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  1. Well, not really. I just thought this looked cool.
  2. You've made me proud.
  3. That's why this is called the "Dump Thread."
  4. It has now killed a U.S. airmen, and two other people are missing.
  5. No. Not happening. This thread cannot go 24 hrs without a post. Nope.
  6. If they don't trust you to have a beer, then how can they trust you to vote?
  7. Here's what English Wikipedia has to say about his injury: "He underwent surgery on the same hip the next day and was kicked out for the remainder of the 2014 season." One of the worst sentences I've ever seen on there.
  8. My polite observation is that your pictures in this thread are almost always photo-shopped and also tend to have part of a cat combined with part of the body of some other species.