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  1. Why does it seem the Ravens can always get outside FAs to come here for less money, while guys the Ravens develop in house seem to bolt for the money as soon as they get? Guess that's just the nature of the NFL today.
  2. I hardly think the Ravens are sitting back thinking that Woodhead will solve all their problems in terms of getting a chain moving WR. Woodhead is just a piece to the puzzle and if healthy he'll give the Ravens a Ray Rice type of weapon out of the backfield in the passing game. That they've been greatly missing. I fully expect the Ravens to address the WR position at some point this offseason. It might not be a big named WR like Pryor or Jeffery but I think they'll attack the position.
  3. That's exactly what it is imo. Juice is going to SF where Shanny will make him a household name and the Ravens just needed a 3rd back who could create mismatches for no where near the price.
  4. Don't think that's what this signing means. Woodhead is more of a change of pace back that will bring speed to Dixon's thump. The Ravens just checked off another box they don't have to address in the draft.
  5. agreed. He's actually a pretty good backup QB.
  6. Not big news, but Ryan Mallett is expected to return. I'm sure he's wondering what a huge preseason could mean for him with some of this lesser QBs getting paid.
  7. Take them and play them. They don't have to start. The better safeties in this drat class are bigger guys who can potentially cover big and fast TEs. Using a 3 safety set isn't hard on defense.
  8. That's just foul lol
  9. If that offered the same type deal as Mitchell Schwartz it was competitive and aggressive imo because I don't view Wagner as the top RT in the NFL and to pay him as such is a stretch, but I could see the value at 7 or 7.5M but at 9+ no way. This team has been in trouble or signing bad deals over the last five years. I have no issue with either Wagner nor Juice walking for the price tags they have. Congrats to those guys and on to the next for the Ravens.
  10. i stand corrected about Wagner. Did not see 9+ Million for him. Any word on what the Ravens offered?
  11. If someone signs him the Ravens get a 3rd round pick. I wouldn't mind that. I think they definitely like him but Dixon will be the guy moving forward imo and if the Ravens can find that fast homerun hitting change of pace RB, that'll probably be the 1-2 punch.
  12. So what does that put the cap total at now. I'd imagine that 5Mil freed up was eaten up by the RFA guys.
  13. I've wrapped my mind around the Ravens not signing him for some time. In fact I think like signing Marshall and selecting a guy like Copper Kupp in the draft or if the rumors of Pryor being on the Ravens radar is true i'd love that. But i'm still interested to see what Britt gets. I don't think he gets close to the 10M that some have said, but wouldn't be surprised at all. Also think it's a really good fit for him, he'll finally get to show his talent with a good QB.
  14. Jamison Hensley ✔@jamisonhensley D.J. Fluker, Riley Reiff among #Ravens' right tackle options if Rick Wagner leaves http://es.pn/2mxNlHo 1:29 PM - 7 Mar 2017 D.J. Fluker, Riley Reiff among Ravens' RT options if Rick Wagner leaves Neither D.J. Fluker nor Riley Reiff is at the level of Rick Wagner, but they could be better values. espn.com