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  1. I say let's bring Kamar back and have him be in the slot! He played well 2 years ago young and big. Shouldn't be much as far as contract.
  2. One of the most underrated players on the Ravens, well deserved and glad we have you back!!!😊
  3. Welcome to Baltimore Tony Jefferson!!!!
  4. Simply awesome, very happy for Brandon and his family. Class act great player
  5. I'm very happy we have Wallace over Torry Smith
  6. We need to get cooks or Fornette
  7. Thank God we didn't sign him!!!
  8. Yeaaaaaa fantastic news, didn't not think this would happen. I publicly apologize lol 😂. Looks like we got Danny Woodhead as well
  9. Yeaaaaaaaa Ravens land Jefferson per Adam S ESPN!
  10. 0-3 Williams heading to the Giants
  11. Amen, great post
  12. i mean do you really want to pay juice more than 5 mill a year for 4 years - half of the contract was guaranteed as well Of course not but this team was not that good last year and on paper looking worse for next year. Go FLACCO!!!
  13. Best is yet to come, Torry on his way back. We will cut our best receiver and keep Pitta. It doesn't get any better!!!
  14. Zero chance why would he come back we are not contenders right now!
  15. you literally just listed them above and copied the wrong number - you've copied the 2018 not the 2017 - and im not sure how listing something i was literally telling you about changes the facts of what i've been saying? Doesn't matter what gets paid and when cap number is what we have against the cap and what we have to spend. Who cares when and what he got. Cap number affects what we do.