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  1. I certainly feel for his family especially for his young daughter but if you expect me to feel sympathy or sorry that one more scumbag isn't walking around, sorry, I don't.
  2. I keep checking in and hoping.....had a moment when the announcement didn't pop right up that perhaps...but no. No one has come to their senses yet.
  3. Oh wow. Heap was always one of my fav players of all time. Such a good guy all around. Left everything on the field even when Boller was trying to kill him. Wow. Can't even imagine what he's going through right now. Prayers.
  4. You're most likely correct, maybe. But, for perhaps the last time we'll be able to do so, if you go back to all the other FA/Draft threads over the years, it is always the same. The offense is fine, just get a C, RT, LT (those are usually the top 3) We're fine with WR X,Y, & Z. Then you know, we aren't. We are coming off perhaps our worst year offensively and we do not have 9 "new" pieces lol That simply is not fact. In the limited playing time they've had, they certainly have not proven themselves to be the answer. We don't have Dixon for 4 games (1/4 of the season). Perriman has not shown me anything that says he is a #1 WR. This gets pointed out every year and when push comes to shove, the offense gets all the blame and no love when it matters. All I'm saying is my pessimism is based off of what actually has happened since 2012. I have seen no evidence to support the optimism in that time.
  5. Here's the thing though - this draft doesn't seem offense heavy as far as plug N play prospects. I'm pretty tired of a #1 WR that would be a #3 on any other team and a #2 that was a #1 back in the day but would probably wind up #4 on any other team as well. Not to mention, Ozzie seemed to indicate they were leaning defense heavy come draft time. Just not seeing how the offense is going to get any love and they were pretty dismal last season. This is precisely the reason why the offense is mediocre season after season after season IMO. It is an after thought to this FO. Outside of Flacco, when have we thrown any even semi-big money at an offensive player? Okay guess Pitta as well. We sent Boldin packing to save what was it? $5M? It's like they don't even care. I'm a defensive fan. I love some great hard hitting defense but the rules are made for the offense and the days of living off your defense have come and gone. If your offense can't fire it up, you aren't going to be successful.
  6. We've lost way more than we've gained offensively and it isn't like they were roaring along last season. I don't believe they are anywhere near ready to roll unless mediocre is what we're shooting for here. Yeah I don't get why they will not get some real weapons in here. It just boggles my mind. I am not satisfied at all with what we've currently got on board offensively given their performance last season.
  7. Claiborne is playing diva, with zero reasson to do so. At this point, I'd prefer we give him a pass. So are we doing anything for the offense this year?
  8. As I read through this thread I am hit with things that will no longer be around when these forums close. At least, I don't think they will lol What about our hype videos? I loved those things.
  9. I cannot post in the new place. Still pending approval. I feel so ostracized !!!!
  10. I know right? Someone has to keep the heat on him!
  11. registered! Glad to see many long time posters making this move as well. Domain names huh? Will have to think on that one.
  12. Trying to scroll through but truly saddened. Very interested. Link me when you get set up.
  13. Wow. I am without words right now. 7 years my go to place to discuss with Ravens' fans.
  14. I am being abandoned in Steeler country. Thanks a lot. So much ugh.
  15. I did not read through this thread so if already answered, I apologize but does this mean no more gameday thread? This makes me crazy sad. You can't discuss things like we do here on those other platforms. They do not lend themselves to discussions.