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  1. Can't believe I forgot about that...
  2. You sure about this? @The Raven how could you be tired of the cliches? We're returning to smash mouth football. We could potentially, finally draft a #1 wr to pair with our elite qb. Deep draft too, so we may be able to get a CB and OLB to help our defense return to organized chaos. No more gutless play calling from passive Pees and his 3 man rushes. Also, even though we lost Zack Orr, we still have the heart and soul of our defense in Mosley.... Miss anything?
  3. This is why I was hoping we cut him. That and the stable of TEs we have. Don't see why we don't put em to use. This goes back to misuse of personnel. Also, if you want to relive the glory days, a bunch of old games can be found on youtube in HD quality. Watch or DL while you can.
  4. This is what has been the problem for years. I think Kubiak and Caldwell were the only ones to do this well. People will say 13 was a failure, which it was, but mainly because of some of the worst OL play I've seen from a Ravens squad. People never seem to be used to their strength and it always feels like they try to make things as complicated as possible. The offense put up great numbers in post season play with Hurst starting. That's play calling and scheme. Team gets way too predictable.
  5. If we get end of season Joe and full season out of Jimmy anything is possible. 2012 we opened up with Cinci too.. JS
  6. My bad... read it wrong. For some reason thought we opened with them at home.
  7. Yes. The irony of him getting life, for killing the person he thought would snitch, on murders he'd get off for is amazing.
  8. I beg you NFL. No more season enders in Cinci.
  9. Met him twice and once after the SB. Nice guy. Live in South FL and see him out sometimes. The name was more a play on words cause he's left many victims on the field.
  10. No real reason to google someones name tho. How you doing buddy? @LosT_in_TranSlatioN happy I never got on your bad side. I can truly say, though, I've gotten into with a few posters here, there's only one I really didn't like. Similar to you, I have no problem with different views as long as there's some rationale behind it.
  11. Well the cats out the bag now...
  12. It's funny to me how it's rarely mentioned how poorly he seemed to play the later half of the season even with a the run game going.
  13. I've brought up the OL situation a few times. We also beat the Steelers with Hurst at LT, I think. The problem is, we don't have Kubiak anymore, who I'm sure helped ease some of the pain and the rules have changed for blockers. If only he'd start seasons like he finishes them. The 2 times he's started hot, the team at least made AFCCG. No real correlation except those were probably most talented teams, but you get the point.
  14. When I made the thread I went and checked back, noticing it had a few views. I think some people thought the title was a trick. Thanks, though. I had bought an HP printer, but never opened it because I wanted some input first. Returning the trash today. Leave me out your roast kind sir. Mostly papers, reports, scanning and faxing. Photos will be one of my last uses, but it's crazy how many people have had bad experiences with HP. You all have a been a great help.
  15. Thanks for the heads up.