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  1. Just takes away snaps. He's 32; not sure how this helps unless we think we're winning it all this year.
  2. I hate that Woodhead signing. We have no confidence in Dixon?
  3. Doubt it's a joke. Twitter & Reddit have made free forums obsolete.
  4. Seems like a long-time coming. Still, boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  5. As the official starter of the "Draft Torrey Smith 2011" bandwagon, I'm 100% on the bring back Torrey bandwagon!
  6. Woof. Well, if there are people on a waitlist or something that want to play they can have the Panthers. Otherwise I'll just wait to the draft since that's what I mostly wanted to do anyway
  7. Well, that's a very arbitrary and ridiculous rule. I get that it's difficult to come up with a perfect system, but it's crazy to me that I can bid on a player more than anybody and not even have a chance at him because I didn't get a bid in five seconds before an arbitrary cutoff
  8. I bid in the final 5
  9. If I can't bid off on the one guy I've consistently bid on and saved my cap space for then I don't know what the point of this is
  10. I had the highest bid almost all day! I got my bid in like one minute after he did. That's a brutal technicality if I can't bid on him
  11. Weird. Well, bid off then!
  12. Does this coun? Didn't quote me
  13. Bid off
  14. Panthers ricky wagner 13 stars