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  1. If this isn't the best pool of talent in secondary i dont know what is. The only issue i see is chemistry and teamwork. We are in it to see some serious magic happen in the secondary if things align right. Going to be one amazing show this season to watch these guys.
  2. Ever since paying Joe Flacco the top dollar, we haven't had a complete depth and talent across all areas(ST/Defense/Offense) since 2012. I am desperately holding onto hope when times were good in B-more. Good times when 'Right player, Right price' were done the right way and we had a complete team to contend for the Lombardi. When we were a real feared team to compete against the top dogs.
  3. Just lost Wagner to Lions. They will pay him 9m/p year. Sigh.... I am still hoping we can get something done with B.Williams
  4. dont care much about juice. Williams or Wagner. Must keep at least one.
  5. lovely
  6. I guess that's way Mallett is on his 3rd team in 7 seasons, after getting kicked off the Texans in mid-season. Playing the devil's advocate, I think we should start looking farther ahead than one year. Since the SB, Flacco's performance has been lackluster at best. Even that year, his play-off performance was exceptional, but his performance during the regular season was...OK. I think we need to start grooming a young QB to take over, rather than "fill-in" for Flacco. The Flaccman has engendered some bad habits over the past few years that we will see again next year. He had weapons last year but did not use them because his mantra became "Checkdown Charlie". Expect to see that next year as well. Flacco has lost the ability to survey and look down field. He has become more concerned with getting hit. Unlike other QBs, Flacco needs and takes a lot of time in the pocket that our offensive line cannot give him. I do not blame the line...they give him enough time, just not as much as he needs. We require some young, hungry blood that is not afraid of taking risks. Clearly, that is not Flacco. It may have been at one time, but no longer. I am all for a draft pick; high or low and start distancing ourselves from loosers. Of note, Brady, Rothlesberger, Prescott, Cunningham, Rivers, Steve Young, Doug Flutie....the list is long of young back-up QBs who displaced their "first string QBs" and went on to great careers. The time is ripe for the Ravens to follow suit. That would be a huge mistake. Are you really suggesting that we should spend a first or a second on a QB this year? I mean those are the rounds where starting QBs are found? Drafting QBs is a far from a sure thing though. There is less than a 50 percent chance that a QB picked in the first round will be successful and it goes downhill from there. And when you factor in the fact that this is such a weak class in the QB department, taking a QB high just doesn't make sense. We have plenty of other holes that need filling. Wasting a high round pick on a QB isn't an option on the table, but we could take one in the later round. But don't expect a QB taken late to become the heir apparent to Flacco. I also think there is some selective remembrance going on here and yea two years without a playoff run does that (for Ravens fans at least). Flacco had arguably his best season in 2014 which was 2 years after the superbowl. 1) Where did I say that we should use a first round pick on a QB? 2) We have had quite a few first round picks that have been busts and they were not QBs. 3) Nothing is a "sure thing. On defense we have been just as successful with undrafted FA as we have been with early draft picks. 4) Great. Flacco had another stellar year...but his completion percentage was mediocre that year also. What about the plethora of lackluster years? 5) We can agree to disagree...but we need some young blood. Flacco will not be our solution going forward. Don't even sweat it. Billiejean is a certified flacco homer. He will defend Joe even if he throws for 1TD/1INT every game for the whole season. Oh wait....joe almost did last year...
  7. If you like not having 1st round pick @ 2018. Then sure! why not
  8. I think Ozzie and Co will offer him money that is fair. But if both gets lucky @ FA and gets a 'KO' type of contract.....its goodbye for Wagner/Williams. It is unfortunate but that is pretty much how it is going to be for us for a long time. Our cap is junk.
  9. Lets see if we can take care of Brandon Williams & Wagner then see if we got some cash left for FA...
  10. Mangold has been riddled with injuries. He cant stay on field like Monroe couldnt with us past 2 years. How does he make sense Sarah?
  11. "With the 99th pick, Ravens select Ethan Poclc out of LSU"
  12. The fans would go on a riot and demand Elway to be fired if they brang in Joe Flacco w/ the current contract. You really have a pretty closed minded perception how much of a laughing stock Joe is outside RavensNation.
  13. I dont think I've enlightened you at all. Under that article from Baltimore Suns there is a link to another article from Football Outsiders. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2017/failed-completions-2016 It shows analysis of what to make of Flacco completions and a thorough analysis and breakdowns of what to make of Flacco's performances. Actually, read the facts. It is definitely an interesting article. Let me know if you actually read it.
  14. Mangold is riddled with reoccurring injuries. I think it is time for us to finally draft a top tier center @ draft.
  15. Its still a 3rd round pick. Dont waste the comp pick!