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  1. The color of the unis doesn't help them win contrary to what all the superstitious fans may think. Its just a way for the NFL to sell more jerseys. They can change colors daily for all I care,so long as they wins games
  2. Who do you want to win the SB?

    You must be the only one. You think the yinzers are obnoxious now? Let them get a seventh ring and the football world will never hear the end of it. I would love to see them beat the living tar out of the Patriots though, then lose in the SB. My preference would be to see the Broncos win it all, since it would be nice to let Manning go out with another ring. If not them then the Panthers.
  3. Next up: Bengals

    Now see, we agree here, completely. There is no reason to try and lose. At the least, the young players will learn to play better in a real game rather than one where they are supposed to lose for a draft pick. Dropping a game is never acceptable.
  4. Next up: Bengals

    In theory we agree. We just disagree in verbiage. It is okay to lose, since losing is inevitable. No one always wins. Anyone who competes knows that. It is not okay to try and lose (for the most part) or to be content with your losses. And anyone who whines and cries for losing is just a poor loser. Not that you should be happy about it. But you can learn more from losing than from winning. Hopefully, the Ravens did some learning.
  5. Next up: Bengals

    While I get your point, "hating" losers is a bit excessive. As is claiming someone that loses on purpose is pathetic. In any competition, someone has to lose. Do you hate them? And when I play games with my little grandson, sometimes I let him win. Is that pathetic? What I hate is blanket statements. That being said, I agree that the Ravens should try to win every game and let the draft picks fall where they may.
  6. Hey Raven fans

    I always considered the Packers to be the opposite of the Patriots.Everyone hates the Pats and everyone loves the Pack. At least they have nothing against the Packers, except for Bears fans I suppose.
  7. True. Very true. It is incumbent upon the owners to be sure that the employees are trained.
  8. Only thing I am annoyed with is that the refs get away with screwing up another game this season. Losing this one doesn't really matter to me. We played like crap.
  9. That lack of training is their own fault.They didn't want the NFL to make any changes in their side jobs of being refs.That is what the whole temp ref issue was about.
  10. Bottom 5? I think you are rating us too high.
  11. Next up: St. Louis Rams

    Potential and hope aside, you are what your record says you are. Every team starts the season with the potential to win the SB, only one does.
  12. Next up: St. Louis Rams

    Not really. Just a different colored uniform to lose to.
  13. Vent thread week 10: Jaguars

    Really. It looked like the team did everything it could to lose.
  14. Do you guys want a win?

    I do not think there is a snowballs chance in a pizza oven that we are going to win 8 in a row, but I want wins anyway. As many as we can get. I know that is contrary to getting a higher draft pick, but picking high guarantees nothing anyway.
  15. What would you do if we made the playoffs?

    Agreed. And I am curious how exactly WE (fans here at a forum with no link or connection to team building in any way) are going to improve our team? Prayer? Hope? Wishful thinking? A letter to Santa?What ever the plan is, lets get on it!