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  1. Our last draft together, fellow flock members. Bittersweet.


    Yay! It's the draft!

    Boo! Gone soon will be these boards.

  2. OMG. Seriously? I get busy & take a wee break & now you're closing the forum??? I am so sad now.

    1. AsianRice


      yep, no more football discussion....everybody I know on here with good football intelligence will be missed....I feel like I just broke up with my first GF.......

    2. gtalk12
  3. Thanks to the Falcons, the offseason from Hell now begins.

  4. State of the Ravens is moot this year. It is obvious that mediocrity is acceptable.

    1. allblackraven


      This statement holds after the actual presser today. Disappointing.

    2. ravensdfan


      When you make no major changes, then you can expect no major improvements.

  5. It is apparent that this organization now finds mediocre alright.

    1. AsianRice


      just follow the Bengals' footsteps.....

  6. Pathetic send off for Smith Sr. If you're going to play your starters & claim you're trying to win - then at least make an effort.

  7. Cannot stand all the Steeler love everywhere! May have to ban myself from the internet & any local stations. Please let them lose the 1st round!

  8. Browns get their Christmas present.

  9. Bold Prediction: The Browns will not lose this week. :P

    1. LosT_in_TranSlatioN


      LIES. The Bye week is the only undefeated team in NFL history. It has never lost a game. Browns have no chance 

  10. Really miss the old forum. No sigs, no gifs, no pics - all equals no fun. Sad.

  11. My first born was supposed to get me a pic of the Butter Bean in his Raven gear for this game, but yeah, didn't.  Kids!

  12. Congrats Chicago Cubs. Long time coming.

  13. I find it amusing that all the other fans of 3-1 teams are happy with their great start. While we are disappointed we aren't 4-0.

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    2. Militant X 1

      Militant X 1

      I don't find it amusing at all ravensdfan.  Speaking for myself, personally, I couldn't care less how other fan bases feel about their teams and their records.  I'm a Ravens fan and am emotionally and at times financially invested in "my" team and how they perform (as we all are).  Therefore, my standard for "our" team and their game play is extremely high.  I expect perfection from our boys! :D:D

    3. ravensdfan


      Well yeah, we all do and believe me no one was more ticked we lost to Oakland than me lol I guess I kind of took for granted that all fan bases were like us and when I went perusing, that wasn't the case :)



      I think the loss just hurts because of how many times we had a chance to win it and be 4-0 instead the Ravens shot themselves in the foot and are 3-1. Going for 2, The O-line protection, the inaccurate throws, the fumbles, missed catches, No pressure on Carr from the d-line and Wright getting owned!!!!

  14. I take some joy in the 0-4 record of the Browns. Browns' fans, meet Karma for the campaign to keep Modell out of the HoF.

  15. where is the game thread?

  16. You will be missed Coach Brooks. Very sad. :(

  17. Two things that irk me about the O's. One, they will hold 1st place forever & lose it in August. Every single time. Two, they are breaking & setting all these hitting records and sitting in 3rd place. smh

  18. Really? They've known for how long this game was being played? smh

  19. Hmm no one else is ticked that the Steelers are unveiling all black alternate unis for their game vs Ravens? No discussion? Okay then.

    1. TDubbs


      What ticks me off is that they actually look good. Many of us feel our All-Black is the best look, and definitely symbolizes the Raven. However, we've had the chance to  really claim that look all our own, but we haven't done so. 

    2. FerrariFan87


      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It'll make us beating them even sweeter.

  20. I am concerned about Flacco wearing a brace all season. Last time I saw him wear a brace, he was like a statue. :(

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    2. berad


      These may be highlights but it's also the most concentrated Flacco footage you'll see from yesterday - http://www.baltimoreravens.com/videos/videos/Highlights-Flaccos-First-Practice-After-Injury/ad078461-f3ce-4772-a215-adb63386fdca

    3. JoeyFlex5


      last time he wore a brace he had a knee 1 week removed from an injury and likely was full of fluid and felt like it could buckle any moment. ive suffered a repeatedly torn MCL over the past 5 years and i know the feeling. this is different.

    4. ravensdfan


      Thanks guys! Made me feel a little better about it!

  21. I am trying to resign myself to the site's new look but, where the heck is my Forum button now???????

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    2. trevorsteadman


      I'm not sure if it my issue since my internet is very slow but my banner most the time will not pop up for any of the buttons... Which is why I enjoyed the forums button. Probably while others are having the same issue.

    3. Stevin


      flock -> message boards

    4. ravensdfan


      @Lost Thanks. It's the grandson.

      @Moderator 3 The flock button works once I get in here but right after I sign in no such luck. I have to click my name to get here.

  22. We've been surprised every year, Pees. Just not in a good way.

  23. Being all sentimental I know, but I hate seeing Wallace in Jacoby's #12.

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    2. ravensdfan


      I hope you're right about the resurgence of his career, but no, won't be feeling it if someone wears it after Wallace because of that. It was about who Jacoby was, not just what he did on the field.

    3. Deflated Football

      Deflated Football

      While Jacoby is one my favorite Raven's ever, I'm sure Wallace will contribute just as much, if not more (though Jacoby was the best return man in the game during his time here so I'm hesitant on the "more" part). 

    4. berad


      He might just be waiting to see what happens with the other numbers. It could change but, yeah, it is weird.

  24. Perriman, Perriman, Perriman - sheesh. Don't even know what to say

  25. Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans and Bills. Wow. Do you think NE could have hand picked a better 4 games for Brady to miss? Interesting.

    1. rmcjacket23


      Yeah, pretty tough slate there most likely.

    2. JO_75


      Considering the league schedule is made by a computer it's unlikely they hand picked those 4 games. Now Brady returns in his first game against the Browns, then the Bengals and finally the Steelers.

    3. ravensdfan


      Um it's not made by computer. " The NFL schedule-makers — Senior Vice President of Broadcasting Howard Katz, Vice President of Broadcasting Onnie Bose, Senior Manager of Broadcasting Jonathan Payne and Senior Director of Broadcasting Michael North — have to consider the fans, the league’s broadcast partners and many other factors when building the 256-game schedule that spans the 17 weeks of the NFL season and showcases the league’s best matchups and talent. "