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  1. I'd pay money to continue using these boards honestly. I rely on these boards for news and analysis over any other site or media, including the team site.
  2. Disappointed. What's the overall consensus of where most members here are going to migrate to?
  3. Saw some speculation on LFW today about the possibility of cutting Wallace due to cap savings and potentially able to replicate his production/a down field threat for cheaper, with Torrey Smith being a potential cap casualty with the 49ers as a possibility. So, who would we prefer? What money would Torrey want and would we benefit more woth Wallaxe at his current cap hit or Torrey for potentially less?
  4. Bad luck. Plain and simple. No seriously, that's literally it. We only played a couple bad games, and we still played our way back in those to almost win. Sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce your way. That's not to say we don't have flaws, but only two teams are close to being elite, and one has gone the whole year with a rookie qb and the other lost it's best receiving weapon. Everyone else has flaws just like us, and we just had some bad breaks in some close games
  5. The run game had good YPC average on paper, but for the first half of the year the running game was uninspiring. When it started to show life, we couldn't replicate it correctly. There were a couple games where playcalling came into question and we barely ran ball, but for the most part the running game didn't show up consistently, more like bursts of good runs usually late in games or randomly throughout. We often would start games out trying to establish the run, resulting in lots of 3rd and long situations which would prompt them to switch gears to try and pick up more yards on the early downs.
  6. Was wondering where you've been lurking
  7. Yeah, very funny for a Forbes article to be riddled with so many silly typos and errors like that haha
  8. Those saying Joe is overpaid...here's an interesting article http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogergroves/2016/12/12/yes-joe-flacco-may-really-be-worth-more-than-tom-brady/#46e118033cb4
  9. 2008, 2009, and 2010, the teams were very good but rightfully did not play in the AFC championship and win to go on to the Super Bowl. The teams in 2011 and 2012 we're both legitimately good enough to represent the AFC and I'd say they were the best team in the conference those years.
  10. It's not saying that we definitely would've been if Lee Evans catches the ball, but rather just to illustrate how good the team was that two consecutive years they were good enough to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl
  11. Winning consistently is tough. People don't realize that teams like the patriots are like once in a lifetime dynasties. In recent memory, the Steelers had a two to three-year skid after their second Super Bowl, and made an appearance in the third one and lost and then had a little skid after that. They lost to that Super Bowl to the Packers, who since then haven't enjoyed much success outside of the regular season and this year were very much exposed as being a team that relies on two players. Recent example of being consistently good outside the patriots might be the Seahawks but won one, lost one, and time will tell if they continue to be an elite team and make the right calls and adjustments to remain near the top. The ravens had a 6 year run of brilliance that should have resulted in two Super Bowl Appearances with a third near appearance by a rookie qb/head coach tandem. Since then the team has gone through major change and yet has only been completely out of the playoff picture by December in one year. It's been four years...I'm thinking next year might see a resurgent Ravens if the FO makes good decisions in coaching, FA and the draft. Only teams like the Ravens and Steelers can rebuild while still remaining in the picture and playing competitively.
  12. This is the truest statement I have seen from you or anyone else. doesnt ineed an elite system, he doesn't even need elite weapons or an elite running game, he's shown that if you give him time he will get it done with any supporting cast around him. Hopefully we continue to invest more into our offensive line, I think that maybe adding a veteran Garcon into the mix would be enough to make our receiving corps adequate, I like our running back's, and if the offenseive line improves the offense should take off assuming Joe plays well. Joe just isn't consistently good enough in his mobility and pocket presence to deal with a mediocre line like Ben and Aaron have at times in their careers. Joe shows flashes of mobility and pocket awareness but not enough to bet on it
  13. Couple of dropped passes and missed blocks kept the offense from scoring at least 11 more points.
  14. Are we just ignoring the dropped passes and touchdowns?? Joe isn't the problem.
  15. Flacco did everything anybody could to give his team a chance to win. The defense bent for three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. That's unacceptable and not Joe's fault.