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  1. The Cleveland bid is invalid. See above.
  2. The Raiders are shopping around Dan Williams, Shilique Calhoun, Ben Heeny and Sebastian Janikowski. I'm looking for picks or players on the OL or MLB/WLB. I'm willing to package players and picks if the return value is right. PM me if you have anything in mind.
  3. Gabe Jackson was one of my pre-draft favorites, he rounded out a terrific from LT to RG, is only 25 and came at a minimum contract. It was a very difficult decision to move him, but it was tough to resist the compensation. It ultimately could end up being a poor move in the end, but I'm willing to take a risk at this point, and I feel like it could work well for both sides. San Francisco gains a terrific guard at a minuscule contract and therefore is able to spend Stars on another positions.
  4. I can't blame you. It's a position where somebody goes unnoticed every year, so chances are that you'll find one in the FFA.
  5. I was twice as fortunate then.
  6. I had a feeling that I'd either barely edge someone or narrowly miss out if I went with one. Figured I'd double up. Sorry about that.
  7. BIG moves by Green Bay. I'm liking the Malcolm Butler move. You lose a late 1st but you gain an already established CB.
  8. Oakland K Robbie Gould .5 Stars Oakland K Nick Novak .5 Stars
  9. With regards to the note above, I wanted to remind the newcomers that placing a bid on an RFA means surrendering whatever tender they're under. If they're on an original tender and were undrafted, then there's no additional compensation. But otherwise, please be mindful of the prices that come in addition to the players' salaries.
  10. It was placed by a very recent replacement and newcomer. He wasn't aware of how the process worked, so after some discussion, we figured to give him a one-time pardon. Sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like West is currently yours unless another bid is submitted.
  11. QB Ryan Griffin and DE Jacquies Smith were just added to the RFA list. K John Lunsford and LS Andrew Depaola were added as UFAs.
  12. Oakland Raiders LS Don Muhlbach .5 Stars