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  1. Last week I made a comment about the Raiders being like a bye week for you guys. I apologize because I jinxed ya. I say this week the Redskins will be a tough game, I will try reverse psycology.
  2. The Raiders at home is like an extra bye week. You guys will win. Of course I haven't seen much of Oakland play yet this year.
  3. I hope you guys win. This game should get the Ravens offense going.
  4. I just hope he keeps it up. Giants up next will be tough.
  5. How is Flacco looking so far?
  6. You guys should win this game, its at home against Oakland. Should win easily.
  7. Happy for you guys. Keep it up and beat those Steelers and Patriots! You guys are a better team then us right now that is for sure. I haven't watched the Ravens yet but is the defense the reason for the fast start or the offense? Wish you the best the rest of the season.
  8. Eric Weddle is a good player, I hope you guys can stay healthy this year. Watson is a solid veteran. Here in GB we got Jared Cook in FA but had a solid draft getting a couple O lineman, and got a DT Kenny Phillips to beef up our D line. Jordy hurt his other knee though but he should be back for the regular season. Our game was cancelled the other day but I am ready for the regular season to start more then ever.
  9. I wanted to say best wishes to your team this season. I hope you guys have a great year. How has the offseason been? What have been the big moves this offseason? Any key FA additions or losses? Anyway I'm hoping we see you in the Super Bowl this year.
  10. Happy new year to you guys! I hope 2016 brings you guys back in the playoffs. Have a blessed new year! My Packers are probably one and done. I think you guys would whip us right now but doesn't mean we should give up! Hopefully a miracle happens. Next year you guys come to Lambeau! That will be fun.
  11. I honestly don't see us going far. We're not playing well at all. I hope I'm wrong though. Carolina and Arizona are great teams and if we don't go all the way I can root for either of those teams.
  12. Hopefully you guys get back to what you were last year.
  13. It was close to a Packers Ravens Super Bowl last year. We had Seattle and you guys had the Patriots beat. I have no doubt you guys would have beaten Indy in the AFC championship game.
  14. You guys should see how much Lion fans, Vikings fans and Bear fans hate us.
  15. Baltimore is my AFC team. It stinks to see them losing.