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  1. Easy now!!!
  2. Along Came Polly. Doesn't get old
  3. This is true lol
  4. I've never really found her attractive lol
  5. Kate Winslet was just never the same after that scene
  6. Haha, that's what everyone keeps telling me. I have no plans to see it. My dad hated Drive by the way
  7. I heard it sucked, but then again you and I are in totally different worlds when it comes to movies lol
  8. Tehe
  9. I thought it was awful, but what alien movie isn't? Unless of course it's Alien
  10. I don't consider a man in his 30's with 0 kids old lol. But Hayden is still a loosey goosey
  11. Depends on how many kids you have..
  12. She seems like a loosey goosey
  13. Nothing comes out on Friday
  14. I think you missed da joke cursona lol. Why don't you want to talk about women?
  15. My girlfriend is my personal trainer.. I thank you