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  1. I don't think it does sacrifice winning in the short terms. As I just wrote in the post above, it's the performance of the players the Ravens choose to lock up long term moreso than the way Flacco's contract was structured. If Pitta, Monroe, Jimmy, Webb and Flacco all performed up to their contracts where would this team be right now? If drafted guys like, Perriman, Maxx, ZDS, Timmy, Elam, Brooks, Camp and some others were guys you could look at and say, I know they'll show up on a consistent level, where would this team be? I think the answer is the team would be winning and even if Joe's numbers weren't among the best in the NFL, the Ravens could still justify the contract because the team would still be winning. But yeah I definitely agree with you.
  2. Flacco's contract isn't hurting the Ravens as much as people think. Over the first 3 years of the original contract, Flacco's cap hit was really team friendly. Since signing Flacco to the original contract, the team signed, Pitta, Jimmy, Monroe, Yanda, Tucker, Koch and Weddle to big deals. That doesn't include locking up guys like Zuttah, Wright, SSS, Forsett and Watson to deals that weren't big but the team thought these players would contribute a lot. They also made competitive offers to Torrey and KO. Flacco's contract hasn't hurt the team, that's just the perception going around. What has hurt the Ravens is these long term commitments and young draft picks not playing well over the last 3-4 years. The Ravens have been among the top of the league in dead money over the last 3-4 years because of poor contracts. Injuries have hurt as well. Flacco certainly has to play better and play up to his contract, but he hasn't stopped the team from signing anyone. Boldin was traded because the Ravens didn't think he could perform as well moving forward. Torrey wasn't a guy the Ravens would pay 10Mil for, especially since they have so much success getting close to over the hill WRs who can perform just as well as Torrey and no way they were paying KO LT money without being 100% sure he was the answer there which no one could honestly say. Seeing Flacco struggle on a huge contract sucks, but the reality is, the Ravens don't commit big money to outside players often and the guys they wanted to keep here they have. Flacco has to play better, but the Ravens were banking on guys like Perriman, Maxx, Brooks, Elam, Davis, Smith, Timmy, Taliafero, Buck and others to really step their games up and be the new era of players to keep the team performing well and that just hasn't happened.
  3. I think what people miss about the whole Flacco contract is that It was the Ravens decision to structure it the way it is. This time last year Flacco went back to the table with the Ravens and said his reason was to create cap space for the team to continue to keep/add players. The Ravens choose not to structure the contract to create much cap space over the first 3 years and instead keep the cap hits level over the duration of the contract. Flacco banked on himself in 2013 and won. Now the Ravens are banking on the fact that Flacco will not necessarily get back to being a top 10 QB but get this team back to being in contention for a championship consistently over the next 5 years. Matt Ryan is about to break the bank and set the market again(rightfully so) and then you have younger players in their mid-late 20s that will set the market as well. Wilson, Carr, Winston, Mariota, Wentz, Dak and maybe even guys like Tyrod and Jimmy G will be getting paid over the next 3 years while Flacco is still under contract and their cap hit will almost surely surpass Flacco's cap hit. This is not to compare Flacco or his play to any other player because I think everyone including Flacco will say he's under performed, it's more to show the thinking behind why the Ravens signed Flacco to the contract extension they did in 2016. Those new contracts will push Flacco's contract down to the 7-12 range and maybe even lower should a few other younger QBs find a way to get paid. Not saying it's right or wrong, but imo this was the Ravens thinking on Flacco. Keep his cap number level and as the market and cap space increase over the years, his deal will be a bargain of sorts.
  4. He wasn't good enough to consistently cause problems for LBs when Marty got him those match ups last year. So I doubt the Ravens are looking at him as a guy who can be at the top of the rotation and if he's just a #3 or #4 again what's the point of bringing him back? He has a role in the NFL, I just don't think it's in a WCO offense.
  5. I think the Ravens feel the same way. No knock to Aiken because he stepped up when the team needed him to, but the team is looking for game changers and Aiken doesn't fit the mold. He'd be good for a team who already has a #1 guys established and just need a nice compliment. The Ravens need play makers and I think they're more willing to allow guys like Perriman, Moore and anyone drafted to develop into those guys than to give Aiken a nice payday to stay. Those numbers are inflated and makes Aiken's 2015 look better than it really was. In the first half of the season when he was the #2 guy, he was only targeted 44 times with 24 catches. 4 of those 8 games Aiken had a total of 5 catches for 27 yards. You just can't have a starting WR disappear from the offense like that. In those 4 games Flacco had a total of 109 completions and your starting WR only had 5 of them? No where near good enough. Over the final 8 games of the season he was targeted 83 times, which is why I think he doesn't get as much credit. As a #2 WR he disappeared in half of the 8 games played, but when the Ravens had to target him 10+ times each game, his production increased. The Ravens need a WR that can get open and make plays consistently, even when it's other talented surrounding him.
