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  1. Come on man, we could have taken Spence!
  2. Every player we pick can not be a good boy! We need football players!
  3. Here we go with all of the trading back!
  4. I have moved my Fandom forward to the 2016 NFL Draft where the Baltimore Ravens will have a top 5 draft pick.
  5. I love it when we line up for short yardage without a Fullback!
  6. That could have been a kick to tie the game.
  7. That was dumb and desperate!
  8. I'm going to wait until after at the least the next game before making him a starter but I did like what I saw so far.
  9. I don't get that move at all but it could be worse, we could switch the o - line coach to the defensive cord. and then run that wide 9 defense. Wait, I think that already happened with Don Juan in philly!
  10. I have already started moving away from buying games from a store and downloading instead. All of the games I play right now except for Black Ops2 are downloaded games. I like that I can just quit a game and quickly move to another.
  11. I'll take that Wooded money but Ray Rice won't! RT @theNFLchick: What kind of money should he ask for???? Danny Woodhead money???

  12. She got her half and vise versa! Puzzle logic! RT @RealEarthquake: How u give up HALF yo [profanity deleted] then get back wit the [profanity deleted] that TOOK it?

  13. The Giants should invite Bernard Pollard to the White House, he won the SuperBowl! @sportswcoleman

  14. Just watched 10 mins of Hooters Dream Girls and there is no way for me to get my 10mins back!