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  1. AJ Green is a very fluid receiver and an excellent route runner at that. Williams looks more like Kelvin Benjamin tbh.
  2. so ross is the guy that can separate and get open while williams can make highlight reel catches. mind blown.
  3. football IQ
  4. all hail zen-oh sama
  5. smh. if i did not say those words , i was not implying it in the first. if you cant quote that i said/implied that , it means i did not say or imply that. its really that simply. i say what i mean, i dont say 1 thing while meaning something else. that makes no freaking sense. dammm people always get so freaking defensive and salty when you dont agree or say something they dont like.
  6. williams and davis are outside receivers. same goes for wallace and perriman. so who is going to play in the slot and who is going to ride the bench?
  7. speed is useless in the redzone where ironically ross shined more then any other WR in the draft....
  8. who are these elite QBs that have to rely on their WRs to make miraculous catches? better yet id like to know what % of the catches that these WRS made can be labeled are miraculous.
  9. im suggesting our QB needs to work on his areas of weakness rather then we avoid good players because of that. throwing jump balls short of the marker is not going to improve our offense even if we can get a guy that can catch majority of them. the odds of catching an off target jump ball and then getting yac is slim at best and every time a receiver has to go up and try to catch a ball they are prone to taking a big hit. building an offense based on this is not a recipe for success.
  10. throwing jump balls and less then accurate passes is not a positive. if that is what your QB does well then you are in trouble regardless of who you draft.
  11. jumpballs dont lead to YAC. hitting players in stride does.
  12. it made it this far cause majority did not agree with that at all making all kinds of excuses. it was after the season ended which was around page 70 orso when people kinda came around and start agreeing to that. last 30 pages are just mindless crap about trading flacco with no regard to cap implications and 1 certain person typing god knows what with people quoting him for whatever reason as well......
  13. the amount of redzone TDs he had compared to other receivers and the speed he has is worthy of a lot of hype. think he had the most redzone TDs of all wide receivers. he is more then just a deep threat . could be excellent in the slot with perriman and wallace on the outside.
  14. pick 74 could be a valuable asset to trade up in this draft. teams generally want picks when trading down and not players. jernigan was going in a contract year anyways and was not that productive unless you count dumb penalties. odds are we would not have resigned him and he was not playing at a level to notch a 3rd round comp. cant be that mad though. next man up. we are losing 1 tackle and a sack per 3 to 4 games. impressive to some here i guess...
  15. if you make more plays during the first 3 quarters , you don't have to worry when its the 4th quarter.