  6. Np, a lot of those post were pretty long. But what I will say about Britt and the notion that he's an injury risk, he's missed 1 game in the last 3 years and a total of 7 since getting injure in the 2011 season. In that 5 year window h's played more games than Dez Bryant, Aj Green and Julio Jones. He torn both his ACl and MCL in 2011, dealt with the recovery process in 2012 and hasn't been much of a injury concern since. I think his injury history and the lack of trust in him is really only a concern because people don't hear about him as a result of playing for the terrible Rams.
  7. I don't think he will and I don't think the Ravens really want him, but if he did stick I wouldn't be upset.
  8. I think Britt will be looking at Marvin Jones type money at about 4yrs 28Mil that will probably have big bonus money and a smaller cap number over the first two year. I think Garcon will be looking at a much larger commitment imo. Somewhere around 4yrs 36Mil. It's my thinking that moving forward Britt and Garcon will produce at a similar rate, but Britt has the potential to be much more of a difference maker imo. I agree that Garcon has proven track record and Britt doesn't as much. Imo that's why Britt will come cheaper but looking at their 3 year trend track which is more of a future indicator then a entire career, Britt will be a bargain for some team. That's my only point. All the stats were just to show that difference between the 2 might not be as far apart as many think. As for the 3rd down stats. I pointed you to this site at some point, I'm sure it probably got lost through all the other stats. It only gives one year but again, what you've done for me lately gives a much better indicator of what you can do for me moving forward than your entire career imo. The site i looked at Britt converting 17 3rd downs into 1st downs. That's 36% of his 1st downs coming when the team needed him to make a play on 3rd down. They only ranked that top 21 WRs and Garcon didn't make the list so I couldn't get his numbers. http://hosted.stats.com/fb/leaders.asp?type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=104 In terms of cutting Wallace for Britt. I think Britt has proven enough to show that he'd be more of a consistent chain mover and could also provide the same big plays as Wallace, so imo it's an upgrade. I like Mike Wallace to be clear.
  9. Agreed. Don't know what their relationship is but he's played under Marty before and was said to have mastered the oline calls. So that might be another plus.
  10. Yea it's not a really impressive list in terms of bring excitement to the fan base, but knowing how much the Ravens like to find value in veteran on the back 9 of their careers, especially on defense were you're more likely to rotate guys, I thought some of those names would be worth keeping a eye on. Mangold definitely is the guy who'd really get excited about adding. But he's already said he'd love to stay in NY and might even be open to taking a pay cut to do so. So he might not even hit the market, but if he does, i agree, bring him in and don't let him leave until the contract is signed. If BWill is brought back there's no way Ngata is signed. It'd be no point lol. But if we lose BWill which is a real possibility, you'll have Pierce and Davis as the top guys. At that point I think Ngata would be worth a 1yr deal for a backup guy. Carl Davis is a guy that needs to be pushed and for 2017 Ngata would be a good guy to push him. If he outplays Ngata than great you aren't paying Ngata much anyway, keep him until the end of the season and allow him to retire a Raven. If Carl Davis can't outplay Ngata, than you know you need a upgrade at that position moving forward. I really like Pierce and think he'll be more than ok even as the top guy.
  11. Yea if you can find a Matt Birk type player that'd be idea. But I'd take another Zuttah trade situation. I've always thought if Zuttah said in that Kubiak ZBS that his trade would have looked much better. So if we can find a 27-29 year old vet that has a young buck pushing him down the depth chart, I wouldn't mind trading for him if he fits.
  12. NFL.com has a list of guys who might get cut and I think there are some interesting names. Nick Mangold is coming off a injury but he was still viewed as one of the better Center in 2015 and limited action in 2016. At 33 he still has a couple more seasons and I think him paired with Yanda would be great. I think he'd be an upgrade at Center and a great mentor to whoever is drafted. Jason McCourty is veteran I wouldn't mind bringing in. I'd definitely attack the CB position at the top of the draft but McCourty could be a nice insurance signing that'll at best give the Ravens great depth if the rookie CB is a stud day one. Not sure he's Safety material like his brother but if he could it's a added bonus. David Harris if cut could be a nice 1 year bridge. Not sure what the plan for KC is, although I assume the day Orr retired the Ravens implemented a play for KC to be a ILB. Harris would be a nice veteran presence alongside CJ to help KC or any rookie drafted learn the game better. He feels like a Ravens veteran signing. Both he and Mangold are tough gritty players who have been rocks for the NYJ Devon House could be a nice add at CB as well. He had a really solid year in 2015 with the Jags. Honestly can't remember much about him but he did play well in week 3 vs the Ravens. Lamar Houston only played 2 games last year due to injury, but had 8 sacks in a 2015 as a rush specialist. If he's healthy he might be worth a flier as a rotational guy to help with the pass rush if Doom doesn't take a pay cut. Jairus Byrd. How much of an upgrade over Webb would he be? I think it would be but i'm not sure what the price tag would be. I think much like Weddle he could be dropped into this Ravens defense and be back to playing at a high level. Not sure what happened to him in NO but he was a really good safety in Buffalo Haloti Ngata is on this list and if he's cut I'd love to bring him home for 1 more year. I'd like to see him and Suggs have one more year together and maybe enjoy a farewell season together similar to Ray and Ed. The last of that great Ravens Defense era. If the Ravens lose BWill and Ngata is cut, I'd bring him back to rotate and help groom Peirce and Davis.
