 6 years is right). You can rush the passer in multiple ways, there is a lot more to it than a quick get off.
  14. Nightmares of Courtney upshaw over Alston Jeffrey and Cordy Glenn *shudders* except we didn't really want upshaw. Who did we pass on for Arthur brown?
  15. All the reaction time in the world means nothing if the tackle can't get his hips lower than the edge rushers shoulders. That's how Barnett has consistently made his burst a non factor, he throws a swipe and keeps his chest clean and then dips his shoulders to the tackles hip level making him untouchable. Low man wins right? Barnett proves that. A tackle can't block a guy who he can't lay a good set of hands on.