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  1. make PI reviewable.
  2. Von Miller is just 1 player on 1 team that is not even in our division. Drafting a RT in round 1 or 2 just to consider him is crazy tbh. Not to mention with Stanley being pretty darn good , we can easily give the RT all the help he needs to slow any pass rusher from that side down.
  3. if we do i hope its to the first pick lol. might as well do it with a bang
  4. Jealous about what?
  5. we where not in a play off spot when flacco got injured in 2015 nor was he playing good at the time. the ravens where 3-7 before he got put on IR.
  6. based on the fact that we have spend almost 50% of our cap on offense and have spend our high picks in the last 2 drafts mostly on offense , i come to have high expectations for that unit. there are only 11 teams who are spending more on offense so an offense barely cracking the top 20 is just not going to cut it. the QB is the most important player on offense and even on the team. if he plays bad the offense has no chance so safe to say he is that important to what how that unit will play. when you then also consider that flacco has the 2nd highest cap hit in the entire NFL then you can say a lot is expected from him. he is getting paid to carry this team so he should. there are only 3 teams spending less on defense so im actually tempering my expectations for them. pretty logical so far imo. then when you consider the amount of picks we have , how many of them become immediate contributors on offense/defense and the amount of vets we bring that make a significant impact at this point , its safe to say that you can make a pretty good guess at the shape of our roster already. majority of the 53 man squad is already on the team. barring injuries i think at least 8 out of 11 starters on defense are set in stone with at least 1 guy we know will be the 3rd corner. losing any of them will lead to a downgrade and thus will put more pressure on flacco and the offense. maybe you are totally clueless on who will be on the team but i already have a pretty good idea on who will be on it or at least has a very high chance to make it. considering the make up of this team and the importance of the QB position and the often used its a passing league , id dare to say to QB play will play a huge role in if we are play off bound or not. the only way we make the play offs with flacco playing badall season is if we get a 2000 yard caliber RB (committee) and the defense playing like the 2000 unit for 16 games for the entire game and not just 3 quarters lol
  7. then what is the point of disagreeing with me when i say he needs to play better? just replies for the sake of defending flacco even though you agree?
  8. so he played good in your eyes last season? no need to improve at all ? PS: that is some utter disrespect for yanda tbh and stanley played pretty darn good as well. flacco vs 11 really?
  9. so when my point is that flacco needs to play better for us to make the play offs its ignorant , yet you yourself say he needs to play better. interesting. you do know that if he played better last season we would have made the play offs regardless of jimmy going down right? offense was the biggest issue last season and im pretty sure jimmy does not play offense.... ..
  10. i did not randomly posted what you quoted. it was a reply to a question the person i quoted asked. if flacco keeps playing as bad as he has been doing then i dont see how we make the play offs. do you think the ravens are a playoff team if flacco plays like he did in 2015 and 2016?
  11. steelers fans are the ones who think flacco is doing just fine the way he played the last 2 seasons or heck last 3 out 4 seasons since winning the SB.
  12. not really. 3 out of the last 4 years we missed the play offs and flacco was bad all 3 of those seasons. so if he keeps playing the same then the odds are we will miss the play offs again. its ignorant to think that if he keeps playing this bad that we are a playoff team. unless you think that ozzie will fill all the holes with topnotch talent and pees will have this defense play like a top 5 unit for all 16 games from start to finish.... our ticket to the play offs are in his hand and he is getting paid to carry this team. if he does not play better im not confident at all that we will be play off bound. sure that is why i want flacco to play better rather then make excuses and act like he is playing like a top tier QB.......
  13. prepare to miss the play offs again.
  14. dont forget that those excuses are only exclusive to him as well. god forbid you use them for others QBs or even other ravens players lol.