  13. So i cherry picked. Ok Rams offense 14'-16': 1,524 pass attempts. Britt targeted 267 times which is 17% of his team's volume or ever 5.7 pass attempts went his way. Skins offense 14'-16': 1,709 pass attempts. Garcon targeted 330 times which is 19% of his team's volume or every 5.1 pass attempts went his way. The Skins threw the ball 185 more times over that 3 year period, which is 61.6 more times per year. Britt's low volume has very little to do with his inability to get open any more than Garcon's. A WR can't force his team to pass more. Now let's move to the 1st down comparison over 3 years. Garcon: 330 targets 127 1st downs. That's 38% or every 2,5 of Garcon's targets going for 1st downs. Britt: 267 targets 109 1st downs. That's 40% or every 2.4 of Britt's targets going for 1st downs. Where is Garcon more of a prolific 3rd down guy but Britt isn't? In fact those small percentage points in favor of Britt actually make a huge difference over the course of a season which you'll see later. In 63 more targets Garcon only has 18 more 1st downs in 3 years. The redzone argument, ok. Lastly you said you need a guy who can get open on all downs and I agree. So let's look at the numbers. Garcon: 48gms 330 targets 219rec 66% 2570yds 11.7ypc 12Tds 30 20+yds 6 40+yds 57% 1st downs 2 drops 872YAC 12 big plays 2 100yds games Britt: 47gms 267 targets 152rec 56% 2431yds 15.9ypc 11Tds 39 20+yds 12 40+yds 71% 1st downs 8 drops 699YAC 29 big plays 5 100yds games Either guy would be a really good fit for the Ravens offense moving forward. If you want a Derrick Mason type possession guy, Garcon is probably you're man. But based off what the Ravens said they wanted, a physical possession type guy who can consistently keep the chain moving and make big plays down field when the team needs it, Britt appears to be the better fit and more likely to provide those big spark plays that Steve Smith gave us. I think based off perception many people will take the same stance as you and Garcon will be a hot commodity driving his price. Britt will be viewed as a 3rd tier FA WR when it's all said and done imo. Also just as a reference point here are Steve Smith Sr's numbers over the last 3 years. 37 gms 308 targets 195 rec 63% 2268yds 11.6ypc 14Tds 40 20+yds 9 40+yds 57% 1st downs 14 drops 840YAC 21 big plays 7 100yds games for what it's worth.
  14. Yea i'd have no issue with re-signing Aiken and I've even said that Aiken made a believer out of me when the Ravens had to rely on him in 2015, I don't get the notion that a guys production should be minimized because he's he teams only option. That would make things tougher for him I'd think. True is, every offense force feeds their best players whomever that my be. I just get the feeling the Ravens are more than willing to allow Aiken to walk if he can get a nice deal somewhere. I certainly agree that Britt is more talented and has more potential than Aiken, but that should be expected of a former 1st round pick. I just see Aiken as a nice possession WR and that'd be great if the Ravens already had an established play maker on the roster. But they don't yet and they need whomever they bring in to be both a chain mover and play maker.
  15. If it's all about money how do you explain guys coming to the Ravens for less money? I'm not saying the Ravens are end all be all, but if guys like Weddlehttp://larrybrownsports.com/football/eric-weddle-reportedly-took-less-money-to-sign-with-ravens/296518 Steve Smith came here over other places that had way more salary cap then the Ravens and despite being directly involved in one of the worse seasons every by a Ravens team, decide to forgo retirement and return to the team citing that he didn't want to let the Ravens down. I'm not saying the Ravens don't need to improve. I'd hope they go into every FA and draft looking to improve. But if you don't think the Ravens still hold serve as a winning orginization around the NFL because of this rough patch you're kidding yourself.