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  1. Could you site your actual evidence for this theory? More than just supposition of what might have been.
  2. Shame they aren't upgrading the coaching staff. A shiny stadium doesn't make a winning team.
  3. Yep. Rather not. What time will this fiasco take place here?
  4. So you would have let him walk? And he would have gotten a very similar contract from another team and we would have Shaub, RG3 or Bif Johnson as a QB. There are 32 teams and 12 decent or better QBs.
  5. Well good for those players and coaches, but those guys don't pay the bills. The fans do. The games are played with the sole purpose of getting to the SB, and this game isn't going to get anyone closer to that goal. At least not if it is played full tilt to win. It could be used to get a team toward a future SB, as a measuring device.
  6. Problem is Joe needs to be ticked off. I think he is more concerned with hanging with his kids then doing his job.
  7. Isn't web on that list too?
  8. Please enlighten us, oh wise one, what it takes to be a "better" fan. And then, oh wise one, let us know of the credentials you carry, and who it is that empowered you to know these things. We wait desperately for your wisdom.
  9. I cannot see this team beating the Steelers. Maybe the Jets and maybe the Browns. The rest of our schedule looks unbeatable by the team that played the last couple of weeks. Unless someone puts a boot into the players behinds, I just don't see it.
  10. I believe the bye is week 8 not week 6.
  11. The color of the unis doesn't help them win contrary to what all the superstitious fans may think. Its just a way for the NFL to sell more jerseys. They can change colors daily for all I care, so long as they wins games
  12. You must be the only one. You think the yinzers are obnoxious now? Let them get a seventh ring and the football world will never hear the end of it. I would love to see them beat the living tar out of the Patriots though, then lose in the SB. My preference would be to see the Broncos win it all, since it would be nice to let Manning go out with another ring. If not them then the Panthers.
  13. Now see, we agree here, completely. There is no reason to try and lose. At the least, the young players will learn to play better in a real game rather than one where they are supposed to lose for a draft pick. Dropping a game is never acceptable.
  14. In theory we agree. We just disagree in verbiage. It is okay to lose, since losing is inevitable. No one always wins. Anyone who competes knows that. It is not okay to try and lose (for the most part) or to be content with your losses. And anyone who whines and cries for losing is just a poor loser. Not that you should be happy about it. But you can learn more from losing than from winning. Hopefully, the Ravens did some learning.
  15. While I get your point, "hating" losers is a bit excessive. As is claiming someone that loses on purpose is pathetic. In any competition, someone has to lose. Do you hate them? And when I play games with my little grandson, sometimes I let him win. Is that pathetic? What I hate is blanket statements. That being said, I agree that the Ravens should try to win every game and let the draft picks fall where they may.